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C++ Language

C++ Language

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C++ Language Lessons

Why do pointers have a datatype?
Before we start with pointers you must know what is a variable and a datatype. int a; This is the basic line in every program in 'C' . It means that we are asking the compiler to give us 2 bytes of space...

Jyoti Yadav | 3 days ago

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Efficient Learning Strategies
  Type your notes after class Write your notes onto flashcards - Scrabble -Make posters Review flashcards while walking, at gym, etc. Dog-ear pages in the reading where you can find critical...

Vijith V T | 08 Nov

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Understanding Computer Science Concepts with Images and Videos..
All Computer science concepts relating to programming and software development are only virtual. It cannot be practically shown as a hardware parts of a computer. But for better understanding it should...

Ganesa Moorthi | 02 Nov

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Yuvraj Singh | 01 Oct

In computer science, a syntax error is an error in the syntax of a sequence of characters or tokens that is intended to be written in a particular programming language. For compiled languages, syntax errors are detected at compile-time. A program will not compile until all syntax errors are corrected.

Manisha Rochani | 23 Oct

A syntax error is a violation of the syntax, or grammatical rules, of a natural language or a programming language. ... A syntax error is called a fatal compilation error, because the compiler cannot translate a C++ program into executable code if even one syntax error is present.

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Nova One Click Solution | 19 Sep

yes you can my friend

Ganesh Namdeo Jadhav | 20 Sep

yes you can


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Ashutosh Vishwakarma | 10 Sep

Dos.h is one among the header files . It contains functions for handling interrupts, producing sound, date and time functions etc. It is a Borland specific and works in turbo c compiler.

Gunabushanam Pitti | 11 Sep

using include keyword. this header file will helps you createor delete a directory or subdirectory and exit from the application etc it is more and more important header file for the developers


what is the fees for a coaching provided by urban pro

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Shashiraja | 26 Aug

Depends on your current knowledge in and your objective from the class. Like you have basic knowledge and want advance knowledge or you want basics.


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Shankar Banavasi | 27 Aug

You can try Virtual functions

Deepak Sharma | 29 Aug

Dear Sayyad, Never understand the classes in terms of Child and Parent, Consider them as extensions, like for example, Suppose you have a basic class (which provides some functionality via methods), which everybody is free to use, now imagine if somebody wants to provide own version of one of the methods, what are the options available. #1 Change the method in base class, which u have implemented. (Bad idea, because it will break the existing code). #2 Don't touch the class, which is in use and working, Derive a new class, and provide a new definition to the method, which u want to do differently. (Good idea, it'll not break anything), A real world example would be ... class Account { public : bool Deposit(Double amount); } class SavingAccount : public Account { public : bool Deposit(Double amount); } class CurrentAccount : public Account { public : bool Deposit(Double amount); } Do not try to copy paste and compile, this is just a pseudo-code. The explanation can continue, and we can take many more examples, where Method Overriding is used in real world.

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