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Basics to start piano lessons
Basics to  start piano lessons Many people who want to learn to play the piano are put off by the idea of spending long, boring hours learning music notes. If you are serious about learning to play...

Kamlesh S. | 25/11/2016

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Important Basic Rule for every beginner
Always use a metronome when you practice it will keep your notes in Rhythm and it will also enhance your playing. Metronome Marking for Technical Exercise:  80bpm - 160bpm = quarter note (1 note per...

George Monteiro | 04/11/2016

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Importance of Scale Practice
By scale Practice Only we can free our finders while playing piano/Harmonium or any melody instrument for that matter.   What is Scale Pracrice? For Example, when we Practice C Major Scale, We have...

Subhradeep S. | 30/09/2016

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How many keys are there on a full size piano?

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Dipta Kantha Bora | 24/04/2016


Senthil Kumar | 25/04/2016

king of music instrument is PIANO one n only the 7 octave instrument is PIANO so 7 octave, each octave is 12 semi tone so 7x12=84 keys + 4 key total 88 keys.


I?m having trouble playing hands together. Is there something wrong with me?

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Advait Kumar | 24/04/2016

Dear, Playing with both hands together needs slightly advanced levels of dexterity and coordination. Correct set of exercises and practice will help you play. Thank you :)

Senthil Kumar | 25/04/2016

hi bhawna do one thing. separate hands exactly measure to play. then do both hands to practice .


What is the difference between a spinet and a console?

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Ajith Philip | 26/05/2016

These pianos fall into a catagory called ?verticals?. Height is the main difference here. Spinets range from 36? to 39? high. Consoles range from 39? to 44? high. Spinet pianos differ from the rest because they have an inferior action (playing mechanism) which is called a drop action. Because of its design, a drop action is not as responsive as a direct blow action, which is what consoles, studios and uprights have.

Lakshminarayana | 14/06/2016

difference in height


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Peter Monis | 01/06/2016

A tuner would normally play a little bit..but not like a professional. So its not a compulsory criteria. Tuning is done by listening to beats between intervals. He would ideally have knowledge of chord structures and chord progressions

Abhishek Trivedi | 11/07/2016

He should have a good ear for music.


I?m a beginner, how long does it take to be good at piano?

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Advait Kumar | 24/04/2016

It's all about interest. If you are passionate about music and keyboard playing then it wont take more than one or two years depending upon your levels of practice. :)

Senthil Kumar | 25/04/2016

Hi mary have to daily practice in 6 month. u will have good reading and playing. .

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