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Smile: Simple Yet Powerful Tool In Communication Skills
Smile: Real or fake, broad or spontaneous. It says a lot. A smile is a gesture of body language.Smile is a subcategory of facial expressions in non-verbal communication. A warm, authentic and radiant smile...

Meghna G. | 13 Jun

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Meghna Gupta | 5 days ago

Hi Mihir, there are two different angles in your question. 1. Spoken English skills and 2. Personality Development To improve any language including, there is a step by step process - understand the basics, starting applying those basics and practice constantly, sincerely and in a dedicated way, try to use whenever possible in writing or speaking. 2. Personality is mix of self confidence, your communication style, grooming ,presentable and positive attitude. Each factor plays an important role in over all personality development of an individual. Its always good to seek assistance from professionals/ experts in these fields to improve yourself in a holistic way.

Rikita Swaroop Chadha | 4 days ago

Hi Mihir, I believe that when someone feels that there is a scope of improvement in oneself, the journey of working on various aspects start.You have identified 2 areas which is a great start.Language skills can only be enhanced if you focus on these 4 areas -Reading, Writing, Speaking ,Listening in the language you want to improve.Since you want to improve English watch TV Shows,Movies, Listen to music,News,Read novels, magazines,newspapers and Write diary,daily in English.All these steps will help you think in English and not converting your mother tongue language into English.This eventually will help you become fluent . About Personality development , identify, interact ,watch people who are famous, or are in your vicinity who are impressive and look and sound pleasant,influencing,convincing,confident.Identify the qualities that you admire in them.Also look at your strengths and build it.Take help of your family, friends, teachers to identify your strengths. Wish you good luck and success!!


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Richa Madan | 11 Jun

Image Management will help you achieve the Diva Status

Sankari Sreeram | 12 Jun

Need to work on that. You need to identify your exact short term and long term goals. Example: Your short term goal can be molding your personality in a way that you be the best fit in that world. Then start working towards it. If you can do by yourself well and good, else hire expert services. The glamour life of a Diva comes with its own ifs and buts. You should know it well in hand and should be prepared. All the best.


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Global Atlantic Education | 26 May

If you are strong in communication you can look around many job opportunities in management sector, or if you are strong in accounts and other related subjects you still can choose jobs in reputed banks. if you need any further assistance feel free to reach us .

Sanchit | 01 Jun

For Career into Financial Field. I'll Suggest you to opt for NISM, CFP and CFA Certification Course. For short and Worthy course, its better to go for CFP^CM (Certified Financial Planner^Capital Market).


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IIPD - Indian Institute of Professional Development | 22 May

To be a Diva. You need to improve your personality as a whole and be that smarty. Attend Personality Development & public Speaking type of Courses. Improve your Grooming techniques and Look awesome and be confident. That's it. Now how to do? and where you want to do? there are some tips & tricks that will help you to remove your shy permanently. You can contact us at IIPD & get free counseling.

Mousami Nilakhe | 06 Jun

First identify what are the areas where you are shy. Is it with interacting with people or is it while taking responsibility or is it expressing your views. Once you identify that write down what you are loosing due to that and if you overcome that what you will gain This will help you in getting convinced for the need to overcome that. Once you get convinced then identify steps you will take to overcome those. You can consult Personality Development Trainer Also don't label yourself as shy. It is in context with something e.g. Shy in expressing my opinion. This sounds better than labeling yourself as a shy person You might be very frank or open or confident in other areas.


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Neha Ravichandran Ravichandran | 08 Feb

Personality development is a journey and not a days affair. There are many aspects to it, starting from your outer appearance, which is more to do with the clothing style, then comes your mental and inner appearance which is projected by your body language, etiquette, and finally Communication. If people have a positive perception about your outer image, the chances of them connecting with you will be much higher. One has to balance all the aspects for their personality development. You can reach out to us, to work on all the mentioned aspects. Or you can be in the company of positive people, read and see motivational speakers or take professional help. Though all these aspects will work over a time and the transition will be a journey and not over night. All the Best.

Anju Deshpande | 20 Apr

Closely observe your self, your communication, reaction, approach and attitude as if you are your friend. Give and take suggestion to improve. Work from inside to out.Inside is what u r and out side is what others think you are. Enrich grain by grain every day.Keep all qualities that u love in yourself intact no matter what others say! Happiness every day are bricks to build strong personality.

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