Astrology and Occult Science

Astrology and Occult Science

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Astrology and Occult Science Lessons

Vishakha Nakshtra, Rashi Vrichika, and basic characteristics
With due respects to KSK Sir, our Gurujan, for KP, With their blessings, following is continuation of the lessons on Astrology, the divine science. One of the Nakshtra, ruled by Guru, Jupiter Vishakha,...

Rajendra P Soni | 1 day ago

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KSK - Guruji, the gift to mankind and understand KP way of Astrology
With due respects to our Guruji, KSK Sir, his respectable family, devoted to the cause of spreading the science of Astrology, all for benefit of mankind, Zodiac of 360 Degrees is divided, in 12 Rashis,...

Rajendra P Soni | 12 Apr

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Vastu Shastra
Vehicular traffic can bring unpredictable energy into an area. We need to examine the location of the parking area in the apartment ground before we can choose a unit or even the building itself. The following...

Yogi Speaks | 20 Feb

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How many galaxies are there in the local group?

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Dr. Hemant Bhardwaj | 11/04/2015


Sathish S | 27/11/2015

54 galaxies,are named as if now and they are still counting. :-)


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Institute Of Palmistry | 04/12/2015

accurate prediction depends on astrologer quality . if the astrologer is well versed the time give by him is correct and event occurs at that time . . I have many predictions and time given and event given always occur . Nisha Ghai Famous Indian palmist

Rajendra P Soni | 27/08/2016

Yes, KP and prashna are great clues for event happening, many astrologers are able to do it.


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Acharya Shastri | 10/02/2016


Rajendra P Soni | 27/08/2016

Yes, KP is one that is being adopted, while Parashara is our fundamental and basics, While many of astrologers have their own way to do, based on varga charts, Ashtakvarga, Transits, shadbala, so on, Astrology is different from an absolute science

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