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Uses of Learning Hypnosis
There is a Myth that Hypnosis is an occult science.  This has myth has been unfortunately spread by the very experts of hypnosis itself so that they don't have much competition for them and very less...

Magic Leo | 15/09/2016

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What does Past Life Regression Training teaches?

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Surekha Sengupta | 25/08/2015

In Past LIfe Regression Training there are different courses. Some basic courses for the people who want to know more about this therapy, and want to learn the spiritual science behind it. Advance Professional training is for those who wish to become past life regression therapist and want to take this as a profession. For basic course 2 days are enough. But for the advance course it is intensive course of 11 days, followed by submission of case studies and practical exam. One need to be very passionate and focused and spiritual in order to become good past life regression therapist. Others who want to know about their own past lives and want to solve their present life issues using this wonderful therapy are advised to go to the experienced past life regression therapist for the personal read more info on past life regression therapy visit website.

Harpreet Singh Sekhon | 26/11/2015

makes ur today and future much better ... let go ur Past life regression... find some wonderful human ( as ur teacher ) u will see it will work wonder for you. it depends on you too.. how strong ur from inside


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Institute Of Palmistry | 04/12/2015

yes it is true and effective

Srikanth Dharmavaram | 07/01/2016

Vedic Astrology depends on re-incarnation. If you feel Vedic Astrology true then certainly Past life regression is true. Refer Srimad Bhagawadgeetha and Garudapurana for more details.

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Institute Of Palmistry | 04/12/2015

no past life regresstion should be done by some expert Nisha Ghai

Institute Of Palmistry | 20/12/2015

no you do need an expert


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Sathish S | 27/11/2015

Hi Krishnasa, Its shows their weakness, just forget about it. In our walk of life we see many like this. just feel good that they didn't charge you for calling them. :-)

Divya Srivastava | 17/02/2016

Contact me if you wish to get your doubts clarified.


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Kirti A Singh | 11/02/2016

Its help us to understand our present life, s that we can do better for our next birth.

Divya Srivastava | 17/02/2016

Past Life Regression helps you access unhealed cellular memories of the past lives and then helps you reframe your current life by reversing the condition that has caused you pain/unhappiness or discomfort. It helps you in rescripting your life. If you are interested in learning or experiencing past life regression, feel free to contact me.

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