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What Is Seo?

Digital Mind Web Solutions
28/06/2017 0 0

What actual meaning of SEO?

This three letter will have a big impact on your online success. SEO is known as search engine optimisation, SEO is keeping the position of the website on the web page. It is a process of getting traffic from free and organic. So is an umbrella term for the variety of unique tricks and plan. Some of this plan are complicated and technical while other are pretty simple. All SEO tricks work towards the same goals: increasing the traffic. Organic traffic is also known as free, natural traffic. This is the type of traffic where someone is searching for a product or services you provide, but they are not necessarily searching for your specific business.

How does search engine work?

Google, Bing, Ask.com, AOl.com, Baidu, WolframAlpha and other smaller search engine, all search engine are work in same way. They rank web pages according to relevance. When someone inputs a search term, the search engine algorithm tries to decide which result that person will find most useful. Deciding rightly how and why each search engine ranks a site. every search engine has its own tricks. And every algorithm is kept secret. Plus algorithm is daily updated to adjust how a page is ranked so to better searchers everywhere.                                                                                            

There are two types of SEO:    

On page SEO:

  • Page Title: A title is one of the most important factors on your site. Each page or post should have its own unique title, which includes in your focus keyword. For example, you have one blog about SEO training. So you can include your keyword in a title (SEO Training In Indore, Just Rs 2999/- 70% OFF- Digital Mind Web Solution). Whenever someone searches for SEO training in Indore, in a search engine, your post has a better chance of showing on top because you have included those keywords.

  • Meta Descriptions: Lots of people forget to include meta description in their post and page. The description is an important place to include relevant keywords for content as these are used within the search results when your page is listed. For instance, if we continue to blog (seo training in Indore) the good meta description for the page or post would include those keyword and related ones "Digital Mind web solutions provides Internship Program in SEO training in Indore which is Highly popular And Growing Digital IT Sector that offers innovative ways of generating consistently high-level Job platform In E-commerce Department." should be a great meta description to use, as it is relatively short, whilst containing a number of specific keywords.

  • Meta Tags: For every post and page, you have to include a set of a keyword in the form of meta tags. These should be all the relevant keywords of your content, which you want to search more.

  • Url Structure: Should be included search engine friendly Url for every page and post is highly recommended, as these better crawling. Shorten URL seem to perform better in search in search engine results, however, that is not the only factor.

  • Keyword density: Include your matching keyword related to your content is very important, as it helps search engine work out what your content about. However, try not to excessively robots. This can lead to your site being banned from the search engine.

  • Body tags >H1, H2, H3 and ETC: Header tags are important for an on-page SEO because they are used to communicate to the search engine what your website is about. Search engine recognises the copy in your header tags as more important than the rest. This starts with your H1 and works its way down in important to the H2 H3 and so on. These tags will help support the overall theme or purpose of your page.

  • Image SEO: Use the best quality image with your content and related image to your content is the great way to make your site more visually appealing because on the search engine. You can increase your website traffic with the help of an image. All you upload image has a title, so treat them just the same as your page title. the related keyword can help people who find your site on search engine.    

Off Page:

  • Directory submission

  • Social bookmarking

  • Link building

  • Social networking

  • Article submissions

  • Forum posting

  • Guest posting

  • Business listing

  • Classified posting

  • Blog commenting



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