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Online Reiki and Mind Power Course

39 Reviews

Course type: Online Instructor led Course

Platform: Google Drive, Skype, Telephone, Email

Course ID: 24506

Course type: Online Instructor led Course

Platform: Google Drive, Skype, Telephone, Email

Students Interested 2 (Seats Left 0)

39 Reviews

About the Course

This course has been designed for the people.who wants to learn and practice the most user friendly way of healing through hands as well as through Mind Power. This course is 1 month course which is taught through email, google drive and Skype. All the necessary writeups, manuals, audio/ video guidance and personal.guidance from.Reiki.Grand Master Dr Puran Sharma. Weekly progress in learning Reiki and Mind Power is regularised through weekly follow up.sessions personally by Dr Puran.Sharma himself.

Topics Covered

Aura Healing, Chakra Healing, Self Healing, Healing others, giving protection to self and others, charging water with divine energy for general healings.

Who should attend

Anyone who wants to change life for good and one who wants to see the world with totally different and positive perspective.


Willingness to learn an art of health, wealth and happiness and help.the ailing world to solve their problems.

What you need to bring

Just yourself and your willingness to learn."

Key Takeaways

Ability to heal self and others, total control on your life, disappearance of your anger, relaxation, happy mood, feel good factor and most importantly your new perspective of life.

Date and Time

Not decided yet.

About the Trainer

4.75 Avg Rating

44 Reviews

50 Students

4 Courses

Dr Puran Sharma

BAMS, Reiki Grand Master

Dr Puran Sharma is a Reiki Grand Master from Reiki Bless You Foundation. He has got 15 years experience in energy healing system and 5 years experience in teaching Reiki - the art of health, wealth and happiness. He has been conducting Reiki and Mind Power workshops throughout India. He has developed an user friendly technique of distance attunement and from that he got the idea of teaching this art online also. Now, he is very successful in teaching Reiki through workshops as well as online. He is an expert in distance healing and he has healed many cases from normal headache to chronic diseases like cancers.

Student Feedback


Average Rating




Dr Sonal Singh

Wonderful thing. Wonderful teacher. Wonderful experience. Definite change is expected right from the first day.



Knowing something(by something, I mean living a balanced happy life) in theory is one thing and being able to apply it real time and making it a part of our experience is a whole different story. Dr. Puran mentored and helped me realize this. I have already started seeing positive results in my life just in a month of training. Looking forward to witness and delight in the long term results of this process not only for me but also for the world around me !! I hope I am able to give back all that I have been blessed with in this training course and also as a result of the process. Forever grateful to Dr. Puran Sharma and Reiki Bless You foundation. THANK YOU !!


Sachin Pathak

Dr. Puran sir is my Idol for future. He came to my life in 2015 I found he is the only person who has a quality to solve your every problem. Whatever is the issue in your life Dr. Puran sir has a complete clarity how to resolve that and how to uplift your self in your life, in every filed. Puran sir is a more powerful person to heal your; financial problems Emotional problems Spiritual problem Medical problems Social problems Relationship problem. I found he is the only person who hold your hand till your all problems are clear out from your future. I surrender my self to Dr.puran sir to guide me for my life and to clear my all future problem. I follow all the instructions given by puran sir. He never seen such type of personality in my life before meeting him. I always be thankful to you sir. Be always with me.


Bhartendu Harit

I have a strong view that to express full "Gratitude" or to always remain in sense of Gratitude, one has to always live "without prejudice" . If someone is in any prejudice to anything or any event or any person, he can not exercise any sort of divine activities. To be a real spiritual one has to be first "without prejudice" and then of course the Sense of Gratitude even for small small things. I really thank you Dr. Puran Ji who has given an appropriate direction to me on path of spirituality by blessing me with the technique of Divine Reiki. Looking forward for next higher level. Thanks a lot.


Anindita Banerjee

Yes we are enjoying this course in a very user friendly way with many new techniques and of course our Reiki guru dr puran Sharma is very talented person as well as fantastic human being. Thank you sir for being there with all of us and need your guidance through out my life .Reiki bless you all.


Prem Jain

It was great getting this divine knowledge in such an easy and interactive way from Puran Sir. He is a great person as well.


Dr Poonam Pahariya

I gratitude to Reiki healing and Dr Puran Sharma. Reiki bring me a positive attitude for everything. Reiki make a positive aura around me and my family, 10 year before I learn reiki healing but that time I am not practice it because I have not proper guidance. But now in the guidance of Dr Puran Sharma I do better. And it's really very much help full. Reiki change your thinking and learn how to bring happiness and wealth in your life. Thank you Reiki healing power and Dr Puran Sharma for learn me Reiki.



Reiki journey with him was a blissful experience. Every time I got full support, every question was answered and what else a student wants Now I have regained my positives energies and No words can express my thanks towards his instant and constant support. I recommend others also to join Reiki Bless You Foundation.


Raj Shukla

Thank you reiki and puran sir you help me when I suffered from depression and many problems, thank you so much sir.


Bharati Sharma

It has a wonderful journey throughout the course experiencing and understanding the world of energy. It has help me so much to change my mind &my life l am so happy joined reiki healing course. Thanks you so much Dr puran Sharma for all motivation.


Khushboo bagga

This course has made a lot of difference in my life. I had the habit of dwelling on negative thinking after this course I have learned to let go of my negative thoughts and started living more positively.

Jagroop Kaur

I finished 30 days Reiki & Mind Power Course (Reiki Level 1&2) from Puran sir. I took a bit longer but I feel so confident and started giving healing to my family and friends and getting results as well. Most important thing which i liked in Puran sir that what ever he promised before starting course, he kept that promise. He has full knowledge, guided through properly throughout course and he always gave quick response. Now I am going to start Reiki 3A Level with him from 21 November 2017. I believe that sir is going to guide me through this course as well. Thank you very much sir.



I had taken up Reiki Level I and Level II distantly. The course materials were concise and easy to understand. The structure and the duration of the course is such that one gets accustomed to the nitty gritties of Reiki and makes it a part of his/her daily routine. Although the attunement was done distantly,I felt the flow of energies up and down my spine.There have been instances during and after the course when I felt the power of Reiki energy. From healing people to manifesting things,Reiki is and has been a part and parcel of my life. Even after completing Reiki Level II, my hunger to dig deeper into this divine energy didn't stop. I got the Master Level attunement last month.The healing power of the crystals and the crystal grid has done wonders.My healing prowess has multiplied since I have learnt crystal healing from Sir. Psychic Surgery taught by Sir in my Master Level attunement is very quick and effective. Puran Sir's ways and means of teaching are such that things sink deep down and you make it a habit. I sincerely thank Puran Sir for the tremendous change that I am experiencing and yet to experience in my life.


Isa Karan

I finished level one and level two of the Reiki healing art with Dr. Puran Sharma with in exactly one month. I received his guidance once a week through phone. This one month of learning and practicing self healing certainly was an exceptional experience for me and I can only recommend it to every one who is on the path of self discovery and spiritual growth. Many thanks.


Sandeep V

I live in Sweden. I am very much happy to write few words about my Reiki experience with Dr. Puran sharma sir. I was so skeptic before reiki 3 ( Master level) attenuation distantly. But after receiving the attenuation from puran sir, it was an amazing experience that i never felt before. It was as effective as direct initiation. I received very valuable information workbook and materials on reiki which helped me to know more about reiki and its practice. Practicing with crystals, reiki grid has changed my way of healing. My energies were increased and healings has become very effective. It changed my life into a new perception of positivity and happiness. He is available anytime for suggestions,i just used to call him clarify.So simple and he used to answer me very patiently. Overall its a wonderful experience, I would strongly recommend everyone to learn Reiki and transform your life and help others.


Bhawna Choudhary

Reiki is mind blowing and help us to make life decision so easily their is no confusion in any thing. For giving me is amazing power thank you Dr.Puran Sharma sir I thank him for changing my life and my view to live life. In my life comes so many big problems but with the help of Reiki I can manage my all problems..all thanks to Reiki masters and my sir Dr.Puran Sharma..



I got attuned by Dr. Puran Sharma for Reiki level 1 and 2 and it is really a life changing experience for me. It has simply changed my way of looking at the world. No matter what the situation is now I am extremely positive for it. The course was followed by a 30 days practice during the whole course and even after that Dr. Puran is always there to help and guide me towards all my problems. He has made the course so user friendly that it can be used in all the daily data to day activities. Now by using the techniques taught by Dr. Puran my life is full of positivity and miracles. All I want to say is thank you Puran sir for all your guidance and support.


Sakshi Vaashiisht

Course material and guidance is really good. Discussion group and step by step guidance helps a lot.


Harshitha Vishal C

I felt change in myself. I am totally relaxed,full of positive energy towards life,calm,happy and it gives me inner strength that I can achieve anything.I am very much glad. Thank you reiki master Dr puran sharma for giving opportunity to learn from you and clearing all my doubts whenever I called you without hesitation. I am feeling great totally.


Vanita Patil

I came in contact with Puran Sir through Urban pro when I was going through a bad phase in life. Sir explained about Reiki and mind power course and gave me good guidance. Best thing about Sir is he is always there for us not only through the course duration, but also later,to grow in all ways and have a good life filled with positivity, happiness, good health and self-growth.Thank you Sir for your valuable guidance.


Dheerendra Chaudhary

Very fluent and knowledgeable.A very informative and interesting class. He is an excellent teacher, very knowledgeable.


Ira Sharma

Great Work and very inspiring. Reiki master tries to help everyone no matter what. Even though I live far in Europe, it seems that I can always reach out to him for help and I will get the correct direction.



Yes of course. It was a life changing experience for me and still I'm experiencing the same. I believe there is more to come with continuous assistance of Puran Sir. My life has been a roller coaster with lots of health problems and negativity around me but now I'm well equipped with Reiki to handle, to heal, to remove and to bring out the best from my life. Thanx Sir for being so supportive and my mentor.


The word at first looked very different. But while practically doing reiki I felt it as my own energy. It helped me relieve strain, stress. Whenever I feel tired on my PC and mobile I use reiki. It also helped me too heal others. We all students are in contact of each other and feel positive share positive.



He is just Money minded. What you can learn in a day stretched in 30 days. He has no vision hence how can one learn mind power from him. Please check.


Dheeraj Kumar Naidu

It is my pleasure to write a review about Dr. Puran Sir. I am lucky to have him in my life. I learnt Reiki 1 & 2 under his guidance. He has effective teaching and practical approach in resolving issues in one’s life, concerning personal or financial issues. He is dedicated to make others life better. I am going to be attuned for level III soon. I highly recommend people to learn Reiki under sir’s guidance. Thank you



I used to have a lot of health issues but then someone told me about Reiki. I went for the course and received attunement from sir. At one point I was on steroids and could eat nothing but bread and water but after practising reiki I am much better now. Thank you so much, Puran sir, for helping me recover through this miraculous therapy.


Mahesshh J

It is my immense pleasure to write a review about Dr. Puran sharma. Really I am lucky to have him in my life. I learnt reiki 1 & 2 under his guidance and with his effective teaching and fabulous guidance now I am in Master level of reiki. Not only reiki I learned different personality related guidance from Dr. Puran. I highly recommend people to learn reiki with Puran sir guidance. Thank you


Mahesshh J

I learnt the Reiki Level 1 and 2 from Dr Puran Sharma who is an excellent guide in all aspects and lucky to have such kind of guru. I like his way of teaching which is very simple and easy understand to all kind of people. I highly recommend people to learn reiki from Dr. Puran Sharma and change their lives as they wish in all aspects. Thank you.


Shreyasi Parkhi

Dr. Puran has been instrumental in starting my spiritual journey. I have taken reiki attunement of level 1 and 2. Sir is extremely patient and very understanding. I'm still in touch with him and he guides me with all the queries. It has been a wonderful journey and has helped me reach where I am today. Thank you so much sir for everything.


Sabyasachi Sen

Master is sincere and took enough care in training Reiki, even as on date I am in constant touch with him for all my queries and inquisitions whenever appears. I get a positive and prompt responses.


Reikimastersmitha Reikimastersmitha

I am extremely thankful and blessed to have taken up the Reiki course. It has been a wonderful journey throughout the course , experiencing and understanding the world of energy. It has helped me strengthen my physical body and coached me to rise emotionally and spiritually. Thanks to my Guru Dr.Puran Sharma for guiding and supporting me all the way. He has always been there to patiently answer and guide at every concern. Thank you Dr.Puran again and May Reiki bless you.



I would like to share few things with you. Year back I had been attenuated by a master in Bangalore at basic level 1 and 2 and they asked us to practice for 21 days. There afterwards no communication from them regarding progress and concern to address if any issues facing during our initial practice of Reiki. I did practice for few days and later stopped it as I was not getting proper guidance and motivation from Guru. After a year so I started facing turbulence in my life both in personal and professional life. I was feeling very low all the time and guilty for things that have happened in my life, cursing myself all the time, left alone and future was a big questioned for me how could I lead my life? I could able to gather courage and started to practice yoga, meditation and other stuff on my own to get rid of baggage with the help of OLD LADY ( as she was a healer that time as she has always have solutions for every other question. I came across Reiki again through Dr. N K Sharma videos in You-tube. Then I understood whatever information was given to us earlier on Reiki was very less and decided to explore hoping it could help. Then I found my online guru Dr. Puran Sharma. Level 1 &2: I could feel the energy flowing through my hands and intense pressure on my temples as I started practicing it daily. I felt very good, relaxed but still worry was there. Then I had shared him my personal problem and he guided me so well by making awareness of the universal law (that is highest good for all concern) as Reiki always gives us pure love and compassion in our life that makes us receptor of only good relationships and material things. It was hard for me accept things but it’s how law of nature works. So practicing Reiki I found enhancement in my life. Level 3: It was awesome experience for me when I felt immense amount of energy flowing through my body and he is guided me in unleashing the great power of my subconscious mind. I have started working on psychic surgery now and guidance is amazing. He loves to interact and whenever we interact with him will come to know new things. He encourages us to try new things which could enhance our healing power. I could find myself as a more positive person now. Dr. Puran Sharma is an amazing guru, great healer and motivator. Thank you for being my guru.


Avinash Kumar

I learnt Reiki Level 1 and 2 from Reiki Bless You Foundation. The trainer Dr Puran Sharma is so good in his work that he makes sure that you learn to heal yourself and others in person as well as in distance. I am very satisfied from his teaching. He is the only master I found who teaches Reiki in one month and through out the course period he gives 100% guidance and clearfies all the questions asked by the student. I am satisfied with his teaching and recommend him for learning Reiki and Mind Power.



I liked the way Puran sir taught about Reiki step by step in very simple way. The technique were very user friendly and easy to learn for every one from any background with any qualification.



I was keen to learn Reiki but due to time constriaint I thought of learning it through online course. I contacted Reiki Bless You Foundation for the same and enrolled myself for the Reiki & Mind Power Online Course. I got full support and guidance during one month course . After one month course I found myself changed in terms of behaviour and perspective of life. The course was very user friendly and continuous personal guidance from Dr Puran Sharma was very helpful . The course was very beneficial and result oriented. I am very happy with the course from Reiki Bless You Foundation.

Kaushal Singh

Dr. Puran Sharma is highly recommended and spiritual teacher for Reiki. He is master in his subject and participants in his classes are getting blessed.



I learnt Reiki level 1 and 2 from Reiki Best You Academy on 02 November 2014 and healed my anxiety with in one month practice of healing. The teaching of Dr Puran Sharma was so impressive that I enrolled myself for Reiki 3rd Level also. His teachings are so simple that a child can understand. The Reiki practice he teaches are very user friendly. I will recommend all to learn Reiki from him.


V.s. Shivan

Great trainer Dr. Puran Sharma and I believe Reiki has definitely changed my attitude towards life and other important things.


Students Interested 2 (Seats Left 0)

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