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A short lesson which might help one understand the impact of Better Communication. I once met a gentlemen who has a very good communication and strong use of grammar in his phrases. My first impression about him was 'he is definitely educated in a convent school' and my curiosity to improve my own grammar, made me good friends with him. One day we were walking through a Lane where we were conversing about regular course of life and suddenly he asked me what was his first impression about him. To which I replied in an instance, confident gentlemen passes out from an elite institutions, he looked at me, smiled and told, "my dear friend you have got me wrong". I have studied all my life in a Marathi Medium and until some years back I would mumble to even speak a word in English. Since my family live in a village and connecting and communicating to the city was a challenge. He told me 'I had hopes, dreams to do my Master in Business Administration and work for a Mnc as I was a graduate in Economics but unable to communicate better in English had become as a barrier between me and my dreams. So I decided to take the challenge and improve upon myself. Being disciplined reading English newspaper, classic and fiction novels watching English movies and biographies, solving crossword and puzzles started bringing confidence in me and within a period of a year or two I could swing words and converse well. Being good academically got me admission in a good MBA institutions and than my ability to converse better help me get a job in a well known MNC and I feel confident today. Had I only been dreaming of achieving my dream and not worked on myself, I would be stuck in the village not able to achieve my dream, cursing myself. But the challenge I took and the hard work I did made me stand out of the rest. After listening to his short story I was jaw drop, speechless and my respect increased for him. The lesson I learned was COMMUNICATION is such a strong weapon we have within ourselves which can either make or break us. If used wisely it can make us stand out of the crowd and if used inappropriately can harm us.

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