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Left to Right writing concept
We read, write sentences from left to right. But why we apply calculation from Right to left. Think it. As we do this by pen paper, without mentally. If we use our mind, no pen paper works then it will...

Mamata Mund | 10 Mar

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Same word with different meaning
Word of the day Plot Noun: Secret plan - The terrorist plot was thwarted. Main events of a play or piece of writing - The plot of that movie was not so effective. Small piece of land set aside for something...
Ch 1- Mutliplication short tricks by Ashish Vastri..
1. HOW TO MUTLIPLY 2 digit number by 11? Example 1. 35 * 11 = 385 Step 1. Add both digits of the two digit number. 3+5 = 8. Step 2. Place the result in between both the digits. 3_8_5...

Ashish Vastri | 06 Jan

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Krishna Bajoria | 01 Apr

Try to solve it by yourself. The answer should be 7A. If you are unable to solve it, I will be happy to provide you with detailed solution but first give it a try yourself.

K R K Karthikeyan Kattamuri | 02 Apr



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Surendra Reddy Ankireddypalli | 05/12/2016

Dear Shailesh, Many institutions are misguiding the students by giving formulas. Aptitude is a problem solving skill. Trick is nothing but the short way of thinking that comes with proper training.

Nancy's | 08/12/2016

Quantitatively speaking, a vigorous practice for about a month will definitely enhance you in Quantitative Aptitude Skills. There is nothing called as tricks. Its the same concept put in different ways. The easiest way is the so called "Trick". It is like reaching the same destination in many different ways and you choose the shortest distance to reach your destination fast. In that you never apply any trick to reach. You will have to practice. The more you practice, the more familiar you become. Wishing you all success.


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Keshava Reddy | 01/11/2016

Hi I am Keshav I can teach you aptitude with easy methods. I am ready to help you through online. All the best.

Ashmeet Chawla | 06/11/2016

Apex can provide online sessions for Quant for SSC CGL pre + mains.if intersted pls contact for the same


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Sugumar | 26/09/2016

Hi Sahitya, Firstly, never memorize any formula but rather try to understand the idea/concept behind the formula. Most of the aptitude questions in the competitive exams are based on simple concepts like speed-distance, work-time, percentage, e.t.c. Make sure that the formulas makes sense and your mind can relate the formulas practically. Even you can rewrite the formula in a different way. Once you have the good grasp of the concepts, then you should be able to describe any questions mathematically which is the key

Sourav Singh | 26/09/2016



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Prashanthi | 13/09/2016

Hi devansh i teach quant ,kindly contact and provide your details if still looking for a tutor

Tella Linga Raju | 14/09/2016

Hi Devansh..First try to solve some previous papers..If you not able to do, then go for tuition..

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