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Tuition Fee

What are the charges for online class for 12th Std Chemistry? Please tell the hourly as well as monthly charges?

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That depends on your experience, ability to impress student. Contact your nearby teachers check how much they are charging. If you charge more then you should know how and why you are different from other teachers.

Rs. 200 per hour. Rs. 5000 per month.

Hourly fee will be around Rs. 400/hr for chemistry. Calculate your monthly fee if you take 3hrs classes per week.

I could be around Rs. 700 per hour. This actually for maths so I think chem will also have same rate.


Rs. 350 - 450/hour.

Life Science Expert

It's Rs. 600 per hour and Rs. 4500 to 6000 per month depending on the no. of days as well as type of preparation of any like IIT or NEET.

Rs 400 per hour.

Hourly:- Rs. 200/hr, Monthly:- Rs. 1500.

Rs. 300 - 1000. Charges depend on the time student want to complete his/her syllabus.

Monthly Rs. 7000, for 12 classes.

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