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How To Crack English Section In Exams Like IBPS, SBI, SSC etc?
Hi all, If you are here reading this, then it means you too are one of those many people who are looking to get an extra edge in your english section. English is all about your reading skills. The more...

Akhil | 08 Jun

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How To Crack Quant In SSC, IBPS, SBI?
I have seen lot of students taking classes for QUANT and preparing every topic but yet not able to score high. Ever thought of reason behind the same? I guess...no! Well, it doesnt matter how much topics...

Akhil | 08 Jun

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Series And Coding (theory ): Logical Reasoning Module 1
SERIES Now before we proceed to discuss the various types of questions related to alphabetical series, we will talk ofsome basic facts which are essential to an understanding of these types of questions, I....

Anshuman Singh | 06 Jun

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IBTS Academy | 3 days ago

Rs. 9000 for 3 Months Classroom Coaching from IBTSINDIA.com Features Topic wise and Subject wise study material for all subject only for our students. Free Doubt Clearing Classes till Selection. Weekend and Week days Batches available, Long Term Sunday Batch for working professional, Small Batch Size giving attention to individual Revision of the course after the course coverage in planned manner Hostel/PG Facilities Available Intensive classroom course cover through Technical part as well as Non-Technical part of Including GS,English,Reasoning,QA,etc. GREEN CARD CLASSES TILL YOUR SELECTION Special need based classes for specific exams Regular, Alternate days and Weekend classes available. Daily What's App Group Discussion ,Latest Vacancies alert on Sms & Email Flexible timings of classes Expert Admission/Career Counselling/Motivational Sessions Separate subject teacher Daily 03 hours Detailed Classroom teaching for each section(phase 1and phase 2). Free Study materials - Books + Teachers Notes + GK Bites + Weekly Digest + Monthly Digest + Speed Tests + Mock Tests.

Competitive Learning Success | 2 days ago

competitive success offer classroom coaching, study materials,online exams,offline exam, with 1year validity t with experienced faculties.Total course fee 15500..for further details contact


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Mindchangers Academy Pvt. Ltd. | 3 days ago

Hello Sujatha, Competitive exams are all about time management. So Select the questions wisely. Start only with those questions in which you are confident enough to get an answer. Secondly, allot the time to each section and stop solving a particular section once the time is up. This helps you to get sectional cut off in each section. And last, dont take English lightly, practise on English as much as you can because english will help you get through your overall cut off.

IBTS Academy | 3 days ago

How to Crack Bank Exams by Self-Study at Home, without Coaching Dear Readers, Today, we are going to share how you can crack bank exams by self-study at home, without coaching. If you follow the correct strategy ad approach, clearing any bank exam by self study becomes comparatively easy. You just need to give your self-study proper direction and you can easily clear any bank exam in first attempt, even without coaching. Bank jobs are one of the most reputed and sought after jobs of the country. Every year students in enormous number appear for various bank exams. However, only a handful make it to the final list. The ones who get through the exams to grab these jobs are not always the one who take coaching classes regularly. How to Crack Bank Exam in first attempt without Coaching? In order to clear bank exam at home, first and foremost requirement is to understand the pattern of the exam. Almost all bank exams today are conducted in 2 phases, namely, Preliminary and Mains phase, which is followed by Interview. Exam pattern of almost all major bank preliminary exams is similar. The exam pattern followed for prelims is – S. N. Name of Test Number of Questions Maximum Marks Duration 1. English Language 30 30 1 hour (60 minutes) 2. Reasoning Ability 35 35 3. Quantitative Aptitude 35 35 Total 100 100 Pattern of Mains phase varies from exam to exam. In some exams, time division is provided for different sections, while a composite time is provided in others. Subjects included in Mains exam include – English Language Reasoning Ability Quantitative Aptitude General Awareness (including current, static and banking awareness) Computer Knowledge You can always find the exam pattern in the official notifications of the bank exams. You can also go through them on aimsuccess under ‘Studynotes’ tab of different exams in Study column. Once you are clear with the exam pattern, have a look at the syllabus of exams. There is usually a slight difference between the syllabus or prelims and mains exam. However, one should be very clear with it. What next after Exam Pattern and Syllabus? Once you are clear with the exam pattern and syllabus, go for a self-analysis. You are already aware with the syllabus of exam. Identify the topics that you are good and weak at. This exercise is essential to strategize for the exam. Set a proper goal along with time frame to ace the topics that you are not very good at. You usually get about 2-3 months after notification, before the exam is conducted. Make sure that you have a proper plan for this time. Do not procrastinate. The more you wait out before starting serious studies, the more you will ruin your chance of selection. Clear the basic concepts of different topics first. Again, you can find the study notes of all the topics in the ‘Subjects’ column under ‘Study’ tab at the bottom of the app. Study the concepts properly, because you will not be able to solve the question properly unless you are aware with the basic approach. However, do not restrict your studies just to theory. Once you are done with the concepts, make sure that you attempt questions based on that topic. Do not jump to the mock tests directly. You will only lose confidence if you don’t score well. Instead start with topic wise quizzes first. This will not only help you have a good hold over the topic but will also help you in a time bound practice. After you have mastered at least half the topics start with mock tests. Bank Exam Preparation: Self-Study Vs. Coaching Ask yourselves a question first, what is done differently in a coaching that you cannot do on your own at home? We’ll answer that for you. Apart from study notes, Coaching centres enable you to study regularly for a fixed amount of time, which you’re usually not able to do at home. However, if you set your mind and heart to something once, nothing is impossible. Decide a time table for yourself first. It should not be too strict, just enough to make sure that you devote at least 6 hours on a regular basis to your studies. 6 hours out of 24 in a day isn’t too much to devote, right? You can find all the study notes of different topics here on aimsuccess. We have various series like banking awareness, current affairs, static awareness that will help you prepare for General Awareness Section apart from subjective study notes. You can also go for the test series that are available for different exams. The only thing expected on your part is dedication and determination. So, if you are a self-starter, get on with your studies now. Remember, ‘Your only limit is You’ So, push yourself. Get past the fear that if you do not join any coaching center, you won’t be able to clear the exam. You will, just study hard, with dedication. All the best for your exams... Team IBTS...!! www.ibtsindia.com


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Niti | 22 Jun

No not at all, but they will check your confidence level.. so be confident and go on..

Vivek Jha | 3 days ago

personality important but knowledge overcome it.if you will pleased to interview board with your importance for bank nothing important.try to sell yourself in front of interview board just a marketing persona.


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Rajanikant Soni | 4 days ago

First Be confidence , start with simple question then match with latest paper and upgrade your self you can do it

Vivek Jha | 3 days ago

Thanks for asking, i am grateful to share my views here. 1. Quantitative Aptitude:: Start with the basics Getting your concepts clear is the key for Quant. It is important for the candidates to start by learning the concepts which are used to solve questions in this section. Raghav shares, “Quant was fairly easy and was based directly on concepts. So if you had sufficiently practiced all the quant, it is a cakewalk”. When you know the basic concepts, you must practice via examples. It is important to follow the concepts learned, and practice each concept by solving simple examples first, and gradually moving towards the difficult ones. Sarthak Nayak, CAT Topper from IIT Bombay, explains, “My strategy for Quantitative Ability & Data Interpretation Section was to learn concepts, understand and workout on simple examples, then attempt difficult questions. By learning concepts and understanding them through examples, it was easy to understand and attempt difficult questions. To prepare for Quant section of CAT, books are the best source to learn the concepts and enhance your knowledge on a topic. Abishake Koul, CAT 2014 Topper, prepared from books and practiced from the practice papers available in the books. He says, “The best strategy to prepare for your weaker section is to follow a book. I followed Arun Sharma for QA and also practiced from the same”. Best Books for QA Suggested by Toppers- How to Prepare for Quantitative Aptitude for CAT by Arun Sharma Quantitative Aptitude Quantum CAT Common Admission Tests For Admission into IIMs by Sarvesh K Verma Quantitative Aptitude For Competitive Examinations by Guha Abhijit The Pearson Guide to Quantitative Aptitude for CAT by Nishant Sinha Plan your preparation schedule Besides learning the concepts for Quant, it is equally important that you do not leave any topic uncovered. One of the important strategies to cover each topic is to make a Day-wise preparation plan and schedule some number of days to prepare for that topic. Allot the following number of days to the below given quant topics, Number System: Five days Algebra: Eight Days Geometry: Eight Days Permutation & Combination/Probability: Five Days Miscellaneous Topics: Five Days 2. Logical Reasoning And Data Interpretation You can follow these tips- Strategy for dealing with DI while attempting CAT should be very straight as well as flexible. Do not start solving any set immediately, but read all the sets first and then make a call on which set is more structured and has lesser variables in terms of conditions that can be put in a structured table or a format easily. Make a good choice across the sections and, having decided that, give all the time to that set only. There are going to be hurdles but that does not mean you leave the set and move on to another set, as you have already taken a decision and invested a lot of precious time in that set. You should make a sensible choice in picking up the right set and doing the right thing before investing any time in a particular set or just jumping from one set to another. Moving from set to set will exhaust you and kill your time. Even if you spend eight minutes in working out the entire set and the set is very clear, you can solve it immediately. Don’t be in a hurry that every two minutes you have to mark a question.Spend time on selection of the right set. Best Books for LR and DI Suggested by Toppers- Data Interpretation for the CAT by Arun Sharma Data Interpretation for the CAT by Nishit K. Sinha How to Prepare for Logical Reasoning for the CAT by Arun Sharma Verbal Ability And Logical Reasoning For The CAT by Nishit K. Sinha Verbal & Non-Verbal Reasoning by R. S. Aggarwal 3. Verbal ability and Reading Comprehension: Reading everything and anything will make you clear the RC's. Just don't be biased towards sports in newspapers as I am and you will do well. Another important thing. Learn to read online. CAT is not a paper based test. Try and find blogs and articles that will test your vocab and understanding in ways unprecedented. If you're serious, people might have already suggested The Hindu and the Financial Express(or the Economic times). Well, I have the same suggestion though I never followed it. Develop a liking towards reading and it will help you in your gdpi stages. If you're not a GEM, you might get a call or two as well. Use Grammarly extension to check your grammar mistakes. This is a greate tool to improve your English. Subscribe to Testfunda's newsletter. 5 words a day from today and if my calculations are correct , you will have learnt 1500+ words by the time you appear for CAT. Sweet! Don't just glance. See Understand Remember Engulf- be SURE. You already know of word power made easy and 30 days more to power full Vocab by Norman Lewis. Its cheap and good and useful. BUY it. And then - SURE. For grammar, I will suggest apart from the normal course material, The blue book of grammar and Punctuation. Best Books for VA and RC Suggested by Toppers- Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension by Arun Sharma & Upadya(New Adition) Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension for CAT by Gautam Puri Full Set of Books: Complete course Pack for CAT [Set of 12 Books] (Quantitative Aptitude, Data Interpretation, Logical Reasoning, Verbal Ability) Solve Previous Year CAT questions and Mock Tests. Practice Papers::: CAT 2018-27 Topic-wise & Year-wise (Solved Papers 1990-2017 CAT 18 Mock Tests (Common Admission Test) Includes Solved Paper Best of luck.


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Karishma W. | 12 Jun

Hello Karan, For achieving excellence in spoken english do the following :- 1.Expand your VOCABULARY- Learn words from Foreign languages commonly used in english. 2.Boost vocabulary with ROOT WORDS. 3.Daily learning -Boost your vocab. and "learn a new quote" 4.Conversational English -Phrases & expressions of different situations. 5.English Grammar Basics : Sentence formation. This will surely improve your Spoken English. Thanks.

Akhil | 19 Jun

Since you have tagged this question with IBPS exam coaching so I feel that you are talking about english section specifically rather than spoken english. For improving english section: 1) Start reading novels. This will improve your reading habit and will make you familiar with the structure of a sentences which will further enable you to identify any wrong sentence in the exam within seconds. 2) Buy a book WORD POWER MADE EASY by Norman Lewis. This is by far the best book available in the market for improving your vocabulary. Read its one chapter daily and keep revising it from time to time. You do not need anything else apart from these two. And as far as communication part is concerned then that you will be able to improve once you start communicating with someone in english on a regular basis. Many people do have good writing skills and grammar yet they have poor communication. Apart from this, you should be an avid reader and must make a habit of reading a minimum 10 pages of some good novel daily. You can start with the ones which are not too big and have lucid language i.e the ones authored by Chetan Bhagat, Robin sharma . Genre of the novel doesnt matter at all. If you dont like reading the mainstream ones and wish to go for something romantic or adult or thriller then too you can buy one according to your choice. There are many books available in the market.

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