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IIM-Bangalore to Conduct CAT 2016 (News)

The CAT (Common Admission Test), one of the most popular management entrance tests in India, will be conducted by IIM-B in 2016. Considered as the gateway to prestigious IIMs and top B-Schools, every year lakh of students across India take up the test. CAT 2015 was conducted on 29th November, and around the same time the exam is likely to be conducted this year. A preliminary discussion will be conducted in the 1st week of June, 2016. Read more…

Exam patterns of CAT 2016

The Common Admission Test had undergone a number of changes in the last few years. However, there are no new changes in CAT exam patterns this year. Like 2015, CAT will consist of 3 Sections – Quantitative Aptitude (QA), Data Interpretation & Logical Reasoning (DILR) and Verbal and Reading Comprehension (VRC). A total of 100 questions would be asked – QA (34 questions), VRC (34 questions) and DILR (32 questions). Read more…

Tips to crack CAT 2016

Preparing for CAT 2016? Get excellent tips, strategies, and expert advice on how to crack the exam. CAT is one of the most coveted management entrance exams in India and the competition is increasing year after year. To give an edge to your CAT preparation, follow these effective tips. Read more…

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Let's find cube of a number
How to find Cube of a number?

Sulthan Gd | 20 May

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C.A Part - 1
All you need to know about US's Mother of All Bombs The United States on April 13, 2017, dropped a massive GBU-43 bomb in eastern Afghanistan against a series of caves used by Islamic State militants....
Same word with different meaning
Word of the day Plot Noun: Secret plan - The terrorist plot was thwarted. Main events of a play or piece of writing - The plot of that movie was not so effective. Small piece of land set aside for something...

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Abhinav Jain | 08 Jun

Hi gaurav, I have prepared for cat for 2 years and scored 80+ percentile in both years, and 90+ percentile in quant section so my quant is good and all the basics are well cleared , I can give u online classes with 3 days free demo class

Siddhartha Singh Chandel | 2 days ago

Brother you should purchase quantum cat by sarvesh kumar verma but methid are very important watch my channel mrssc on you tube

#CAT 17 QA Q. If you form a subset of integers chosen from between 1 to 3000, such that no two integers add up to a multiple of nine, what can be the maximum number of elements in the subset.

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Ajay Kumar | 16 Apr

Any number can be expressed of the form: 9K+i; where k= {0,1,2,....} and i={0,1,...,8} Now, we have to select numbers from {1,2,...,3000} in a manner so that final set does not contain any two numbers whose sum is divisible by 9. We have to identify the maximum size of such selection. Now, within 1 to 3000, #elements of the form 9k+1 = 334. #elements of the form 9k+2 = 334. #elements of the form 9k+3 = 334. #elements of the form 9k+4 = 333. #elements of the form 9k+5 = 333. #elements of the form 9k+6 = 333. #elements of the form 9k+7 = 333. #elements of the form 9k+8 = 333. #elements of the form 9k = 333. Now, as per condition, if you select any number from the group 9k+i then you can not select number from the group 9k+j where i+j=9. So, in order to maximize the size of selection, you will go for group: 9K+1, 9k+2,9K+3 and 9k+4. So, total (334+334+334+333=1335). Now, you can select exactly one number from the group 9K. (More than one will result their sum divisible by 9). So, total becomes 1336. Now, you have to exclude 1 (from group 9k+1) and 3000 (from group 9k+3). So finally you are with 1334 numbers!

Shantanav Bhowmik | 18 Apr

The question was meant for aspirants- I had written this in the post/ Admins do not chop off portions from the post when that is relevant/important.hope you understand.


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Saikat Mitra | 28 Apr

Join a private tutor.

Mylavarapu K Mohan Gupta | 03 May

Dear Sivani, Note that it is difficult to prepare for IIM CAT examinations on your own. You have to join in a good Institute. All the best.

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Krishna Bajoria | 01 Apr

Try to solve it by yourself. The answer should be 7A. If you are unable to solve it, I will be happy to provide you with detailed solution but first give it a try yourself.

K R K Karthikeyan Kattamuri | 02 Apr



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Success Career Education Centre | 10 Feb

Approx. Rs. 35000 for 1 year.

Shantanav Bhowmik | 16 Apr

18k- my fees (-non negotiable ) /course completed in 3 months/ daily classes/-100% coverage + 24*7 doubt clearing. Study material + test series = Rs. 4-12 k (all are same) Total expense = 18+ (4-12)= Rs. 22k to 30k. elsewhere you would be spending from Rs. 25k to 55k depending upon location and institute that too you would have access to only one study material.

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Considering the very year change in CAT exam pattern, its hard to frame a definite syllabus for CAT exam. Yet, here is listing the important topics of CAT exam which are segmented into three sections namely Quantitative Aptitude,Data Interpretation & Logical Reasoning and Verbal Reasoning. CAT...


CAT Test The full form of CAT is Common Admission Test. Conducted by the IIMs, CAT is the selection test for admission in twenty Indian Institutes of Management (IIMs), seven Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) and Indian Institute of Science (IISc) for post graduate courses. More than 100...

CAT Exam For MBA

CAT Exam for MBA To keep all probable career options wide available and also seek a bright future ahead, MBA aspirants appear for many kinds of entrance exams like ATMA – AIMS TEST FOR MANAGEMENT ADMISSIONS, IBSAT (IBS APTITUDE TEST), XAT, MAT, FMS, IIFT, JMET, SNAP, ATMA, NMAT and so...

CAT Result

When it comes to the CAT exam, its not summing up of all scores to get an aggregate mark. The CAT score has two versions – raw score and scaled score, that are vividly explained below. Added to the above two, the CAT exam mark sheet also contains sectional score, percentile score and...

CAT 2017 Exam Dates

The details about CAT 2017 exams will be released by IIMs during July – August. Here are the estimated time span that you have to make a note of as a CAT 2017 exam candidate: CAT notification The official detailed notice about CAT exam will be released by IIM in the last week of the month...

CAT Exam Pattern

CAT Exam Format Before we get into every segment of CAT exam, here is a bird eye view to the CAT exam format and how you should go about it. CAT Exam Timing The total time duration of CAT exam is 180 minutes, that is 3 hours. Subjects in CAT Exam Though there is no specific syllabus for CAT...

Verbal Ability

Verbal Ability If quant is maths in CAT exam, then verbal ability (VA) is the English portion that can be well cracked if a candidate possess basic basic knowledge of English with special focus on grammar. Vocabulary and verbal logic is also required for a good score from the VA section of...

Quantitative Aptitude

In the CAT exam there are three sections: Quantitative aptitude Verbal Ability Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning Among the three, quantitative aptitude aims to analyze and judge the mathematical knowledge of a CAT candidate. The quant syllabus covers school level topics and can be solved...

CAT Books

When its an exam like CAT, many publishers and writers by now have crafted many books which finally makes it a tough call for CAT exam candidates to pick the right one. Whether you are an online book shopper or planning to buy it from the local book store, the volume and variety of CAT books...

CAT Exam Tips

CAT Exam Tips You should not opt for an exam like CAT just because of its popularity. When you know why you are appearing for the CAT exam, your determination will be more and so will be the success rate. Also, if your goal is IIT after clearing CAT exam then the study map and the study map...

CAT Exam Tips

CAT Exam Tips You should not opt for an exam like CAT just because of its popularity. When you know why you are appearing for the CAT exam, your determination will be more and so will be the success rate. Also, if your goal is IIT after clearing CAT exam then the study map and the study map...

Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning

Apparently this might look to have two sub parts – data interpretation and logical reasoning, but there is also a third segment to this section of CAT exam which is called Data Sufficiency. From the three hours of CAT exam, you should preserve an hour of the data interpretation and logical...

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