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Personality Development Training

Personality Development Training

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Ramanathan Sivalingam | 1 hr ago

Stuti had already given you the valuable guidance . All I an add is in grooming for self confidence wear something that you like and feel comfortable and proud to wear. It need not be designer or branded item but something that gives you pride. This will reflect in your confidence ( If you do own Branded items it automatically boosts your self confidence - now don't go and spend your money on this ) In the beginning stage of conversation ask open questions .Not questions which would end up in one word answer, Yes or No answer. The client may give more information and longer answer in an open ended question. Try to find a common ground in the conversation. May be you and he are interested in the same cricket team. or have visited the same places, or studied at the same university.. etc. This common ground immediately gives you confidence and opens the opportunity for conversation

Neha Dutta | 42 mins ago

Try to rehearse what you would like to convey to your client before the mirror and make sure that you know everything about the idea or the product you are trying to sell. A lot many good points have already been mentioned,so I Would just suggest that PREPARATION too gives a lot of confidence along with being dressed decently and DON'T BURDEN YOURSELF WHAT OTHERS WOULD THINK OF YOU (believe me you don't have time to be bothered about what others think...you have lots to learn and evolve.) None of us came to this world being a champ in everything. This is where we all have learnt and still are learning. All the very best.


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Raj Laxmi | 12 hrs ago

You have already started your way towards positivity by stating that you want to become 1000% positive thinker. I believe dreaming itself means reaching80% of the target journey. Remaining 20% effort can surely succeed you. You can either choose a good motivator or me for the same. Reach me at gmail. I'd is rajlaxmi.behera999@

M Mallick | 5 hrs ago

Dear P, What is this harm you speak of? Is it impacting your relationship with others? Is it making you feel less energetic? Does it make you enjoy life lesser than those around you? And what do you mean by "extreme level negative?" If you won a lottery for Rs. 500 crore, how would you express your negativity towards it? P, your negativity is just your way of dealing with this world. If how you are dealing with this world harming those you love, then, my friend, you are not negative, you are being offensive. If it is harming you, and only you, you are making sure that you don't get too attached to anything because you know nothing lasts. And if you are hurting yourself and others around you, then, my friend, you have become too detached with yourself. And if you are detached from yourself, there are two people sharing the confidence meant for one. And neither are happy. So, P, embrace your negativism. If it harms you, it also protects you. However, the moment you get a glance of that positive, confident image, walk up to it, shake its hand, and say, Nice to see you again. I hope I can see you more often. And you'll get the response, "You know, I was thinking the same!" Smile.


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Mousami Nilakhe | 03 Aug

Any job which matches his / her interest or passion. Any job you do, you will learn skills like communicating with people, working in team or handling cash, importance of time and value of money. Various examples like working in NGO, working in sales campaigns, voluntary work in old age homes like reading newspapers for old age people and so on.

Mrinalinee Rana | 03 Aug

at that age teenagers have good abstract thinking and are interested in various activities. It depends on the adolescent's interest and ability in something. Recreational activities are important for overall development so they should choose things like music, sports, photography and the likes.There are innumerable options nowadays.Along with these spiritual growth is what actually makes you the person you will be. Yoga , pranayam also should be imbibed from an early age for a holistic devt. Take care


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Nilanajn Sen Sharma | 09 Aug

It's really very intelligent question. What I think, learning ability and teaching ability, both are equally essential for the development of our personality. But most significantly, adaptability is extremely essential for those development. Learning adaptability is extremely essential for any student, but teaching adaptability as well as learning adaptability (through the post-training personality analysis and judgement of those students) are equally essential for the personality development trainer. Thus the training session will be more interactive and interesting too, with a smooth communication and effective bonding between a trainer and a trainee. Finally all these will prove the versatile training capability of a successful trainer of personality development.

Ashok Dhakane | 30 Aug

Both.. These are inter-dependent activities .


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Swapna Vijayan | 03 Aug

Personality development is actually an overall change in your personality projecting yourself as a confident person with a right attitude. The change should be from inside out.

Iec Abroad | 04 Aug

Ultimate objective of the personality development is to form the good habit and to make the people civilized and professional.

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