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Life Lesson
" Success is never ending and Failure is never final " so even though you get successed in your life , never feel that your job is completed . Dream big and keep working on it to reach your goal. similarly...
FLuid Viscosity
Fluid is anything which can flow.They are not capable of resisting the shear deformation cause to it because of the shear forces. Both Gases And Liquids studied under fluid. Now come viscosity: Viscosity...

Ankit K Thakur | 4 days ago

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How to remember the formulas while writing the exam?
Whatever we have learnt, it is very important to produce in the exam, so that we can score the best scores/grades/marks. 1) Understand the concepts 2) Try to make some easy way to remember For example:...

Vijayshree G. | 2 days ago

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Shiv Shankar Kumar | 18 Apr

Only NCERT always for all condition.

Devanshu Srivastava | 3 days ago

NCERT plus R.D.Sharma for maths and Lakhmir Singh Manjit Kaur for science.


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Yogesh Kumar Purohit | 1 hr ago

Not good. Both for teacher and the student. If its , a coaching institute, the teacher needs to be specialized in one area. So, if one teacher is teaching all subjects, he might need a very long time to have a strong grip on all of them. Its better to have different faculty for different subjects having specialization in that subject at PG level of may be at graduation level. A teacher has to decide what is he good at and wants to teach.

Dipak Patel | 21 mins ago

It is not possible as it can ruin your not only 12 standard but also your entire career. My best advice is to go for one expert subject teacher rather than an average teacher who can teach all. No one can be expertized in all subjects.


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Sabir Ali | 5 hrs ago

Noun is used for describing person's name, place or things. In Hindi it is known as "sangya".

Yogesh Kumar Purohit | 1 hr ago

Name of anything.


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Goutham Kumar | 21 Apr

Are words which can identify


Deepika Agrawal | 3 days ago

A category to which a word is assigned in accordance with its syntactic functions. In English, the main parts of speech are noun, pronoun, adjective, determiner, verb, adverb, preposition, conjunction, and interjection.


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Shiva Chary | 4 hrs ago

Division by zero is not infinity, it's not defined. There is a lot of difference between infinity and not defined. Infinity means there exists value that is huge that we can't write. Ok.

Yogesh Kumar Purohit | 1 hr ago

Prime numbers are the numbers which are fully divisible by 1 and itself only. So, there should be exactly 2 numbers (1 and the number itself) dividing a prime number and none other. So, neither 0 nor 1 fall in this definition. Prime numbers start from 2 onward (2, 3, 5, 7, ...).

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