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Amazon Web Services Training

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ABOUT US Cloud next is a leading cloud IT training programmed for professionals and students across the globe, we train in technology like AWS, DevOps, Azure, and python. We have an easy affordable learning solution that is accessible to all our learners. We have learned from all parts of India and from countries like Singapore, Australia, and US ABOUT COURSE Our specialized courses cloud architect training program is designed keeping in mind the latest trend in the world of technology this courses will help you to start your career in cloud and provides you with in depth knowledge on Aws , Google, azure cloud and DevOps tools like GIT, Jenkins, Dockers , Ansible, puppet kuberneties , and Nagios. This training is completely hands on and designed in a way that will help you to becoming a certified cloud practitioner. We have designed over 100 labs for our students to confidentially take up the career in the cloud and DevOps world. ACHIEVEMENT We have trained over two thousand students and helped most of them to achieve in their dream of becoming a cloud engineer, cloud architect, data engineer COURSES CONTENT 1. Introduction to cloud 2. Introduction to AWS 3. Security Management 4. Storage 5. Amazon EC2 6. Load balancer 7. Auto scaling 8. Route 53 9. Data base and analytics 10. SES 11. SNS 12. Cloud formation 13. Beanstalk 14. Lambda 15. Migrations HANDS-ON  Creating EC2 instances with window AMI  Creating EC2 instances with Linux AMI  Creating EC2 instances with Ubuntu AMI  Creating a web server  Creating your own AMI  Creating and attaching you EBS volume  Taking snapshots and restoring EBS volume migrating an EC2 instances from one region to other region  Resizing the ec2 instances  Creating an s3 bucket and uploading files  Modifying bucket permission through polices  Hosting a static website on s3  Enabling versioning on s3 bucket  Accessing a website through cloud front distribution  Create a VPC and its components  Configure VPC peering  Configure VPL  Configure load balancer  Configure auto scaling  Create DNS and update the domain name  Create and connect RDS database  Create and connect elastic cache  Create and connect red shift  Create and connect dynamo DB  Configure gateway API  Create and connect lambda function  Configure notification by using SNS  Create email services by using SES  Configure SQS queue  Analysis the log by configure cloud world  Connect the logs through cloud train watch  Connect the logs through cloud train  Deploy two-tier application by using beanstalk  Configure users and set policies  Create roles and set policies

Microsoft Azure Training

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Teaching Experience in detail in Microsoft Azure Training

I have 14 yrs of experience in teaching field. Cloud next is a leading cloud IT training programmed for professionals and students across the globe, we train in technology like, AWS, DevOps, Azure and python. We have easy affordable learning solution that is accessible to all our learner. We have learned from all parts of India and from countries like Singapore, Australia and U S ACHIEVEMENT We have trained over two thousand students and helped most of them to achieve in their dream of becoming cloud engineer, cloud architect, data engineer COURSES CONTENT Managing Azure Subscriptions And Resource Groups Learning Objective: In this module, you will learn about the administrative tools and components that make up an Azure subscription as well as the different available types of subscription. You will also learn about the various services provided by Azure. You will be introduced to Azure Resource Manager and how resources are organized into resource groups. Topics: • Introduction to Cloud Computing • Overview of Microsoft Azure • Microsoft Azure Services • Azure Subscriptions • Management Groups • Azure Resource Manager • Azure Portal and PowerShell • Azure Resource Manager Policies • Azure Policy Definition Structure • Resource Management Locks • Organizing Azure Resources Hands On: • Create an Azure account • Manage subscriptions, billing and policies • Use Portal and PowerShell to deploy and manage resources on Azure • Create Azure policies Azure Virtual Networks And Network Security Learning Objective: In this module, you will be introduced to Azure virtual networking concepts and how do you create and configure them. You will also learn how system routes, routing tables, and routing algorithms are used. This module also introduces you to Azure DNS basics and Network Security Groups (NSGs). You will also learn how to implement NSGs considering service endpoints and policies. Topics: • Introduction To Azure Virtual Networks • IP Addresses – Public And Private • Classless Inter-domain Routing (CIDR) • Subnets • Network Interface Cards (NICs) • Network Security Groups (NSGs) • Network Security Group Rules • Virtual Network Service Endpoints • Service Endpoint Policies • Azure Load Balancer • Azure DNS • Plan And Design Azure Virtual Networks Hands On: • Create and Configure Virtual Networks • Setup Network Security Groups (NSGs) • Restrict Network Access to Resources with Service Endpoints • Implement Azure DNS Overview Of Azure Virtual Machines Learning Objective: In this module, you will be introduced to Azure VMs, their supporting OS, sizing and pricing. You will also learn how to create and configure Windows and Linux VMs in Azure. This module also teaches you how to create custom VMs in Azure. You will also learn how VMs can be extended through custom scripts and Desired State Configuration. Topics: • Azure Virtual Machines • Azure Resource Manager VM • Introduction to ARM Templates • Create a Custom Image of Azure VM • Create a Managed Image of a Generalized VM • Create an Image from VM Snapshots • Creating a Linux Virtual Machine • Virtual Machine Extensions • Configuration Management using PowerShell DSC • Run Custom Scripts using Custom Script Extension Hands On: • Create Windows VMs in the Azure Portal • Create Windows VMs with Azure PowerShell • Create VMs using ARM Templates • Deploy custom server images • Create Linux VMs in Azure Portal • Create Linux VMs with Azure PowerShell Overview of Azure Storage Services Learning Objective: In this module, you will learn about storage accounts – Standard and Premium – as well as storage endpoints. You will also learn about data replication and work with Azure Storage Explorer to manage storage data. You will discover how a shared access signature (SAS) are used to provide delegated access to resources. You will also explore and understand disks and storage - Azure Blob Storage, Azure Files, and structured storage types like Table and Queue storage. Topics: • Azure Storage • Azure Storage Replication • Azure Storage Explorer • Attach or Detach an External Storage Account • Shared Access Signatures (SAS) • Attach a Storage Account using SAS • Azure Blob Storage • zure File Storage • Azure Queue Storage • Azure Table Storage Hands On: • Create Azure Storage accounts • Manage storage using Azure Storage Explorer • Secure storage using SAS • Implement Blobs and Files storages • Implement Table storage Secure And Manage Azure Storage Learning Objective: In this module, you will learn how to use Azure backup as a data protection solution and work with Azure File Sync. This module also teaches you h’Box. Topics: • Azure Backup • Why Use Azure Backup? • Files And Folder Backup • Application Backup • Azure File Sync • Content Delivery Network (CDN) • How CDN Works? • Azure Import/Export Service Azure Data Box Hands On: Implement Azure Backup service • Implement Azure • File Sync Store and access data using Azure CDN service • Transfer data using Azure Import/Export service • Configure Virtual Machines For Configure Virtual Machines For High Availability Learning Objective: In this module, you will learn about the two main configuration areas for VMs: Networking and Storage. You will learn how to keep your VMs highly available sets and how to use scale sets to increase/decrease the number of the VMs. This module also covers backing up and restoring VMs. Topics: Overview of VM Configuration • VM Networking • VM Storage • VM Availability • VM Scalability • Backup and Restore • Configure location of new VMs • Configure VHD template Hands On: Configure VM networking Configure VM storage options Implement High Availability Deploy and configure VM scale sets Implement Backup and Restore Configure VHD template Deploy from template Network Traffic Distribution And Connectivity Learning Objective: This module covers three ways in which traffic is distributed in a virtual network: Azure Load Balancer, Azure Traffic Manager and Azure Application Gateway. This module also deals with two specific types of inter-site connectivity: VNet-to-VNet connections and VNet Peering. You will learn when to choose which connectivity method, and how to implement and configure that method. Topics: • Azure Load Balancer • Azure Traffic Manager • Azure Application Gateway • Troubleshoot Load Balancing • Virtual Network Gateways • Inter-site Connectivity: VNet-to-VNet Connections • Virtual Network Peering Hands On: • Configure load balancing • Implement front end IP configurations • Configure Virtual Network Gateways • Implement VNet-to-VNet connections • Implement Virtual Network Peering Integrate On-premises Network With Azure Virtual Network Learning Objective: In this module, you will learn how to integrate the on-premises network with Azure Virtual Network. You will implement Site-to-Site VPN Connections and ExpressRoute to connect your virtual networks. You will also learn important skills around troubleshooting common network issues with the help of Azure Network Watcher tool. • Topics: • Virtual Network Connectivity • Azure VPN Gateway • Site-to-Site VPN Connections • ExpressRoute • Network Resource Monitoring • Introduction to Azure Network Watcher • Implementing Azure Network Watcher • Network Troubleshooting Hands On: • Create and Configure Azure • VPN Gateway Configure Site-to-Site VPN connections and ExpressRoute • Implement Network Watcher Monitoring And Access Management For Cloud Resources Learning Objective: In this module, you will learn about Azure Monitor and its many capabilities to ensure your Azure architecture is working correctly. You will also learn about Log Analytics tool that provides a way for you to analyze and query all types of connected data. This module also focuses on the basics of Role-Based Access Control as it applies to users and groups. Topics: Exploring Monitoring Capabilities in Azure • Azure Alerts • Azure Activity Log • Introduction to Log Analytics • Querying and Analyzing Log Analytics • Data Access Management in Azure • Azure Users and Groups • Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) • RBAC policies Hands On: • Configure Alerts using Azure Monitor • Review Azure Activity Log • Query and analyze Log Analytics data • Create and manage Users and Groups in Azure • Configure management access to Azure Manage Azure Active Directory (AD) Learning Objective: In this module, you will be introduced to Azure Active Directory and the basics of implementing Azure AD objects. These objects include domains and tenants, users and groups, roles, and devices. In each lesson you will practice how to configure these objects through the portal and with Azure PowerShell. Topics: • Azure Active Directory Overview • Self-Service Password Reset • Azure AD Identity Protection • Integrating SaaS Applications with Azure AD • Azure Domains and Tenants • Azure Users and Groups • Azure Roles • Managing Devices Hands On: • Implement Azure Active Directory • Configure Self-Service Password Reset • Implement Azure AD Identity Protection • Configure integrated SaaS applications • Configure domains and tenants, users and groups • Manage roles and devices Implementing and Managing Hybrid Identities Learning Objective: In this module, you will learn how to integrate Active Directory with your existing infrastructure. You will learn about different authentication options like AD Connect, Single Sign On, and Pass-through authentication. You will also learn how to configure Azure AD Application Proxy. This module also focuses on MFA and its working. Lastly, you will learn how to use conditional access policies. Topics: • Azure AD Connect • Azure Active Directory Authentication Options • Azure AD Application Proxy • Password Writeback • Azure AD Connect Health • Introducing Multi-Factor Authentication • Implementing MFA Hands On: • Configure Azure AD Connect • Implement App Proxy and Password Writeback • Manage Azure AD Connect Health operations • Configure user accounts for Multi-Factor Authentication • Implement Multi-Factor Authentication

4.9 out of 5 35 reviews

Sateesh https://s3-ap-southeast-1.amazonaws.com/tv-prod/member/photo/3133641-small.png Marathahalli

"It's amazing really it's very good training, I enjoyed my class each and every day. Trainer are well qualified experience, I improved my skills , I have experience, if any one really wants to upgrade there knowledge, in any other class. Will refer to all my friends, thank you sheetsh. "


"Good training in EMC-SAN with all real time issues. Explain the fundamental and core SAN is excellent. I suggest if you want learn get in touch with Satheesh. "


"I wanted to build carrier in IT firm hats of to the trainers at Level up they have very nice curriculum designed as per market relevance and faculties are best they provide completes assistance and ready to guide the course covered amazing ground in a very short time the content is neat with clear explanation they also train you how to face an interview which adds as a advantage thanks to the team happy i got placed in a reputed company. "


"I am new to Linux from the Windows world, wanted to become proficient at the command line (I'm presently using Ubuntu and Raspbian). Mr. Sateesh does a great job providing numerous examples of each concept he covers and how different commands tie in to one another. Now I have a much better understanding of how Linux operates and what an Linux administrator does. "


"The perfect institute for Python training classes in Bangalore. Experienced and the Best Trainers available and are approachable for all course related queries. "


"I have learned Linux Course and got job in Wipro. Its a good institute to join who require job and to settle in IT. Levelup not only provided job, improved my communication skills and gave confidence to settle in IT. "


"I attended linux course in level up training. satish trained me on linux. His technology level is very high. teaching skills are very good. lab environment is very good. They trained me on real time environment and assigned some tasks to perform on daily basis. After completion of training they trained to improve in communication skills and conducted some moke interviews. Finally attended some interviews. cracked a job as linux administrator. "


"Excellent teaching skills. Explained all the topics which relates to Linux. Real-time training conducted for all the topics. This course explores the various tools and techniques commonly used by Linux system administrators and end users to achieve their day-to-day work in a Linux environment. "


"Sateesh was hands down the best instructor I've ever seen.His knowledge, professionalism and presentation skills are simply superb. An extremely helpful and informative course.The training was clear and detailed.Every opportunity for the student to ask questions was provided.I am completely satisfied with the Linux courses at . Instructor was highly knowledgeable and helped in learning every concept in very detail manner. "


"My search for a good tutor on SAN ended when I met sateesh. His in-depth knowledge and industry experience helped me to understand SAN. I would recommend him to anyone who is looking forward to start their great learning journey. "


"Good Knowledge on multiple technology and good training experience. Learned Linux from along with complete infrastructure process. This learning helped me a lot to gain all day to day activities. "


"I had been searching for an EMC San training and I found Levelup through urban pro. Sateesh is who trained me on EMC San, every topic was well explained with real time examples. Really good place for IT courses and placement. I would recommend Levelup to my friends. "


"I started my career as an EMC SAN Administrator and Sateesh is the person who trained me with the course. His training skills are unique and different from the industry experts. He explains the subject in such a simple and unique way that the any person will feel confident and understands the subject to the core of any module. He not only helped me with the technical skills but also makes sure his students become very confident in developing their interpersonal skills. Last year he called me up and said that he's starting a training office LEVELUP TRAINING to help many people's dreams of securing a stable job in IT Industry. I felt so happy that when I met him he explained the modules he designed for the courses to help the students I was spellbound with the way he structured. I immediately signed up for python training but I was worried that if I had it me to pull off the programming. But yet again he proved that he the best trainer in making his students understand. A good trainer is always in sync with his attendees to grab the maximum out of them. He's the person who has been a mentor for past 8 year and will continue to be one. Thank you so much Sateesh for being a wonderful guide and a good friend to me. Guys LEVEL UP is the place if you want to get trained because Sateesh is the soul of the organisation. Just signup for their course and you will know on day one what I am talking about. Thank you. "


"He was able to provide clear understanding of Linux with its advantages and also clarified doubts aptly. Overall the training was very systematically designed. "


"Thank you for good service and good faculty. This is the best training company to achieve our goals Satish is well knowledgeable person. He teach every topic very clearly. I loved the teaching here. Thank you. "

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Answered on 14/09/2018 Learn IT Courses/Linux +2 IT Courses/Linux/Linux Administration IT Courses/Linux/Linux Basics

Is it necessary to use Kali Linux for hacking?

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Answered on 08/01/2018 Learn Language/Spoken English

To learn any language you need to be in constant touch with the language, I mean you need practice speaking, reading and listening to the language. Start watching English movies and listen to English music even you make mistakes don't give up speaking in English, people will laugh at you just don't care... ...more
To learn any language you need to be in constant touch with the language, I mean you need practice speaking, reading and listening to the language. Start watching English movies and listen to English music even you make mistakes don't give up speaking in English, people will laugh at you just don't care all that means is that you are improving this the only way to improve communication skills.
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Answered on 02/01/2018 Learn Amazon Web Services (AWS) +1 IT Courses/Cloud Computing

Hello Sharath, the best way is to start learning Linux once you are good at it, start with aws it should take you around two to three months if you show good dedication and regarding job, securing job in IT is not all difficult once you have skills
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Sateesh describes himself as Azure and AWS Online training. He conducts classes in Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure Training. Sateesh is located in Marathahalli, Bangalore. Sateesh takes Regular Classes- at his Home and Online Classes- via online medium. He has 14 years of teaching experience . Sateesh has completed Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech.) from junta in 2004. He is well versed in English. Sateesh has got 35 reviews till now with 100% positive feedback.


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