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Positivity can change everything.
You feel alone or upset or certain depression which you cannot talk about with people you know because of the thought that they will judge you will make life more negative and complicated. I'm starting...

Nupur Aswani | 4 days ago

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What are the Top 10 mistakes one make during giving an Interview ?
Top 10 mistakes people make in an Interview: Lack of Preparation Unimpressive Introduction Defensive Body posture Baggage in Interview Dressing with Distractions Mismatch between your attire and job profile Disconnected...

Debeshi C. | 5 days ago

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Jeevan N | 4 days ago

Hey Anu, Good Morning!! Hope you are doing good. First know what is affecting your shyness, See whether the shyness is really need to be covered or has to be removed for the case. Probably you fear is affecting your choice. Leave fear & have faith. Shyness cannot be removed or unplugged as it is relative of your senses. Hope your doubt will be sooner cleared & you see success. Have shyness, Know where it has to be hold & use where it has be freely enjoyed.


Sharmila | 4 days ago

Be confident and Believe yourself. Think you are no less than anyone.


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Neville Rodrigues | 4 days ago

Marketing is for you. But don't get yourself into the lower level of sales and promotion, look into higher levels of advertisement and creative areas. These are high paying and certainly lots of perks, as you may have guessed there are "Buts". My advice is go on a moon lighting spree in the world of Sales and Marketing at the highest levels possible even to the extent of lesser monetary gains! (yes I mean it) Find the sweet spot for yourself trust me after you have some work experience. A Career Guidance Counselor cannot contribute much to your present situation. On the contrary, After having gained some insight into the new world Then seek Guidance. You can counter with plausible arguments. I hope you see the point.

Extensive Ideas | 3 days ago

In my view going for a full time masters program in digital marketing is not necessary, if you complete any good masters with marketing and market analysis or systems it will give you better scope when you do a certification level program in digital marketing from any good and renowned institute. Just check that institute has good industry connection and your trainer is a person who has sound knowledge of search optimization to social marketing including content marketing. Check in Detail The Extensive Ideas Academy - YouTube Channel. As the world of digital marketing is changing fast with growing challenges. The challenges are: Growing number of competitors in this field. Growing number of companies. Still lack of understanding about Internet and its benefit in large section of businesses. Although job opportunities are increasing but these jobs are mostly in top tier cities. A lack of gross understanding about digital medium and still lacking over all believe on the medium of online payment is still keeping the digital world out of common man?s access. So, in these conditions if you take up a masters in suppose marketing and add up the digital marketing course as an addition how you will benefit: First you will have more number of recruiters for you. More number of jobs available for you. More number of cities would be ready to offer you job opportunities in varied number of fields and areas. Now with the same course when you take up the digital marketing course it just boosts your credibility and places you among few niche people or workers who can work in the field marketing and even in the digital marketing as well. Now my suggestions: After graduation take a digital marketing course from Extensive Ideas Academy, they have nearly a decade?s experience of dealing with digital marketing. Their trainer have trained IITians in IIT, Kharagpur. And after completing the course join in a job as digital marketer. Work in industry for at least 1 ? 2 years and then take a decision on what you should do. Remember, job experience not only allows you to take better decision but also gives you a real time understanding about the industry and current recruitment scenario. Then take up any course that might be on programming or marketing or digital marketing you will be in the right place to take proper decision. But remember after 2 years of working stay prepared to return back to education as only higher education can secure your future nothing else can be more profitable than a good education and understanding of the real time requirements of the market.


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Neha Ravichandran Ravichandran | 08 Feb

Personality development is a journey and not a days affair. There are many aspects to it, starting from your outer appearance, which is more to do with the clothing style, then comes your mental and inner appearance which is projected by your body language, etiquette, and finally Communication. If people have a positive perception about your outer image, the chances of them connecting with you will be much higher. One has to balance all the aspects for their personality development. You can reach out to us, to work on all the mentioned aspects. Or you can be in the company of positive people, read and see motivational speakers or take professional help. Though all these aspects will work over a time and the transition will be a journey and not over night. All the Best.

Anju Deshpande | 20 Apr

Closely observe your self, your communication, reaction, approach and attitude as if you are your friend. Give and take suggestion to improve. Work from inside to out.Inside is what u r and out side is what others think you are. Enrich grain by grain every day.Keep all qualities that u love in yourself intact no matter what others say! Happiness every day are bricks to build strong personality.


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Competency Enhancers | 05 Feb

Personality plays an important role in the success of a person. Personality includes communication skills, Presentation skills, etiquette and grooming, Body Language, Creativity, Problem Solving, Interpersonal Skills, Positive attitude, dealing with others, conflict management etc. A person may lose good opportunity despite of possessing good knowledge and working skills as they sometimes fail to showcase the same to the world. One should develop personality so that the person can show the same to others. A person with an impressive personality attracts more opportunities and grow more due to that.


Easwaran Sarma | 24 Apr

In today's world, one needs to enhance the personal effectiveness, How? There are certain things if you can learn and make it a daily habit, it can help in enhancing personal effectiveness.


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Sigma Infotech | 05/12/2016

With a focus on leadership, team building and public etiquette skills.

Sheryl Gracias | 07/12/2016

Its important for you to understand your strengths and believe in yourself. Which part of your personality do you want to develop. Understand your potentials and build on what you are good at. You are special in every way.

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