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SLV Institute of Information Technology

Basaveshwara Nagar, Bangalore, India- 560079.

(5.0 from 23 reviews)
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About Us

SLV Institute of Information Technology is a Business Intelligence training center, which is dedicated only for Advanced Excel & VBA-Macros.
We concentrate only on these two technologies as,
1) We have a very good knowledge and experience on these technologies.
2) These technologies play a vital role in various sectors like IT, BPO, Call Center, Manufacturing, Marketing, Sales, HR, Banking, Finance & Accounts, Insurance etc.
3) We make sure our students are molded properly to face the challenges they undergo in these technologies.
4) We just don’t provide training but we make sure students understand the concept which makes them to upgrade on their own.

To whom this course is Useful?
1) Irrespective of any stream “Advanced Excel & VBA-Macros” are the technologies which companies expect from the candidate.
2) “Advanced Excel & VBA-Macros” play a vital role for fresher’s to crack the interview.
3) Professionals who want to grow in their career.
4) People who are looking for a change in their career to move into streams like IT, Reporting, Analyst, and Development.
Example: BPO, Call center to Reporting, Analyst, Development in Advanced Excel & VBA-Macros.

Take away:
1) Advanced Excel Course:
a) By the end of training you will be expert in Advanced Excel
b) You can write any complicated formulas
c) You can crack any sort of interviews

2) VBA-Macros Course:
a) By the end of training you will be expert in Macros
b) You can write code manually, rather depending on recording
c) You can automate any reports/tasks
d) You can crack any sort of interviews

Note: After completion of course, if there are any doubts you can attend other batches.

Course Duration
Advanced Excel: 1 Month
VBA-Macros: 1Month

Note: We also take online classes.

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Classes Conducted

Microsoft Excel Training classes

Excellence Award Winner 2015

Best Microsoft Excel Training Institute in Bangalore

Teaches following Excel features:

Advanced Excel

Basic Excel

Excel VBA & Macro Training

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My Institute

MS Office Software Training

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My Institute


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Basaveshwara Nagar, Bangalore, India- 560079. .

Reviews 5.0 from 23 reviews



posted on 25 Jul, 2016

"Hi, My name is Vinod, aged 40+. I was looking for my skill sets to be upgraded, as my knowledge based process were closing. Advanced Excel and VBA were the courses that came into my mind, as I found numerous opportunities in non-voice based BPO industries. Joining any institute for getting courses trained is easy, but I was looking for tutor who can explain and convince me even the minutest of the course. After enough survey, I came across a Urbanpro service, which I was looking for the right course. I reached this SLV institute and had enough discussion with tutor and got convinced that I will get right knowledge. So, I joined the course Advanced Excel and VBA. Best part of the institute is, even after completing course, if you have any doubts you can call or join next batch without extra charges and get clarified. You have weekend classes, as well as regular weekday classes. I would recommend any body to join this institute for their desired courses. "



posted on 11 Jul, 2016

"I am working in automobile company. We use excel to record job details. Often we need to update the data, and we are doing it manually. The drawback of Current process is time consuming and Tedious, also there are chances of mistakes. I came to know that, VBA which automates the regular and routine work. When I searched in internet, I came to know about SLV Institute of Information Technology. The course really helped me to understand, excel and VBA beyond my expectation. I recommend SLV Institute of Information Technology, for VBA and excel course. This course gave me more insight and I learnt lot about macros and excel. About the Trainer and Institute: Trainer is having very good Experience in VBA and Excel. Have excellent Presentation and teaching skills. Training will be very interactive. He provided clear learning outcomes. He presented concepts in a logical , sequential manner. He cleared our all doubts. He writes program from scratch, and he will explain the program line by line. "


Poornima B N

posted on 10 Jul, 2016

"I had to Learn Advanced Excel for official requirements and I opted SLV Institute since it was near to my residence and now I really feel that it was the best decision I took. When I called the number mentioned in the website I spoke to Mr. Naveen. I was impressed by the way he explained about the course, the contents he would cover and importance of Excel. He started from the scratch and explained each and every topic with real time scenarios. Macros were explained through manual coding. The way he explains, his approach to the topics and our queries, will clearly tell that he is very well versed in the Excel and Macros . His friendly nature creates a comfort zone and makes us more comfortable to ask doubts and there is nothing that is unanswered. I recommend this institute for everyone, from all kind of profiles, either its a Manager or a normal Tech. "


Vinod Bk

posted on 05 Jun, 2016

"Hi this is Vinod B K, I have 4 Years’ experience in F &A, currently working in Capgemini India private limited. I had only basic knowledge of excel, I was interested to learn complete Excel and Macro, so I searched lot of Institutions and finally found Mr. Naveen’s “SLV Institute of Information Technology”. I contacted Mr.Naveen, the way he introduced himself and explained about Excel & VBA topics in Demo class was amazing. I got impressed and thought that he is having more knowledge and I can learn lot of things from him, so I decided to join the class. He started with basic Excel and many real time formula concepts and moved to Text Functions and later on to VBA in a very simple and easier way, anyone can understand easily. He gave many examples for each concepts and he teaches in your level of understanding. The very best thing about Naveen is, he encourages me to ask many doubts which is hidden in me, he never lose his patience, the more you ask doubts he is the very happiest person to answer your questions. He has good knowledge of VBA macros he made it very simple and thought me all the concepts of VBA and he always take real time examples to make you understand better. I would strongly believe and suggest you if you want better future in corporate and to learn Excel and VBA. Please join “SLV Institute of Information Technology”. Again thank you very much Mr. Naveen for teaching me excel and VBA. "

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Answers by Slv Institute Of Information Technology 12 Questions Answered

"What is exact number of days required to learn basic & advanced excel?" in   Microsoft Excel Training classes

A person requires one month to learn excel. Apart from learning, the person should dedicate 2 months for practice to get a hold on the subject.


"Is there Workday trainers??" in   IT Courses

We provide weekday as well as weekend training. Which course you are looking for?


"I am unable to answer in interview well, after learning computer science what do i do?" in   IT Courses

Pick the technology of your choice. Just concentrate only on that technology and try to learn in depth. Before going for interview try to answer the questions that are present in Google. Be confident that you can crack the interview.


"I need excel analysis like a professional ..... Plz help" in   Microsoft Excel Training classes

Hi Ohid, you can contact "SLV Institute of Information Technology"


"Is it necessary to have the knowledge of VB script for Excel Macro Training?" in   Microsoft Excel Training classes

It is not necessary to learn VB script. However you need to have a good knowledge on Excel, which will help you to understand VBA very well.


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SLV Institute of Information Technology conducts classes in MS Office Software Training and Microsoft Excel Training. It is located in Basaveshwara Nagar, Bangalore. It takes classes Regular Classes- at the Institute. It has got 23 reviews till now with 100% positive feedback.