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Difference between Learning & Reciting. Are they all same?
Is learning and reciting is the same thing. If you would ask me, I will reply with a BIG NO. There is as much difference between  learning and reciting as much there is a difference...

Nitish Adhikari | 25/11/2016

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Mechanical Designing, Is it all about knowing CAD ?
Whenever, I get chance to meet and interview any mechanical designer, I could see they will be more interested to showcase themselves knowing more about a different mechanical CAD software it could be...

Vaishnav Mithun | 19/11/2016

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Forgetfulness/ Forgetting/ Difficulty in Remembering
In day to day life we come across tons of experiences, every minute something happens, sometimes we feel it, we understand it, we love it, we like it, we don’t like it, we hate it etc. It is highly...

Areef | 27/09/2016

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Bandi Gopinath | 21 Jan

Rs. 2000


Preeti Jain | 28 Jan

Rs. 4500.


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Maths | 03/11/2016

Yo may have the better tuter option apart from home. Because childerns are more councious in front of patents in the home. Let the teacher do their bonding , wait for a while.

Psb Tutorials | 28/11/2016

As per my opinion I suggest that he should be given some extra care and a friendly environment. A private tutor may not be a very good option as he needs some friends who can share his feelings, he need someone to talk, to explain everything, who can listen to him not only a teacher, I think he needs a good mentor. You can come and discuss once at our center. And please don't call your child an autistic child, he is an extraordinary child with his own capacities. Best of luck!


need 2 knw abt IES

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Kiran Teja | 27/08/2016

hi., Indian Engineering Services are designated as class 1 officer. these guys will be administrating all the central public works like railways,defence,power,central water engineering,telecommunications etc., These are opened for ME,Civil,EEE,& ECE aspirants....but not all engineering/technical background students. coming to its preparation it covers a vast syllabus in technical,current affairs and GA..unlike GATE IES tests your quantity of knowledge but in GATE quality of knowledge is tested..!! Good luck.


New Tutor | 07/09/2016

Indian Engineering Services comprise of engineers who work under the government of India and designated as Class ? 1 officer.


SAP finance or oracle finance ??? which is beneficial? contact numbers & addresses???

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Genious Yadav | 01/09/2016

sap finance because in day today market the companies that are of electrical and mechanical have a huge demand of if u are a core student u can opt for sap


New Tutor | 07/09/2016

Depends on usability and in which domain u r looking for SAP Is generalized


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Jayasree | 29/08/2016

Goto urban pro website.Fill in authentic details of yours and upload ur profile with your recent photograph and enter into the family of tutors

Prabhjot Singh | 29/08/2016

GOTO signup yourself as a tutor to teach

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