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Venkatanarayana Chittela | 15/11/2016

Instead of creating an object instance of some other class, If you give that class name with auto wired you can access that class methods etc. This comes under dependency injection in the springs. By using auto wired we can achieve this dependency injection.

Ramkrishna Roy | 07/12/2016

Brilliant feature of spring is dependency injection as for example if i have two component class say A and B. A want to call the method of B (say m1 method of B).In Class A I need to create the object of B like B b=new B(); then b.m1() i need to call,but problem with this statement my Class A is tightly couple with B. In order to resolve this issue there is a dependency injection concept where automatically B object will be created and injected into A class using either setter injection or constructor injection. This injection(setter and constructor) in spring is done through IOC container of Spring,but how spring will know which object (Dependency Class ) you want to inject in which class(Target Class). In our case we want to inject B class Object in A class. For that there is a two tag property tag or constructor tag to tell to spring which object I want to inject. i.e., i need to write some extra configuration to inject B class object i.e property or constructor tag. Without writing this extra cfg also I can tell to spring which object I want to inject and spring will be intelligent enough to identify which Dependency object I want to inject in Target Class. The concept which allows to do so is Autowire.

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Vimalanathan Ayyanar | 03/04/2016

Hey, it seems like an interesting problem! What algorithms are you planning to use? Do contact me so we can see how we can go about this problem.

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