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Difference between Learning & Reciting. Are they all same?
Is learning and reciting is the same thing. If you would ask me, I will reply with a BIG NO. There is as much difference between learning and reciting as much there is a difference between the North and...

Nitish Adhikari | 25/11/2016

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Mechanical Designing, Is it all about knowing CAD ?
Whenever, I get chance to meet and interview any mechanical designer, I could see they will be more interested to showcase themselves knowing more about a different mechanical CAD software it could be...

Vaishnav Mithun | 19/11/2016

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Forgetfulness/ Forgetting/ Difficulty in Remembering
In day to day life we come across tons of experiences, every minute something happens, sometimes we feel it, we understand it, we love it, we like it, we don’t like it, we hate it etc. It is highly...

Areef | 27/09/2016

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Siddhant Asati | 16 Mar

Total number of papers from starting to end of the selection process is 11 along with interviews last. 2 papers will be of prelims. 7 GS subjects/current affairs oriented as per latest trend/Essay writing + 2 optional Saying only that Read 6th to 12th NCERT and The Hindu for current affairs will not make you IAS/ IPS, You should follow some standard books and above all the confidence of becoming IPS and vision to serve the nation should also be there. For more query about optional and previous year papers.

Raghu Kumar | 1 day ago

To become a class 1 police officer in India, you need to clear the IPS (Indian Police Services) exam which is held by Union public service commission (UPSC) every year. Eligibility any graduate. Heavy competition


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Bandi Gopinath | 21 Jan

Rs. 2000


Preeti Jain | 28 Jan

Rs. 4500.


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Dr. Basant Ramawat | 2 days ago

Dear Shweta, As a Doctor let me tell you that there is so much diversity in terms of how autism plays out with each child. The idea that everyone is the same is mythical. This uniqueness can be embraced as well as prepared for. And I'm not going through with all the details but for initials, i might be able to explain you to how to deal with problems of an autistic child with respect to studies. I think the Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is the most basic and effective tool to deal with Autistic Children. In this method, parents play major role which includes consistency, Stick to a schedule, Reward good behaviour, Create a home safety zone, Look for nonverbal cues, Try to Figure out the motivation behind the tantrum through game or puzzles, Always Pay attention to your child's sensory sensitivities. Remember you have to be very very patient for positive Result. A good treatment plan will include: 1. First and the Most Importantly Never try to force to do anything against their interest (like sleep, study, game, food, etc.) 2. Build on your child's interests. 3. Offer a predictable schedule. 4. Teach tasks as a series of simple steps. 5. Actively engage your child's attention in highly structured activities (specially Includes games, puzzles, etc.). 6. Provide regular reinforcement of behaviour. For future reference, you may need a help of professional but as for initial part go through the above part with positive confidence, attitude, dedication with the positive hope. If you think I provide you desired answers regarding your question asked above then please don't forget to give your valuable reviews on my "UrbanPro wall (ID)". For further information my contact no. and mail ID is also mentioned there. And Please Don't hesitate to ask your doubts (or) queries regarding your studies. I Always feel happy to help other students.


Anuradha Boddapati | 1 day ago

Sir, autism is not a problem at all..he may not be interested in education but surely he might have some other skills, identify it and train him in that field along with studies and getting good marks in exam is not a priority for life settlement. Don't strain him because over stress will lead to depression which may not be expressed by him and best counsellor or teacher can definitely make him reback interest in studies. please let me know the city and area you live.


need 2 knw abt IES

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Kiran Teja | 27/08/2016

hi., Indian Engineering Services are designated as class 1 officer. these guys will be administrating all the central public works like railways,defence,power,central water engineering,telecommunications etc., These are opened for ME,Civil,EEE,& ECE aspirants....but not all engineering/technical background students. coming to its preparation it covers a vast syllabus in technical,current affairs and GA..unlike GATE IES tests your quantity of knowledge but in GATE quality of knowledge is tested..!! Good luck.


New Tutor | 07/09/2016

Indian Engineering Services comprise of engineers who work under the government of India and designated as Class ? 1 officer.


SAP finance or oracle finance ??? which is beneficial? contact numbers & addresses???

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Genious Yadav | 01/09/2016

sap finance because in day today market the companies that are of electrical and mechanical have a huge demand of if u are a core student u can opt for sap


New Tutor | 07/09/2016

Depends on usability and in which domain u r looking for SAP Is generalized

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