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Grooming Tips at Workplac
Dear Candidates,Proper grooming and professional appearance are important to gain not just positive impression but also respect in the workplace. Here I address some of the most common grooming challenges...

Radha Chawla | 5 days ago

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Importance of Personality Development for Professionals of all walks of life.
Importance of Personality Development for professionals of all walks of life ! Investments Opportunities are many, it could be real estate, paper assets, precious stones, metals. However, the first investment...

One Life Academy | 12/12/2016

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9 Ways To Make Great Decisions
9 Ways To Make Great Decisions:Those of you working in HR play a pivotal role in the company. You are decision makers; you are the ones who implement the decisions of the organization. The first thing...

Radha Chawla | 25/10/2016

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Priya | 26/08/2016

All you need to is to be confident about yourself ,but not overconfident.Carry your self well,b e clear with your speech ,DNt let the fear be shown on you face.

The Dk Trainings And Consultancy | 26/08/2016

Follow the following tips for personality development : Your personality reflects your thoughts , feelings and behavior. Thoughts gets converted into actions , actions becomes your habits and thus you develop a personality trait. Hence one can follow the below mentioned steps to develop a power pack personality: 1) Have a positive outlook and attitude 2) Be yourself, Molding yourself to fit in can sometimes fireback 3) Meet new people , it will expose you to different cultures and expand your horizon. 4) Practice before you preach anything ; It will showcase your authenticity. 5) keep the butterflies in your stomach; try to be confident even when you are not . The success of a particular event will boost confidence and gradually the nervous will be reduced 6) Communicate with the people after connecting to them. 7) Keep Smiling . The smile on one 's face has the power to boost one 's personality to the highest level.


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Hemangi Subramaniam | 21/06/2016

While training, look at the objective of training requirement. It shall help you to choose topics for training.

Sanjiv Sadana | 26/06/2016

Get a TTT certification....not because it is essential but because it increases acceptability from trainees.


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Kirithiga S | 09/12/2016

Dear Manish, The though of you to change itself is a great first step towards growth. Confidence building is process which involves several things and patient practice over a period of time. From what I understand from your statement I think you need to get the help of a professional counselor to define your goals and help you with you internal confidence issue. Then you need to change your outlook. How you look, dress, groom etc to constantly remind you of your new self. This requires a help of an image consultant. After all this you might want to take the help of a communication trainer who can help you in your verbal and vocal communication.

Rikita Swaroop Chadha | 10/12/2016

Hello Manish, Where there is a will, there is a way. By identifying that you want to improve because these feelings of inadequacy, is a becoming a roadblock, you have started paving your way towards improvement.Adding to what Ms. Madhu has replied, I will suggest you watch video clips of great speakers, look around in your college/school/neighborhood for people who are confident, good communicators, have pleasing personalities.Observe them, interact with them as we learn a lot by doing this .Gradually with practice you will develop and imbibe these traits and will become what you are aiming to be. Good luck!!


How to improve self image, self confidence level? I always feel insecure and feel people are noticing me. I don't speak confidently in front of people. I am really fade up of this nature. I want to more socialize, more friendly, to express more confidentiality. Please help me.

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Alok Sharma | 10/05/2016

What you need to do to overcome this problem is only - Get some confidence build up. Start something and take it till the end, and this is what will boost your confidence. You feel such problem only when you try to compare yourself with someone and you find yourself week anything like English or any skilled work. Call me if you really need help.

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Sujata Mukherjee | 21/01/2016

Personal Grooming will remain incomplete without nourishing our inner spirit with simple, yet meaningful techniques and be happy with our own self by cultivating that beautiful, sweet essence we already have deep inside us. A true grooming starts from inside. Built on a foundation of love and truth, and it gets better with time. They don?t involve magic tricks. While an external makeover can be fun and temporarily uplifting, it needs to be power packed by an internal makeover which is fulfilling and long lasting. Just by the MENTAL GROOMING we can look in the mirror and appreciate that we are a better, happier and more peaceful version of ourselves when we focus from inside out, and we are confident about ourselves internally. We can seize this moment to start giving ourselves a special ?MAKEOVER?, stand proud and strong and let our authentic beauty shimmer and shine from the infinite depths of our soul, and outside grooming can compliment it. So once we develop our personality, the groomed YOU? is the result. "The Power is within YOU" .Louise L Hay.. God Bless!!!! If you are interested to know more write to me... will be happy to answer your queries for a 360 degree grooming...


Sanna Nasir | 30/01/2016

Personal grooming is basically the way a person take care of his or her self so dat they can be enough presentable in the society . From my point everyone needs personal grooming coz it enhance the confidence of a individual.

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