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How to multiply 346 by 17 in 2 secs
Start with the right-most digit, 6. Multiply 7 with 6 and add the neighbor (none in this case, as 6 is the right-most digit). We get 42. Write down 2, and carry the 4. -----> 2 Move left to the next...

Dev Pal S. | 17 Mar

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Basic Percentage Review short cut tricks
So what is the easiest way to calculate percentages? Here are some tips to quickly find percentages mentally. Think like this: There are some percentages that are easy to calculate mentally. 50% means...

Dev Pal S. | 17 Mar

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How to find 95% of 2400 =? in 1 sec
How to find 95% of 2400 =? Break it up into friendly parts/numbers. So break it 2 parts- 100% and 5%. The 100% of 2400 does not change. So, 100% of 2400=2400 and 5% of 2400=? To find 5%, take 10% and...

Dev Pal S. | 17 Mar

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Md Mujaddid Hussain | 5 hrs ago

First start NCERT then RD Sharmana for maths.


Sandeep Dixit | 4 hrs ago

I will suggest NCERT. If you want to study more you can use reference book for maths and science.


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Johnson George | 6 days ago

For Maths NCERT Text and for for further practice R. D sharma very useful.

Dr. Basant Ramawat | 1 day ago

With Reference for understanding the purpose, I prefer S.Chand for science & for 10th board question practice I advise you to continue with NCERT books. For Maths R.D. Sharma is the best alternative as it contains lots of variety of question with answers & having an additional knowledge as well so I advise you to go understand the concern the syllabus from NCERT book before start doing practice from R.D. Sharma. For Social Science, Hindi, English, NCERT books are more than sufficient. For English you may also consult "Golden English Communicative" it contains both Class 10 syllabus in details with Sample Papers. Last but not the least NCERT is must so please don't ignore it, About 70% - 80% question come from NCERT only so please go through it. For the Understanding purpose I advise you to first read NCERT & then after that the referral books which I mentioned above. If you think I provide you desired answers regarding your question asked above then please don't forget to give your valuable reviews on my "UrbanPro wall (ID)". For further information my contact no. and mail ID is also mentioned there. And Please Don't hesitate to ask your doubts (or) queries regarding your studies. I Always feel happy to help other students.


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Ashu Sharma | 6 hrs ago

Direct and Indirect speech. Direct: Manu says"I have completed my homework" Indirect: Manu told that she has completed her homework.


Sandeep Dixit | 4 hrs ago

There are eight kind of parts of speech: noun pronoun verb adjective adverb preposition conjunction interjection


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Arpan Khastagir | 17 hrs ago

The indeterminate form is that which can not be determined. e.g. 0/0. But mind that x/0, if x is not equal to zero, is infinity, so defined but not undefined.


Sandeep Dixit | 4 hrs ago

Indeterminate means some algebraic expression which is not defined or not given any 0/0,infinity/infinity,infinityX0,infinityXinfinity ,infinity/0, etc.


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Kundan Kumar | 16 Mar

If you have problem in trigonometry the you can call one of us.

Saurabh Chauhan | 16 Mar

Formation of angles through rotation of a ray. Idea of positive and negative angles. Trigonometric ratios of an acute angle of right-angled triangle. Given a side and an angle of a right triangle, to find other sides and angles.

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