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Learning a new technology
Each and every day new technologies are getting introduced. Its quite clear that to be part of the fast moving professional world you should be upto date with the cutting edge technologies in the market....

Saurav Singh | 10/11/2016

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Five exercises on numbers that will help you develop your logic
If you want to become a programmer (web developer) you need to have good logical thinking skills. Programming is all about planning and building logic. Here is a set of exercises that will help you develop...

Parvez Ansari | 28/09/2016

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I'm doing MCA now, I'm confused to choose which programming language I should focus on java or python? which language will have high demand in upcoming 3 to 5 years?

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Rajkumar B R | 13 Apr

You can focus on Java which is always in demand, also Mobile development will be the most wanted technology now and in future as well. So Java is the good option. Added to that I would like to recommend C# (.net), which is also help you to sustain in industries in Future.

Paresh N Acharya | 21 Apr

I will suggest Java which is a evergreen language and alway on demand. It's very vast as well as you will get a lot of opportunity going forward.


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Dr. Neelima Ch | 26/04/2016

There is no as such any criteria to learn programing. U need to have logical thinking... Any one can learn programming. For example, i was basically a biologist... And I have learnt programming and now can I code and can teach coding.

Rajiv Kumar | 27/04/2016

practices is major criteria for learn any thing


How high is the opportunity for python programmers in the present market? Will i get good opportunity if i join a course?

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Rupesh Kumar | 06/04/2016

Python is language of choice for fields like scientific research , neural network , networking , game development , web technology , data science etc.

Smartnub Softsolutions | 28/07/2016

Python is popular for its ability to provide great programming scope.Used mainly for application building,data analysis.


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Algorithm Class | 21/12/2015


Tanushree Ganguli | 28/01/2016

if u have prior programming knowledge and how much time u can spend to learn it,then u can learn basics of programing . but it is little tough to learn networking in one month .


What is a friend function in C++ ?

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Shashikala Hc | 03/09/2015

One of the important concept of OOP is data hiding, i.e., a nonmember function cannot access an object's private or protected data. But, sometimes this restriction may force programmer to write long and complex codes. So, there is mechanism built in C++ programming to access private or protected data from non-member function which is friend function and friend class.

Pavan Chauhan | 03/09/2015

Friend function is a non- member function of a class and it has special privileges to access the private members of a class. if any function declare preceding with "friend" keyword and outside of the class such function is called as friend function.

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