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Diploma in Cyber Security & Forensics
Program Highlights: * Computer Fundamentals & IT Applications * Core Java * Web & Graphics Designing * Python Language * Linux * Advance Android Development (Application Development) *...

Kavindra Panwar | 3 days ago

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First Impression, Lasting Impression.
This is the story of a ten-year girl on a lazy summer afternoon. Since her mother had refused to give in to her demand she was sulking, looking out of the window, hoping someone came along and cajoled...
Perception is a process by which individuals organise and interpret their sensory impressions in order to give meaning to their environments. Perception is a complicated interaction of selection, organisation...

Arun Kottalgi | 14 Mar

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Pebblez Leadership Centre | 07 Feb

Personality development is important but not primary. It is not mere cosmetic behavioral, physical or appearance changes. If it is limited to this then the relationships that are based on it will be temporary and low in trust and confidence, with no enduring benefit to the owner of this personality. It should much deeper. Personality is a outer reflection of inner substance. So the focus of the training has to be more channelized towards the core value system of a person. Only when this is internalized does the personality show magnetism and charm, breeding trust and strong relationships and beneficial interactions. I advise that you find Leadership training programmes that focus on the inside-out approach, and not just superficial.

Neha Ravichandran Ravichandran | 08 Feb

Personality development is a journey and not a days affair. There are many aspects to it, starting from your outer appearance, which is more to do with the clothing style, then comes your mental and inner appearance which is projected by your body language, etiquette, and finally Communication. If people have a positive perception about your outer image, the chances of them connecting with you will be much higher. One has to balance all the aspects for their personality development. You can reach out to us, to work on all the mentioned aspects. Or you can be in the company of positive people, read and see motivational speakers or take professional help. Though all these aspects will work over a time and the transition will be a journey and not over night. All the Best.


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Sandhya Raghavan | 30 Jan

Dear Arindam, The answer to your question is "immensely important". Personality development is developing your core self. When you develop, make small positive changes to your habits, that reflects in your actions and hence the response generated by the person in front of you. A personality development session can enable you to reach your true potential and achieve success in all spheres of life. Hope this helps. best regards Sandhya Image transformation expert.

Competency Enhancers | 05 Feb

Personality plays an important role in the success of a person. Personality includes communication skills, Presentation skills, etiquette and grooming, Body Language, Creativity, Problem Solving, Interpersonal Skills, Positive attitude, dealing with others, conflict management etc. A person may lose good opportunity despite of possessing good knowledge and working skills as they sometimes fail to showcase the same to the world. One should develop personality so that the person can show the same to others. A person with an impressive personality attracts more opportunities and grow more due to that.


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Sigma Infotech | 05/12/2016

With a focus on leadership, team building and public etiquette skills.

Sheryl Gracias | 07/12/2016

Its important for you to understand your strengths and believe in yourself. Which part of your personality do you want to develop. Understand your potentials and build on what you are good at. You are special in every way.


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Neha Ravichandran Ravichandran | 24/11/2016

With the right body language and clothes to start with, you can create a powerful impression. once you feel more confident with these changes, communication will change. As people around you will respond and communicate better with you. Lets take baby steps. Transformation is a slow process. It is only possible if you are willing to bring and see the change. All the best Swati.

Kaushal | 26/11/2016

Hi Swati, We lack confidence when we do not know something. So I would only suggest that you must learn English through any source you are comfortable with. Apart from that speak with your clients in the language you are more comfortable in this way you will sound more confident. All the best. Priyanka


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Rikita Swaroop Chadha | 10/11/2016

I will suggest take up an internship if possible in organizations where your future career passion lies,it will give you an insight of that industry's work culture,organization functioning,feel of going to an office/work place.Over and above building confidence,enhancing people's skill,clearer picture of what you thought it to be and what it is.Al this is needed almost in every work be it creative,technical,NGO any field

Neha Ravichandran Ravichandran | 24/11/2016

Hi Bharamini, Teenagers are very ambitious these days. They are very clear about what they want. Try to know the interest of the child. They can work with NGO, as per the cause, they have a soft corner for. If that is not the liking, work as an intern with any learning institute, or a corporate set up. If they want to sell, they can work as intern, sales calling job. Though you would need some support on that. They can go teach in government school kids- English / Maths. Ask the interest of the teenager, many options are there. If the kid has some talent, they can teach younger kids in the apartment, you are living at a nominal fee. All the best.

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