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What Is A Raag?
Raag is the backbone of Indian Classical Music. The word raag comes from Sanskrit word "Ranj" which means to delight, to make happy and to satisfy. Here it's necessary to clarify that not all raags project...

Akshat Kumar | 03 Jun

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Basic Course of Video and Photo Editing
Its a Basic Course. Video Editing : With Sony Vegas Pro Creating a project, from start to finish : Now that you know your editing environment, you can start editing in Sony Vegas. In this lesson, we'll...

Subal Soral | 08/12/2016

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What is Post Processing?
The term post-processing (or postproc for short) is used in the video/film business for quality-improvement image processing (specifically digital image processing) methods used in video playback devices,...

Shri R. | 22/11/2016

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Anigra Training Academy | 02 Apr

Hi Mr. Mayank, Greetings from Anigra training Academy. Linear editing is not frequently used nowadays because of non linear editing gives more flexibility and accuracy for editing the footages digitally at any point of time. The main software for these are Premiere Pro, Media composer, Final Cut pro, Sony vegas, Power director etc.

Raja Das | 03 Apr

Non-linear editing is a non-destructive editing process. which can be explained as follows: Linear video editing, clips are copied from one video tape to another, using two tape VCRs. The disadvantage of this method is that it is not possible to insert or delete scenes from the new tape without re-copying all the subsequent scenes, used with analogue video tapes. Non-linear video editing is achieved by loading the video material into a computer from analogue or digital tape. The editing process creates a new 'tape' by storing all the commands entered by the operator. This method allows the operator to cut, copy and paste scenes in any order and make any changes desired. At the completion of the editing process the computer can then build a new file by applying the commands to the original digital image stored on the disk. The original digital image on the disk is unchanged. The new video file can then be outputted to a video tape, attached to an email or posted to the web.


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Pulkit Dave | 03 Jan


Shri Rao | 24 Jan

Obviously d750. More color depth and high dynamic range. Better price and lighter body.


What is per hour pricing and duration for any of the following courses from three best training institutes: Photoshop training; Video training; PHP programming; Web Development: CSS/ Javascript programming; Android programming; Java programming?

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Biswajit Chatterjee | 08/06/2016

I provide responsive html5, css3, jquery, wordpress, bootstrap, sass, less training @ a very minimum cost of Rs. 250 per hour.

Nipun Syal | 06 Mar

Your domain is too wide/ question is too general. I will however, be answering about Photoshop / Video editing. Top institutes offer complete courses father than charging per hour, at least most ones in India do so. However individuals do offer training on per hour basis. For Photoshop it would cost you around Rs. 1000 per session and for Photography it would cost you around Rs. 1800. Kindly note, the charges vary as per experience of the designer/photographer.


In what ways were the maps prepared by the British from one made by Ptolemy or Idrisi?

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Ivan Sharma | 19/08/2015

The maps were prepared by the British by Ptolemy.

Robin Malik | 19/03/2016


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Anigra Training Academy | 25/02/2016

A video editing course with a duration of 2 hrs per day for 25 days is enough to make you a professional in that field. This contains in teaching from basic level to Advance level.

Daya Nithi | 02/03/2016

See All video Editing software's having few tools and technics, its all dependence on your interest. So first you must to learn what is the editing, then you start how to edit.

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