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Oracle PL/SQL

Oracle PL/SQL

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To find out how many 'a' characters are present in the string 'database'?

Praneeth Vasantha | 01 Sep

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S V Kumar | 26 Sep

I can help you in this regard. Let me know


Deepak Chandra Joshi | 01 Oct

yes can help you on this.


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Prakash Reddy | 06 Sep

In Simple words, Normalization is to avoid the discrepancies or duplicates and maintain the data to retrieve easily. Mostly if you meet 2 or 3 Normal Forms then its enough for Database. Not required to satisfy all NF's. It may decrease the performance of DB if we try to satisfy all NF's and its not possible also. Now-e-days even doing De-Normalization in DB for some cases to achieve performance.

Kaviraj | 08 Sep

The process of modelling the database tables in such a way that it removes redundancy of data is callsed as Normalization.Types are 1NF, 2NF, 3NF and Boyce & Codd NF


What is the cost of SQL - PL/SQL training in an institute?

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Surya Reddy B | 23 Apr

Offline means they will charge around 4k. . If you required online they will charge from 15k to 20k in hyderabad.


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Sridhar Reddy | 16 Mar


Madhu Reddy | 12 Apr

Oracle DB occupy 60% of the IT projects in World and it is not comparable to anyone.Oracle is best in market

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