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Memory Layout of C Programs
A typical memory representation of C program consists of following sections. Text Segment: A text segment, also known as a code segment or simply as text, is one of the sections of a program in an object...

Vijay Kumar | 4 days ago

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Static and dynamic libraries
A library is a package of code that is meant to be reused by many programs. A static library (also known as an archive) consists of routines that are compiled and linked directly into your program. When...

Vijay Kumar | 4 days ago

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Introduction to Programming Languages
What is a Programming Language? A programming language is a formal computer language or constructed language designed to communicate instructions to a machine, particularly a computer. Programming languages...

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Vaibhav Gautam | 2 days ago

printf("%d", printf("Hello")); will be converted to printf("%d",5); because the return value of printf function is number of characters successfully written to the stdout. So answer is 5.

Vamshi Katikarla | 1 day ago



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Vaibhav Gautam | 2 days ago

scanf is a gcc built in library function. If you read about the scanf function you will find that its return value is number of items successfully read. In this example as number of items read is 2 so printf statement will become like printf("%d",2); whose output will be 2.

Naveen Rana | 1 day ago

main() { int x,y; printf("%d,%d",scanf("%d%d",&x,&y)); } => do u mean above program's output... =>output will be:2,whatever you enter value for b. =>because scanf is a library fn which will return how many arguements it processes


How to use database in programming in 'c' and also tell me name of database for programming in 'c'?

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Sravani Samanta | 07 Jan


Ganesh Swamypillai | 29 Mar

You can use SQLite database. It provides C/C++ interface too. Please follow the example program as attached to this post. Could not copy the code because the input does not allow special characters. This program does the following:- -- It takes argument - which is a SQL statement like: create table or insert into table etc -- It opens a connection to database -- It executes the SQL statement -- It closes the connection to database -- There are helper functions which free up memory, as shown above.

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Sneha | 26/12/2016

Rs. 500/- per hour.

Abhay Baldawa | 28/12/2016

Mr Mayur, I will suggest to lookout market standard And also your experience that you are going to share with students. In fact it's also vary from student to student paying capacity.

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Jyoti Yadav | 29/11/2016

The easiest to know understand would be syntax in any programming language is just like grammar in any language (hindi,english etc) that we speak. So, if you don't follow the set of rules for a programming language it would lead to wrong syntax. example in C: int x; //correct itn x; // incorrect

Madhavendra Dutt | 17 May

A syntax error is an error in the syntax of a sequence of characters or tokens written in a programming language.

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