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Answered 5 hrs ago IT Courses/Programming Languages/C Language

Can we have if inside else-if or else in C programming language?

Sweety N.


Yes we can use

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Answered 5 hrs ago IT Courses/Programming Languages/C Language

Are programming languages complete? Can we program any kind of software in C++, JavaScript, Python or C?

Parth Mehta


C language is mother of all other language in programming, you need to clear C first and then go as per needs. #stayconnected #stayupdated like & follow us on www.facebook.com/learn4fun.vadodara

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Answered 4 hrs ago IT Courses/Programming Languages/C Language

Can we pass arguments in the main function in C language?

Dev Group

Main is just like any other function and argc and argv are just like any other function arguments, the difference is that main is called from C Runtime and it passes the argument to main, But C Runtime is defined in c library and you cannot modify it, So if we do execute program on shell or through some IDE

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Answered 3 hrs ago IT Courses/Programming Languages/C Language

Can someone give me an example of a shell sort program in the C language?

Ashish Tripathi

Computer Techie

void shellsort(int arr[], int num) { int i, j, k, tmp; for (i = num / 2; i > 0; i = i / 2) { for (j = i; j < num; j++) { for(k = j - i; k>= 0; k=k - i) { if (arr[k+i] >= arr[k]) break; else { tmp = arr[k]; arr[k] = arr[k+i]; arr[k+i] = tmp; } } } } }

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The definition: void main() { /* ... */ } Is not and never has been C++, nor has it even...


Lesson Posted on 08 Jul IT Courses/Programming Languages/C Language Tuition/BCA Tuition

//Header Files [Standard Library] #include#include // User defined functions swap with 2 pointer variables...


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