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were is the best place on india to study crystal heeling or any alternative medicine. i have the oportuniti to travel india wath is the best opcion to stay and study.

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Parameswaran Iyer | 07/08/2016

Come over to Mumbai and I could introduce you to the original Reiko healing which does wonders...

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Radhika Ver | 15/12/2015

Hey hi..reiki is like a therapy that have combination of logic and also spiritual knowledge

Life Coaching And Angel Therapy Services | 23/04/2016

Heal your life philosophy by Louise hay is a combination of scientific, metaphysical and spiritual principles. You can try attending a workshop or a one-on-one coaching session based on this philosophy.


As I am interested to learn Acupuncture and serve the patients with out money, please recommend me any doctor who help me to learn please write to

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Rr Health Care Institute Rumi | 01/09/2015

Great but you have to pay for learning. I am acupuncture doctor if you want to learn send your details.

Sathish S | 25/11/2015

Hi Rajeeve, Wish you all the best, can you please tell me where are you from so that I can check with the university here in chennai and help you. Once again ALL THE BEST

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Jagadeesh Krishnan | 08/08/2015

Dear Hemangi, you are asking the question, related between science and sprituality, science is the child, the sprituality is the peak, science when touches the peak, atomatically fall on this sprituality, why because the science and sprituality is not dual things, it is the one. but the immature scientist never understanding this things, therefore they says contraverse statements about this, one who experiece the sprituality the easily understanding the modern science. second question: we always aware about our own thoughts, but we cannot control, why because the toughts are the passing clouds, if you are recognize or not recognised that is not the matter, its always passing, if you aware then you can neglect the thought which is no your own. Third: No body can switch off these negative thought or possitive thoughts, if the thoughts than that is only the negative, there is no positivity or anything, why becasue if you recognized the thoughts then that will irritating therefore you think that, that is the negative one, really there is no negative thought or positive tought, thought are thoughts, if you use in the way positive manner or negative manner that is the different, nothing more than that. fourth question: what works for you, this is the stupid question or childish question, its show your immeturity, all the things are having its own purpose, if you use it then its works, if you are not used then that is not work, they not works automatically, we can works, with the positive manner or negative manner . thanking you by k.jagadeesh


Sravana Kumari J | 12/08/2015

In day to day life choose what feels light for you. What feels light is true and what feels heavy is false for you. No matter what anyone chooses or says. Mind is a bundle of thoughts. Mind is a dangerous thing, waste it. Thoughts, feeling, emotions are lower harmonics are the functions of the mind. Knowing, being, perceiving and receiving are the higher harmonics from which we can function without the mind. Access Consciousness Healing bars can help you function from beyond the mind. It can heal 32 areas of your life that is limiting you like money, relationships,health,creativity etc., If you are interested in taking the class or would like to have a session please contact a facilitator close to you. If you live in Bangalore you can contact me. May All Of Life Come To You With Ease, Joy and Glory.

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Raghu Ram | 27/03/2015

Need more information, how do u start and when does this happen and bend. People have dominant senses, for some it is visual, auditory, kinesthitic, orgatory, gastratory. The last 2 are some what similar to kinesthitic so they fall under the same category. People when visual seem to raise their heads, people when kinesthitic bend their heads. With more information about what is going on in your experience we can figure it out. Also when one enters an altered state of mind, it is not necessary to physically move the body, just a thought raise the hand, will leviate the hand,like wise we have to check if such thouhh is projecting unconsiously. With more info lets discuss about this. Thanks and regards, Raghuram


Priyanka Patel | 31/03/2015

Hi, Check with your thoughts that were connected during the meditation. I believe its a long time by now but while meditating, if at certain thoughts your body moves in front, the universe is answering, saying YES to the connected thoughts. Be aware of your thoughts if you are not thoughtless ,or in that meditative state.

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