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Chapter 1: Introduction part 1

Nidhi R.
03 May 0 0


first chapter is an Introduction.

So, Let's start with introducing our subject.


 so if we divide the name what we'll get..?

First word is Basic, which means some fundamentals or a starting point of something,

Second word is Mechanical,  basically you can't define in a perfect manner because it has many parts covered, but you can say that it uses the physics and mathematics, and combines the knowledge of material science in order to Design, Analysis and manufacturing of a machine and maintaining it.

third word is Engineering. In my simple words, engineering is a way to simplify life of a human being and make it more comfortable. 

I think this might feel different from the definatiions but if you try to find the logic in those defination then you will be able to accept this.

Now let's move ahead....

1.1   Prime Mover

  • Def: A prime mover is a device which uses the energy from differnt sources and provides power for various kinds mechanical work.
  • Prime Mover is a primary power source of any machine or mechanism.
  • Prime Mover can be classified on the bases of the energy used or types of motion.

1.1.1   Types of prime movers based on type of energy used :

  1. Thermal
    1. Fuel
      1. E. C. Engines
        1. Steam Engines
        2. Steam Turbines
        3. Closed Cycle gas turbine
      2. I. C. engines
        1. Reciprocating I. C. Engines
        2. Open cycle gas turbine
    2. Nuclear
      1. Fission Process
      2. Fusion Process
    3. Solar Energy
    4. Geothermal
    5. Bio-energy 
      1. Solid 
      2. Liquid
      3. Gas
        1. LPG
        2. CNG
  2. Non-thermal
    1. Hydel energy
    2. Tidal Energy
    3. Wind Energy

1.1.2    Types of Prime Movers based on direction of movement:

1. Reciprocating Prime Movers:

  • Examples of this types of prime movers are Steam engines, Reciprocating pump, Reciprocating compressors, IC Engines, Mechanical actuators, etc.

2. Rotating Prime Movers:

  • Example of rotating prime movers are Centrifugal pump, Gas turbines, Steam turbines, Rotary Compressor etc.


1.2.1 Force

  • Def: Push or pull exerted on the body in order to change or tends to change the state of rest or uniform motion of an object.
  • According to Newton's second law of motion, Acceleration of an object produced by a net force is directly proportional to the magnitude of the net force in the same direction of net force and inversely propotional to the mass of the object.

a ∝ F/m

∴ F=m × a

  • SI unit of force is or kg⋅m/s2.

1.2.2 Pressure

  • Def : Force applied per unit area is pressure.

Pressure = Force / Area 

  • SI unit of pressure is Pascal (Pa) or N/m2.

1.2.3 Energy

  • Def: The capacity for doing work.       or
  • Power derived from the utilization of physical or chemical resourecs.
  • Unit of Energy is Joule kg⋅m2/s2

Energy can be classified on the basis of

  1. Form of energy
    1. Mechanical Energy,
    2. Electrical Energy,
    3. Magnetic Energy,
    4. Gravitational Energy,
    5. Chemical Energy,
    6. Ionization Energy,
    7. Radiant energy,
    8. Nuclear Energy,
    9. Thermal Energy, etc.
  2. Quality of energy
    1. High grade energy,
    2. Low grade energy.
  3. Types of energy
    1. Energy in transition,
    2. Stored energy.
  • Energy is the quantitative property.
  • It can be further defined as conserved quantity; the law of conservation of energy states that energy  can be converted from one form to another but it can neither be created nor destroyed.


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