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Answered on 01 May Tuition/Class IX-X Tuition Tuition/Class IX-X Tuition/Mathematics

Is 0 a prime number or not?

Ishaan Srivastava


Every Prime number has exactly two factors, 1 and itself, and not divisible by any other number, Using the same logic, 0 is divisible 3 , 4 , 5 , 6 and so on, Such as ( 0 x 3 = 0 , 0 x 4 = 0 .......). Hence it has more than 2 factor and is not a Prime Number.

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Answered 3 days ago Tuition/Class XI-XII Tuition (PUC) Tuition/Class IX-X Tuition Tuition/Class VI-VIII Tuition

How can I apply for the job of English tutor in Jaipur?



sign up for urban pro and create your account then you will get a number of english tutor jobs in jaipur and don't forget to make the membership because it helps to contact the students directly

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Answered on 07 Jul Tuition/Class IX-X Tuition Tuition/Class I-V Tuition Tuition/Class VI-VIII Tuition +2 Tuition/Class XI-XII Tuition (PUC) Training for professionals/Teacher Training

Asked this before but can't find the link to it. So how many teachers employ caning as a punishment method?...

Avinash Kumar


Still many teaches do. But I am against it. It instills fears in mind of students rather than disciplining them.

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Answered on 10 Jul Tuition/Class IX-X Tuition

What should be the fees for tenth grade students maths & Science ?


Tuition Teacher

Per subject 800 for a month in sonipat and classes will on Monday to Saturday at my home

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Lesson Posted 3 hrs ago Tuition/Class IX-X Tuition CBSE/Class X Tuition/Class XI-XII Tuition (PUC) +6 Tuition/BSc Tuition/BSc Mathematics Tuition/BSc Tuition/BSc Computer Science Tuition/BSc Tuition/BSc Physics Tuition/MSc Tuition Exam Coaching/UGC NET Exam Coaching Exam Coaching/CSIR NET

1. Rule of sign solving is known as VBODMAS: V stands for "Vinculum" or "Bar" B stands for "Bracket"...


Lesson Posted 4 hrs ago Tuition/Class IX-X Tuition Tuition/Class XI-XII Tuition (PUC) Exam Coaching/UGC NET Exam Coaching +6 Exam Coaching/CSIR NET Tuition/BSc Tuition/BSc Mathematics Tuition/BSc Tuition/BSc Computer Science Tuition/MSc Tuition Tuition/BCA Tuition Tuition/BBA Tuition

1. Prepare mentally yourself to give an exam. 2. Know the benifit of passing the exam it encourages you...


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