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What is a generator?
A generator is a function that has one or more yield statements. Example: >>>def gen_demo(a): yield a a = a+10 yield a a = a+30 yield a >>>gen_a...
Why Do People Choose Python?
Lot of programming languages are available in the market today, but why do people choose python over them? What made it different from other scirpting languages. So factors made it unique, as below: Software...

Venu | 25 May

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Python : functional programming characteristics
Functions are first class (objects). That is, everything you can do with "data" can be done with functions themselves (such as passing a function to another function). Recursion is used as a primary control...

Vikash Kumar | 19 May

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Ranjit Mishra | 3 days ago

There is hardly any institute that will pay you a fixed pay. I have not come across any. What institutes do is keep say 70% with themselves and pay you 30% of the fee per student. So it would be depending on the number of students. In Pune, institutes are teaching Python for as low as 10-12K.

Rajat Kumar | 3 days ago

Rs 400/ hour for professional Python Training


How can I configure nginx with django?

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Manish Kumar | 17 May

Learn Gunicorn and how it helps to setup Djnago app in nginx.

Teamlease-iijt Professional Training Center | 25 May

Django is a high-level Python Web framework that encourages rapid development and clean, pragmatic design. nginx (pronounced engine-x) is a free, open-source, high-performance HTTP server and reverse proxy, as well as an IMAP/POP3 proxy server. Its a long process & you should have technical knowledge so better you take a training from institute then start setup.


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Amrit Mohanty | 29 Apr

I conduct hands- on Python workshop at Bhubaneswar (online over Skype as well) Workshop details as below. 1. Upon completion, the participants will have a strong foundation of Python programming and will enable them to use this in their domain of interest. 2. Video on software installation 3. Participants will have interactive sessions with the hands-on working of programming. 4. Course Content: Basic Python: 1. Python Interpreter 2. Variables and built-in types 3. Strings, Lists, Tuples, set, and Dictionaries. 4. Statements and Indenting. 5. If, life, and else statements. 6. Range () function and for loops. 7. Break, continue, else clauses on loops and pass statement. 8. Functions 9. Default argument values, Keyword arguments, Required arguments, Variable-length arguments. 10. Lambda expressions. 11. Writing standalone programs. 12. List comprehensions Advanced Python 13. Modules, Packages, and import statements. 14. Introduction to Regular Expressions 15. File Handling 16. Object Oriented concepts with Python 17. Multi-threading with Python This will be two day session /online (7 hours a day) and the fees will be INR Rs. 5000.

Ajieshmon J | 03 May

Basic concept of python and oops + web apps creation using django framework (20-25 hours, Rs-7500).


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Killari Sankar | 10 May

C - Rs. 1000 Core Java - Rs. 3000 Python - Rs. 3000 Html CSS - Rs. 2000 JavaScript - Rs. 2000

Iiht Viman Nagar | 15 May

The best way to look at is not to start with price, rather than compare the content, delivery methodology, reputation of the institute, placement facility etc.


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Rishi | 02 Apr

Python Rs. 8k it Indies project on Python as well.


Narayana Reddy | 09 Apr

You can assign numerical data to you text and then do SVM. Once you have output you need to reverse to text. MI works on maths

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