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"यदुक्तम्" explain the sandhi  ?

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Professional and certified sanskrit teacher

यत् + उक्तम् (जो कहा /जो कहा गया है) यहां जश्त्व ( पहले वर्ण के स्थान पर तीसरा वर्ण ) संधि है ।

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यत्+उक्तम् जश्त्वं

संयुक्त अक्षर का प्रयोग का मतलब होगा विसर्ग संधि।


Going by my limited understanding, it is a combination of the words 'YADA' meaning 'When' and 'UKTAM' meaning 'Justified'. The expression thus as a whole implies 'When it's justified'. A request: Please understand that I'm still learning and will do so as long as I live, so kindly do not take my interpretation...
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Going by my limited understanding, it is a combination of the words 'YADA' meaning 'When' and 'UKTAM' meaning 'Justified'. The expression thus as a whole implies 'When it's justified'. A request: Please understand that I'm still learning and will do so as long as I live, so kindly do not take my interpretation as the only truth/fact. Someone can always interpret things better than I can, be it educated/illiterate, be it a kid/Aged man, be it Human/Animal...! - Om Namah Shivaay 

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Yada +uktam

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यत् + उक्तम्


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''शरीरस्थो " what is the meaning of this word?

शरीरे तिष्ठति इति शरीरस्थः। One who/that which stays/remains in the body is called शरीरस्थ। Based on what follows, the visarga has become ओकार। It is an उपपद-तत्पुरुष-समास with शरीर as the उपपद and स्था as the धातु।

''योजकस्तत्र दुर्लभः" what is the meaning of this line ?

योजक: (लगाने वाला), तत्र ( वहां , उस कार्य में ) , दुर्लभ: ( दुर्लभ है/ rare है ) अर्थात् व्यक्ति विशेष को (उस कार्य में जिस कार्य में वह सफल हो सकता है) लगाने वाला दुर्लभ है ।

How we can start teaching online, do we need whiteboard or the presentation will do ?

For standard 4,5,6,7 students, is the whiteboard mandatory? Please share some tips and tricks for the same.

The conventional method of teaching, i.e. Chalk and talk (whiteboard) remains the best for a primary school teacher. But using some exciting animations may also be helpful.
Chetan Subhashrao Sontake

"प्रबुद्धः + अतिथिः" explain the sandhi  ?

संधि में उच्चारण के नियम के अनुसार दो वर्णो या अक्षरों के मेल से उनके बदले कोई दूसरा अक्षर बन जाता है । संधि शब्द का अर्थ है 'मेल'। दो निकटवर्ती वर्णों के परस्पर मेल से जो परिवर्तन होता है वह संधि कहलाता...

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कारक चिन्ह विभक्ति कर्ता ने प्रथमा विभक्ति कर्म को , के लिए द्वितीया...

useful table (आकारान्त स्त्रीलिंग )
नोट – लता, विद्या, माया ,माला, दया, शोभा, कोकिला, शिवा, छात्रा, कन्या, गंगा, बाला, राधा, सुषमा , संध्या आदि शब्दों के रूप “रमा” की तरह चलते हैं | विभक्ति एकवचन द्विवचन बहुवचन प्रथमा बालिका बालिके बालिकाः द्वितीया बलिकाम् बालिके बालिकाः तृतीया बालिकया बलिकाभ्याम् बालिकाभिः चर्तुथी बलिकायै बलिकाभ्याम् बालिकाभ्यः पन्चमी बालिकायाः बलिकाभ्याम् बालिकाभ्यः षष्ठी बालिकायाः बालिकयोः बालिकानाम् सप्तमी बालिकायाम् बालिकयोः बालिकासु सम्बोधन हे...

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