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Actor's Life Book

Raaja Jaffery
06/02/2017 0 0

‘Actor is the Power Station to Channelize Human Energies. I call Him the Athlete of Intelligent Emotions!’ -   RAAJA JAFFREY [Actor. Chief Instructor. Strategist]                                 

                                                       ACTORS LIFE BOOK 

                                                         THE CURRICULAM 

ACTORS LIFE BOOK is a comprehensive Acting course Structured by the Actor & Instructor Raaja Jaffrey. As per his belief & ideology the Actors are not prepared & build in institutions & studios but certainly a methodically designed journey of day today life. Studios & institutions are the integral part of their task oriented journey. And the journey is 24/7. Raaja Jaffrey firmly dismisses the hypes & myths about filmy & non filmy acting for Basic training module.

BODY CONSTITUTION. BRAIN & INTELLECT.  & VOICE CULTURE . Are the basic & essential tools of Actors. To explore & prepare on basics & essential tools we begin with 2 fold natural technique i.e. And what is the Task?

Certainly their task is to achieve their ultimate goal.

And what is that ultimate goal?

Obviously to become a successful Actor.

So the Actor’s Life Book comprehensive course is structured & designed to utilise the students every fraction of second &

every count of breathe within a time frame i.e. means a 4 month course gives them a 2880 hours i.e 1,72,880 Minutes = 1,036,8000 Seconds Outcome & impact.

in Actor’s Life Book the course designer firmly dismisses the myths about filmy & non filmy acting. Initially The Actor do not explore & work on his/her basic tools according the camera techniques.

And what are the basic tools of an Actor?

They are :

BRAIN & INTELLECT . BODY CONSTITUTION. VOICE CULTURE . Are the basic & essential tools of Actors.

To explore & prepare on basics & essential tools we begin with 2 fold natural technique i.e.


The very moment an aspirant & learner begins the course he/ she is guided to measure their present status of Brain, Body & Voice. In this process they come to know their limits & walls they have created or imposed with in every sphere of life. Through well designed exercises they actually measure their own persona, realise their limits, boundaries & are prepared to breakaway.

The very purpose of one’s life is to know ‘the self’. In a border spectrum of social & professional life, there is only one breed & profession the ACTOR, who works on life.

Through the various practically designed exercises & tasks to explore the very limits of the self-i.e. Brain, Body & voice the students are transformed from a common being to a power being. And the journey of accomplishing the basic task of being an ACTOR begins. The student starts exploring the life within & out.         


In This Process They Begin Exploring The Within & Outer. Every Moment Of Their Routine Life Is Structured Into Refined Living & Better & Better Habits. It Is Actually Given Them As A Written Form Called The Actors Regime. It Comprises A Very Practical & Natural Way Of Enhancing Their Routine Life Through ; Eating Habits, Food, Sleeping Habits, In House Activities, Family Relations, Responsibilities, Social Inhibitions, Social Interactions, Social Responsibilities, Awareness. Interactions, Relationships, Behaviour And Stimulating Their Sense Organs i.e.

Sight.  Hearing. Taste. Smell.  Touch.

According the ‘ACTORS LIFE BOOK’ Doctrine it begins from the very basic yet the only source of life ‘the Breath’.  Breathe is energy. Soul of living beings. It is the only vital source to explore & channelize our inner world and further connect & transcend us to the infinite cosmic energy.

In the absence of food & water, we can survive for few days, but in the absence of breath we cannot survive after few minutes. A rightly inhaled fresh & deep breath is the major source of power energy. Body, Brain and Voice works on Breath. For an Actor’s training Breath is the 1st step to begin with.

After a well-designed physical workout to stretch & expand ones physical limits, Stretching & expanding your abdominal limit is the basic exercise in Actors Life Book course.  Through a inhale exhale warm up and then pumping Breath in & out Students are prepared to inhale maximum breathe filling their lungs [respiratory system] and hold it. A per second count is done to measure their limit of hold. In a routine exercise they are prepared to break away from their fixed system to an OPEN System. As the count increases the respiratory system expands, means it becomes supple, clean and stronger boosting our immunity and channelizing the whole inward & outward physical system to conceive the pure cosmic energy. 

Journey of the transformation of a common being into an ACTOR, is converting a poor, lean person into a commando at all level. 

In Actors Life Book course, From The Very 1st Day Their Life Style Begins Changing For Better & They Realise That They Are Chasing Every Day Task To Accomplish Their Dream Goal. Through Various Task Oriented Exercises Their Routine Life Becomes Interesting & They Start Living It! They Explore & Maximise The Outreach Of All 3 Essential Tools Of An Actor Becoming The Power House Of Positive Energy , Which Every Good Actor Needs To Begin With!

  • Five Sense Stimulating Exercises
  • Seeing Beyond Obvious
  • Sight Sun Bath
  • Observation [Elements. Nature. Insects. Birds. Animals. Objects. Humans. Dimensions..]
  • Physical Workout [Acting Base Techniques]
  • Art Of Listening
  • Sound Of Silence
  • Opening Up Exercises
  • Seeing Through Ears
  • Identifying Wright & Wrong
  • Activating Sound Filter
  • Hearing The Breathe
  • Auto Alert Mode
  • Understanding Speech & Dialogue Pattern

In Addition To Sight, Smell, Taste, Touch, And Hearing, the alert Humans Also Have Awareness Of Balance, Pressure, Temperature,  And Motion All Of Which Involves The Coordinated Use Of Multiple Sensory Organs.


The physical being & living, is a Brain Game. The Brain which is yet an Unexplored Creative Underworld. So how to unlock the mystery ?..

This is the Key Concept of our practically unique Techniques. Discover, liberate and live the Self, by creating awakening moments of physical transcendence.

The training  is based on the very balancing activation of Brain & Body. thus surpassing the limits of Conditioned Mind and Revealing the Self to the Self !

Training the mind is a big challenge. Reprogramming the Brain is preparing you to accept your ‘dead ends’’. And erasing your traditionally programmed junk bias & beliefs. In Actors Life Book reprogramming of Brain is a series of practically designed exercises, rather than wordy lectures and abstract philosophy. The task is achieved within a time frame. We learn that mind is not a singular muscle but an archive of multiple intelligences, operations and awareness. Most of them remained inactive or neglected during conventional education. Even they have been suppress and abused.

Through a well synchronized & orchestrated exercises and activities the students are empowered & educated to renew their Brain faculty.  Actors Life Book Brain drain education focusses on building the Athlete of intelligent emotions. We work on the root cultivation of RASAS., so the students practically utilise it in scene development with natural ease.       

Being Indian we know our roots better. Despite of very strong cultural roots the larger India is a less educated, uninformed, politically divided  and suppressed society. Simultaneously we know that supressed emotions [energy] has an ability to be converted into a  dynamic bounce back  theory. Thus the  Actors Life Book course is designed to nurture the Indian students on a global standard.                                                                           

  • Reprogramming
  • Focus
  • Checking Your Eye-Q Level
  • Switch On & Off Method
  • Channelizing Emotional Energy
  • Emotional Intelligence 


Aggression | Boredom| Disgust | Fear | Happiness

Loneliness | Rejection | Anger | Confidence| Love

Enjoyment | Grief | Hate | | Sadness | Anxiety|

Depression | Envy | Guilt | Joy | Pride | Shame


As Einstein said ‘imagination is more powerful than knowledge’. Improvisation is the major tool of an Actor to think and create a flawless performance to surprise & please himself. It is an essential skill of rightly trained actor who wish to invent the hidden magical elements & spontaneity.

Improvisation is a journey which evolves from the known script to unknown performance. It is a characters inherent thirst in a deserted mirage. 

Improvisation is the art of prompt imagination into a flawless action. It can be applied in a scene development, live performance, on a one line idea, a particular character, a situation etc.

Public performances stage show, drama or shooting a scene is a real test for an actor.

Actors Life Book prepares the students to explore the multi-layer aspects and dimensions of a character in solo & group performances. The actors are trained to challenge their imagination in action, gradually it becomes a natural habit and imagination in action transforms into imagination in motion.        

In a character study a methodical and conventional history sheet of the character is developed, studied, discussed and performed.

Within the conventional method of frame work, the actors are instigated to break away from the conventional to unconventional.  And the magical mantra of improvisation becomes the prime tool of the performer.         

  • Character Study
  • Scene study
  • Designing the Character
  • Style
  • Character Transition
  • Imagination in Action
  • Imagination in Motion 


Our body is the Temple wherein Divine Energy ‘the Soul’ Lives. This is the specimen statement to be followed and practically adapted by every Actor and Actor in making.

Actors Body is specially trained with the coherence of Mind and a level of flexibility to retain greater stamina and focussed energy.

Its not just face, but the actor’s body is trained to be intense and expressive. Apart from the required flexibility and the nature of a character the Actor must have a command on his physical appearance and energy.  

With the very coherence of Brain, his mind conceives and his body gives birth to another character.  

Irrespective of size, weight and shape, the Actor’s body is trained to be technically proficient in skills such as trust, balance, neutrality, rhythm, grace and expressivity. Body to body interaction and feel, body to objects, body in certain costumes, props, make up and a certain condition is also trained to behave naturally. 

There are several physical training methods developed by prominent acting gurus. In Actors Life Book we have adapt and improvised our own methods of physical training which focusses on shaping up an expressive body in coherence with the sharp brain and emotional intellect. Further the Actor is gradually trained to surpass his/her own limits to transcend the purified physical energy into the eternal cosmic energy. A physical training method involves the lessons -

  • Actor’s Body Workout [Gesture. Posture. Movement. Rhythm. Flexibility]
  • Meditation. Dance.
  • Channelizing Energy
  • Building Aura
  • Stamina Build-up
  • Film Stunt & Action Sessions
  • Body Language
  • Personal Grooming
  • Social Behaviour
  • Aesthetic & Presentation


Breathe is the Soul. The dynamic energy & the very basic of Actors wepon. So the Students are trained to master the breathe more efficiently & expanding the base to maximise outreach.

The voice travels on the breath, and students learn how this synergy can create a wide range of effective communication. Voices are enriched, made strong, resonant, flexible and expressive; they become the instruments to effectively convey all subtle distinctions of meaning and feeling according the projected characters.

Actors in making are helped to explore and realize their basic voice, its strength, base, stamina, throw, tone, pitch, Dialect. Their ears are trained to distinguish & filter the sounds, the right & the wrong, the graphs and the shapes of sound and alphabets. With the right training of ears gradually the students are train to master the breath and further develop

A powerful and melodious voice which can adapt and master any character and its correct emotions with ease.   

Actors Life Book has its uniquely designed exercises and methods of training in Verbose and the range of Bollywood Dialogues. Our speciality in Urdu diction and poetic speech is one of our unique learning.   

Voice and speech training is carefully designed and comprises a series of exercises, story-telling, news-reading, script-reading, gibberish improvisations, singing, chanting, word-games, radio plays, interviews, group leadership, in-house performance..etc


  • Art Of Listening
  • Sound Of Silence
  • Opening Up Exercises
  • Seeing Through Ears
  • Identifying Wright & Wrong
  • Activating Sound Filter
  • Hearing The Breathe
  • Auto Alert Mode
  • Understanding Speech & Dialogue Pattern 


  • Understanding Your Voice & Sound
  • Understanding Breathe
  • Expanding Base & Outreach
  • Riyaaz
  • Texture. Melody
  • Flexibility & Elasticity
  • Customize Exercises


  • Training The Tongue
  • Urdu Zuban Therapy
  • Pronunciation. Punctuation
  • Erasing Regional Dialect
  • Customized Riyaaz
  • Speech Therapy
  • Bollywood Dialogue Patterns
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