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How To Return a Result Set from a Stored Procedure
One of the easiest ways to tackle such Real Time scenarios is through use of Oracle Defined "SYS_REFCURSOR" or "REF CURSOR". We can create a Procedure with an out parameter of Type SYS_REFCURSOR and in...

Sagar Sahoo | 22 Feb

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Amazon written test for experience
For the below written test answer I defined with "*" at the end of the options NULL is the same as 0 for integer the same as blank for character * the same as 0 for integer and blank for character the...

Suresh | 13 Feb

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Introduction to Performance tuning
What is Performance in general terms? Throughput per Input. For Eg: we keep saying, this bike has so and so much of mileage and all that. That is one of the parameters in measuring the performance of...

Gavi Yatnalli | 29 Jan

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Sonali Shinde | 02 Apr

It is one of properties of rdbms stand for atomicity, consistency, independent, durability means how database react with each other and with system.

Trainer | 04 Apr

ACID :: -Atomicity -Consistency -Isolation -Durability


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Praveen Kumar | 05 Jan

Database is ever green technology in IT. Oracle has standard significance when compare to other Databases. Now a days every reporting tools are using maximum Oracle PL/SQL.


Arti Gupta | 09 Jan

Oracle/ PLSQL is an emerging technology that has a huge scope in Big Data Analytics field. There are plenty of job positions available where you can utilize your skills like Database Administrator, Application Developer, SQL Developer, Business Analyst, Data Analyst etc. that accounts for a great salary in your bank account.


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Shishir | 08/12/2016

PL / SQL is used in Oracle Database that is widely used as database for application development. You can gradually start learning, once you acquire the good knowledge your job prospects is better.

Raamalakshmanan | 09/12/2016

Go to above URL, its a cloud based DB. which has all environment ready. All you need to do is create an account for yourself and start working with hands-on with the scripts you have theoretically. For more details on Real time different types of project in markets, Kindly send a note.


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Prakash Reddy | 06/09/2016

In Simple words, Normalization is to avoid the discrepancies or duplicates and maintain the data to retrieve easily. Mostly if you meet 2 or 3 Normal Forms then its enough for Database. Not required to satisfy all NF's. It may decrease the performance of DB if we try to satisfy all NF's and its not possible also. Now-e-days even doing De-Normalization in DB for some cases to achieve performance.

Kaviraj | 08/09/2016

The process of modelling the database tables in such a way that it removes redundancy of data is callsed as Normalization.Types are 1NF, 2NF, 3NF and Boyce & Codd NF


What is the cost of SQL - PL/SQL training in an institute?

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Surya Reddy B | 23/04/2016

Offline means they will charge around 4k. . If you required online they will charge from 15k to 20k in hyderabad.

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