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What is a template in C++?

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Certainly! As an experienced tutor specializing in C++ Language Training and registered on UrbanPro.com, I'll explain the concept of templates in C++, highlighting the effectiveness of my C++ Language Training online coaching. In C++, a template is a powerful feature that allows you to write generic...
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Certainly! As an experienced tutor specializing in C++ Language Training and registered on UrbanPro.com, I'll explain the concept of templates in C++, highlighting the effectiveness of my C++ Language Training online coaching.

In C++, a template is a powerful feature that allows you to write generic code, enabling you to create functions and classes that can work with any data type. This promotes code reusability and flexibility.

Let me illustrate the concept of templates with a simple example:

#include <iostream> // Function template to find the maximum of two values template <typename T> T findMax(T a, T b) { return (a > b) ? a : b; } int main() { // Using the findMax template with different data types std::cout << "Maximum of 5 and 8: " << findMax(5, 8) << std::endl; std::cout << "Maximum of 3.14 and 2.718: " << findMax(3.14, 2.718) << std::endl; std::cout << "Maximum of 'A' and 'Z': " << findMax('A', 'Z') << std::endl; return 0; }

In this example, the findMax function template is declared using the keyword template followed by a template parameter (typename T). This parameter represents the type of the values to be compared. The function can then be used with different data types without having to rewrite the code for each type.

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Experienced Computer trainer having worked in IT sector for 20 years.

Templates are a feature of the C++ programming language that allows functions and classes to operate with generic types. This allows a function or class declaration to reference via a generic variable another different class without creating full declaration for each of these different classes.

Make your future bright with me!!!

Templates in C++ is an interesting feature that is used for generic programming and templates in c++ is defined as a blueprint or formula for creating a generic class or a function. Simply put, you can create a single function or single class to work with different data types using templates.

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