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How to score well in Science Class 10 exams?
Science is quite easy feel it.Stick to NCERT first complete it.Then go for any refrence book. I'd recommend S.CHAND. Do not study it for sake of having marks. You are in 10th so grasp all the basics for...

Kushal Sharma | 15 hrs ago

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Scale and its importance ICSE GEOG.TOPOSHEETS
Scale.The types and uses RF 1:50000 Map Distance /Ground distance. Use Universal acceptance as can be  converted andinterpreted in specific  units like british measurement in d form of inches...

Savita | 14 hrs ago

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Difference Between Radar and Sonar
RADAR and SONAR are both detection systems that can be used to identify objects and their position when they are not visible or at a distance. They are similar in that they both detect the reflection of...

D Paul | 2 days ago

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Ashwani Kumar | 1 day ago

According to Mathematician Pythagoras "The Sum of the Squares of the Altitude and the Base of any Right angled triangle must be equal to the Square of the Hypotenuse."Thus we can say that if ABC is a right angled triangle at B then AC^2 =(AB^2)+(BC^2). sometimes also written as h^2 = b^2 + p^2.

Pradeep Gautam | 1 day ago

The Pythagorean Theorem is a statement about triangles containing a right angle. The Pythagorean Theorem states that: "The area of the square built upon the hypotenuse of a right triangle is equal to the sum of the areas of the squares upon the remaining sides." Bhaskara's Proof of the Pythagorean Theorem In this proof, Bhaskara began with a right triangle and then he drew an altitude on the hypotenuse. From here, he used the properties of similarity to prove the theorem. Now prove that triangles ABC and CBE are similar. It follows from the AA postulate that triangle ABC is similar to triangle CBE, since angle B is congruent to angle B and angle C is congruent to angle E. Thus, since internal ratios are equal s/a=a/c. Multiplying both sides by ac we get sc=a^2. Now show that triangles ABC and ACE are similar. As before, it follows from the AA postulate that these two triangles are similar. Angle A is congruent to angle A and angle C is congruent to angle E. Thus, r/b=b/c. Multiplying both sides by bc we get rc=b^2. Now when we add the two results we get sc + rc = a^2 + b^2. c(s+r) = a^2 + b^2 c^2 = a^2 + b^2, concluding the proof of the Pythagorean Theorem.


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Yogita Goyal | 1 day ago

Yes, it is imaginary and is defined using iota(i) sign.

Pradeep Gautam | 1 day ago


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Ashish Kumar Jalan | 22 hrs ago

What is your location?

Kanupriya Mittal | 16 hrs ago

Fee depends on location and on number of days per month.


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N.varalakshmi | 4 days ago

Ice is less density than water because the orientation of hydrogen bonds causes molecules to push farther apart, which lowers the density.


Heena Kathuria | 1 day ago

Because volume of ice is more than water.

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Shyamala Bhaskar | 03 Jan

Rs. 400 is enough.


Modi Anita P | 11 Jan

You should take Rs 200 per hr but teaching shall be min 2 hr.

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