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Solution to a trigonometric problem.
If 4 cos θ - 3 sin θ = 0 find the value of ( cos² θ • sin² θ ) / (1 + tan θ ) 4 cos θ = 3 sin θ  or  sin θ...
Equation of circle
Find the equation of a circle with centre C ( 2 , 4 ) and the circle passes through point P ( 5 , 8 ). First let us find the radius of the circle ie: length of line segment C P using distance formula. Length...
Mathematics - GRE, Fast calculation
Here you will learn fastest calculation method:- EX.:- 15*15 = 225 25*25 = 625 35*35 = 1225 45*45 = 2025 55*55 = 3025 In all calculation first take unit place no. Multyply buy another unit place no. In...

Manoj Tomar | 2 days ago

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Rishabh Mehrotra | 20 hrs ago

Just buy Oswal sample papers for CBSE of last 10 years and practice them. It's the best way to score 10 CGPA.

Ajeet Singh | 19 hrs ago

See, NCERT books are the best for concept building.

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Kumaresh Natarajan | 17 Feb

Rs.150 - Rs.200 /hr. If it sounds too high I am ready to come up to the rate you want to give. Yes, You fix the rate.

Santosh Kumar | 3 days ago



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Ketan Nanda | 1 day ago

It gives relation between sides and angle.

Amiya Chakraborty | 22 hrs ago

Its a part of mathematics that deals with relationship between angles in a triangle, there are various formulas regarding that.


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Nandhini | 4 days ago



Megha | 4 days ago

It's fundamental relation in Euclidean Geometry among three sides of right triangle. Where in, sum of the squares of two small sides of triangle is equal to square of the hypotenuse.

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Ravi Parmar | 2 days ago

CBSE is Central Board of Secondary Education whereas IGCSE is International General Certificate of Secondary Education. Students from any Boards can join IGCSE Board in the 9th grade whereas aspirants have to study in the CBSE Board from the very beginning so as to continue their studies up to 12th class.

Mayank Katela | 2 days ago

IGCSE has a quite tougher curriculum as compared to CBSE. Also, IGCSE schools aren't run or overlooked by government, so they've a better administration and are also better maintained as compared to most of the CBSE schools.

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