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Difference Between Academic and General English
  The International English Language Testing System(IELTS) divides into two categories: academic and general.   This separation considers English as two different manners for communication...

Stanford English Academy | 14 hrs ago

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Writing Your Personal Statement
What is a Personal Statement and Why Is It Important? Graduate and professional schools make their decisions to admit applicants based on test scores, undergraduate academic performance, co-curricular...

Varnisikha D N | 13 Jan

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Improve Your Writing
Acommand of grammar and basic language skills in writing can produce crisp, concise written communications. Your coworkers may appreciate memos that offer clear explanation or instructions, and your customers...

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Ravi Ojha | 5 days ago

No need to improve it, just try to be a good observer with proper attention just look at people, listen proper and react everything will be fine automatically.

Zimi John | 2 days ago

Be confident, have a positive attitude towards life, good communication skills and have a moderate clear & pleasant tone with crisp words.groom yourself well. Regularly read various books, articles from magazines etc, would surely help you to you to gain knowledge. All these factors together would reflect on your personality.


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Sripadaram Madunoori | 6 days ago

Please go through lesson posted by me on the importance of personality development. Personality Development - Thirst For Knowledge. I think it will help you in understanding the importance in today's world.


Ravi Ojha | 5 days ago

Easiest trick to know the importance. What you feel when a person like you (unprofessional ) is with you in any professional meeting.


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Sigma Infotech | 05/12/2016

With a focus on leadership, team building and public etiquette skills.

Sheryl Gracias | 07/12/2016

Its important for you to understand your strengths and believe in yourself. Which part of your personality do you want to develop. Understand your potentials and build on what you are good at. You are special in every way.


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Neha Ravichandran Ravichandran | 24/11/2016

With the right body language and clothes to start with, you can create a powerful impression. once you feel more confident with these changes, communication will change. As people around you will respond and communicate better with you. Lets take baby steps. Transformation is a slow process. It is only possible if you are willing to bring and see the change. All the best Swati.

Kaushal | 26/11/2016

Hi Swati, We lack confidence when we do not know something. So I would only suggest that you must learn English through any source you are comfortable with. Apart from that speak with your clients in the language you are more comfortable in this way you will sound more confident. All the best. Priyanka


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Rikita Swaroop Chadha | 10/11/2016

I will suggest take up an internship if possible in organizations where your future career passion lies,it will give you an insight of that industry's work culture,organization functioning,feel of going to an office/work place.Over and above building confidence,enhancing people's skill,clearer picture of what you thought it to be and what it is.Al this is needed almost in every work be it creative,technical,NGO any field

Neha Ravichandran Ravichandran | 24/11/2016

Hi Bharamini, Teenagers are very ambitious these days. They are very clear about what they want. Try to know the interest of the child. They can work with NGO, as per the cause, they have a soft corner for. If that is not the liking, work as an intern with any learning institute, or a corporate set up. If they want to sell, they can work as intern, sales calling job. Though you would need some support on that. They can go teach in government school kids- English / Maths. Ask the interest of the teenager, many options are there. If the kid has some talent, they can teach younger kids in the apartment, you are living at a nominal fee. All the best.

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