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6 Tips & Tricks to continue the Habit of Speaking English Language in Daily Life
Hello friends and students and welcome to Indian Institute of Professional Development - IIPD & Today we will share top tips on how to improve your English language.I know even if you people are learning...
Positivity can change everything.
You feel alone or upset or certain depression which you cannot talk about with people you know because of the thought that they will judge you will make life more negative and complicated. I'm starting...

Nupur Aswani | 6 days ago

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Mohini Agrawal | 1 day ago

You can go for more and more conversation...And also everyday opt for a new article or title and speak in front of mirror or on recording...Then listen to it..And see where to improve..I think it will help you..

Anurag Singh | 19 hrs ago

Just read n listen English song see English movie with sub titles.. And for personality.. U have to learn things n understand things properly..


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Sharmila | 6 days ago

Be confident and Believe yourself. Think you are no less than anyone.

Indian Institute of Professional Developement | 3 days ago

To be a Diva. You need to improve your personality as a whole and be that smarty. Attend Personality Development & public Speaking type of Courses. Improve your Grooming techniques and Look awesome and be confident. That's it. Now how to do? and where you want to do? there are some tips & tricks that will help you to remove your shy permanently. You can contact us at IIPD & get free counseling.


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Anjali K | 3 days ago

HR or Performance management will help you.

Apoorv Chaturvedi | 3 days ago

Dear Souvik, if you are working in an International BPO, then your spoke English would be good, if not then you would need to develop it. I recommend that you could take up Public Relations as a Career, & do a 1 year program. That should change your industry & make you employable immediately. For an in-depth career counselling you may connect with me directly.


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Tamhane Vinod Tukaram | 1 day ago

Just be confident...Find out your inner Power and your real interest...and start working on it.

Debeshi Chakraborty | 1 day ago

Hi Rinky,Do you know that Freda Pinto practiced taking her oscar even when she was not into mainstream acting?So it is in your 'being DIVA' now that will give you roadmap to 'DEMONSTRATE' in future.There is no fixed recipe however there are some groundrules.If you are based out of India,you can call and take coaching on 'BEING DIVA' now. Contact us for details.Cheers !


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Neha Ravichandran Ravichandran | 08 Feb

Personality development is a journey and not a days affair. There are many aspects to it, starting from your outer appearance, which is more to do with the clothing style, then comes your mental and inner appearance which is projected by your body language, etiquette, and finally Communication. If people have a positive perception about your outer image, the chances of them connecting with you will be much higher. One has to balance all the aspects for their personality development. You can reach out to us, to work on all the mentioned aspects. Or you can be in the company of positive people, read and see motivational speakers or take professional help. Though all these aspects will work over a time and the transition will be a journey and not over night. All the Best.

Anju Deshpande | 20 Apr

Closely observe your self, your communication, reaction, approach and attitude as if you are your friend. Give and take suggestion to improve. Work from inside to out.Inside is what u r and out side is what others think you are. Enrich grain by grain every day.Keep all qualities that u love in yourself intact no matter what others say! Happiness every day are bricks to build strong personality.

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