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Effective study habits
Effective study Habits, we are creature of our habits. Substitute bad habits of learning with good habits of learning. Right attitude. Approach the material you are studying with right attitude. Get interested...

Sunil Sikri | 2 days ago

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Solution to a trigonometric problem.
If 4 cos θ - 3 sin θ = 0 find the value of ( cos² θ • sin² θ ) / (1 + tan θ ) 4 cos θ = 3 sin θ  or  sin θ...
Equation of circle
Find the equation of a circle with centre C ( 2 , 4 ) and the circle passes through point P ( 5 , 8 ). First let us find the radius of the circle ie: length of line segment C P using distance formula. Length...

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Surmya Priyadarshi | 1 day ago

NCERT is more than enough. Especially the solved questions within the textbook. If you seek more, then exam Idea might be helpful.

Nitin Akash | 1 day ago

NCERT is the best try to understand each paragraph to have in depth knowledge.

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Kumaresh Natarajan | 17 Feb

Rs.150 - Rs.200 /hr. If it sounds too high I am ready to come up to the rate you want to give. Yes, You fix the rate.

Santosh Kumar | 5 days ago



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Mamata Mund | 2 days ago

Trigonometry is the measurements of three angles.


Bilvaa Learning | 1 day ago

Trigonometry is a branch of maths. It deals with angles, and relationships between the sides of triangles, based on its shape. It deals with the 3 basic ratios of sine, cosine and tangent. It is very useful as a mathematical tool in several fields of science, mainly physics and chemistry, and also in several applied fields of engineering.

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Mayank Katela | 4 days ago

IGCSE has a quite tougher curriculum as compared to CBSE. Also, IGCSE schools aren't run or overlooked by government, so they've a better administration and are also better maintained as compared to most of the CBSE schools.


Bilvaa Learning | 2 days ago

The question is too broad. But I can give you some useful inputs. The CBSE schools are more common. Standard of englsih is usually a bit higher in IGCSE. The standard of math may be a bit lower also. But the questions and exam formats are a bit different. The IGCSE has more flexibility, but there a re very few schools for this system so eventually the choice becomes limited. We know fairly well about Chennai, but Bangalore has relatively more IGCSE schools, than Chennai, but still CBSE are maximum. There may be some system in IGCSE where you register for the exms and do not have to go to school. You need to check it with the IGCSE sites and enquire with some schools, which offer this. There are some subjects which you can study on your own. This board seems to have a flexbility. But I am not 100% sure how it works. There are not many people who have tried out this, since home schooling is very rare in India.


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Shubham Srivastava | 2 days ago

Shubham, trigonometry is basically a geometry of angles. In this field of mathematics we deal mainly talk about the angles and get a rough idea of them on basis of estimations. Angles are of two types acute and obtuse. Not only this we also deal with triangular trigonometry here involving scalene isosceles and right angle triangles. In which right angle triangle shares the superior position. Various tools like sine cosine and tan represents relationship between base hypotenuse and perpedicular of a right angle traingle and accurate use of them gives us a pricise way of dealing with right angled trangle related problems.So trigonometry has much more to say than it sounds, but its the backbone of mathematics. Hope you find this helpful!


Tirumala Reddy | 2 days ago

Heart of Mathematics.

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