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Basic Pranic Healing Workshop

47 Reviews

Dadar West, Mumbai - 400028

Course ID: 4282

Dadar West, Mumbai - 400028

Students Interested 1 (Seats Left 16)

₹ 5,000

47 Reviews

About the Course

PRANIC HEALING – AN INTRODUCTION Prana is a Sanskrit word for life-force or vital energy. This energy is in abundant supply from the Air, the Earth and the Sun. Our ancient scholars knew that this life giving energy is present everywhere. “Pranic” is derived from word ‘Prana’ “Pranic Healing” is form of healing which uses “Prana”. Surrounding and interpenetrating the physical body of any living being is an energy body, also known as the etheric body. This energy body absorbs the “Prana and distributes it throughout the physical body. The energy body and the physical body are thus closely interlinked. What affects the energy body also affects the physical body. THE PROCESS OF PRANIC HEALING Pranic Healing involves the transference of energy of life force from the healer to the patient. The main conduit for the transmission of energies is the energy body. In the energy body there are several whirling energy centers, some 3-4 inch in diameter called “Chakras.” They control and energize all the organs of visible physical body. Chakras are just like power stations that supply vital energy to all the organs. When any of these chakras malfunction, the corresponding organs become weak or eventually sick or diseased. In Pranic Healing, the treatment involves cleansing and energizing of the chakras and corresponding physical organs, with fresh, life sustaining “Prana”. The techniques for doing this are very simple and easy to learn and also easy to practice. WHAT MAKES PRANIC HEALING DIFFERENT, UNIQUE, EFFECTIVE. *No Touch Technique The Treatment is applied on the patient’s energy body or aura. There is no physical contact between healer and patient. This ‘No- Touch’ methodology is painless, non-invasive and independent of any machines or drugs. *Complementary Pranic Healing does not conflict conventional medical treatments. Rather, Pranic Healing compliment other healing modalities. However, there have been numerous instances where the application of Pranic Healing alone has been sufficient to alleviate the ailment. * Availability and Accessibility Since fresh, natural life-giving energy, or Prana, is in abundant supply everywhere around us; Pranic Healing can be applied anytime and anywhere. *Simple to Learn and Easy to Practice: PRANIC Healing technique are very simple and easy to learn, almost anybody can learn this healing modality which is taught using instruction manuals prepared by Grand Master himself. *Other Benefits: Besides alleviating most common ailments, Pranic Healing can also helps increase vitality, strengthen the immune systems, calm the emotions and improve one’s well being. It can play role in enhancing happiness.

Topics Covered

Through the Basic Pranic Healing Workshop you will learn: • Understand the Auras, the 11 major Chakras (energy centers) and corresponded physical organs. • Develop scanning and sensitizing the energy and the Aura. • Watch the scientific study video about Pranic Healing (the energy proven by science). • Learn about the main sources of the Prana (Life Force), Health Rays and Meridians (Nadis). • Learn how you can heal yourself and others by the cleansing, energizing techniques. • Expand your Aura and boost your energy by Pranic breathing. • Activate the Heart center and the Crown center with the world recognized Twin Hearts Meditation to strengthening the healing ability, expanding consciousness.

Who should attend

Above 16 years


No Pre-requisites.

What you need to bring

Your presence.

Key Takeaways

The Course Includes: • Basic Pranic Healing Certificate accredited by World Pranic Healing Manila & Institute of Inner Studies. • The Ancient Science and Art of Pranic Healing Book, • Twin Heart mediation of Peace & illumination CD. • Light vegetarian Meal on both days of workshop.

Batch 1

Date : 09 Mar, 19 - 10 Mar, 19

Timings : 12:00 AM-12:00 AM

Seats Left : 16

Students Interested : 1

Students Attended : 0


About the Trainer

Arvind M. Bhilare picture

4.81 Avg Rating

53 Reviews

58 Students

2 Courses

Arvind M. Bhilare

Certified Pranic Healer & Instructor

6 Years of Experience

A Certified Pranic Healer & Instructor (Affiliated to World Pranic Healing Inc.,Manila,Philippines & Institute for Inner Studies Inc.)practicing Pranic healing more than 10 years.We are full time Professional Healers & conduct regular workshop at our Training Center.

Student Feedback


Average Rating




Ekta Agrawal

It was a wonderful experience. I received certification from the World Pranic Healing Foundation Inc. as a Pranic Healer. Thank you sir.


Hemangi D Hankare

I did advance Pranic Healing course from Arvind Sir. Workshop was very interesting teaching skills were very excellent word to word in simple manner i understood very well and can confidently apply on healing Technics. I really wish to learn many other course under Arvind sir's training workshop. Truely satisfied.


Vishal Gidatkar

Understood colors in detail, its application how & where was explained to us in simple terms, yet with detailed examples, learned accuracy in applying techniques, movements. My confusion in applying colors and techniques is completely disappeared now. His approach is very friendly and he makes us feel very comfortable to ask question so that all our doubts are cleared during the course. On behalf of my wife, she understood the entire course with ease and she feels confident now to apply the techniques as and when required. Thank you.


Shivani rajendra bapat

I had done advance pranic healing workshop from Arvind sir and I just loved it.that was one of my best experience. Arvind sir's teaching skills are excellent and makes the course interesting and easy. I learn so many things from arvind sir. I immediately start my practice itself and got positive results. Would love to do many more courses from arvind sir.


Archana Navelkar

The course was a wonderful experience. Arvind Sir is amazing & so knowledgeable. He answered all the questions during the course & gave several real examples of how Pranik Healing had changed lives. I am very lucky to have Arvind Sir as my teacher.


Rajendra Madgaonkar

Training provided was not only theoretical but was covered with more of practical on individual basis which helped in understanding the process more accurately. I am truly satisfied with the training & would definitely recommend anyone who wishes to do. Would like to specially thank Mr. Arvind for individually training & giving enough time to everyone.


Huzaan Dalal

I am really happy I did this course. Arvind made the whole workshop very interesting and easy to understand. Very jovial, and we didn't know how the time passed. Got very positive vibes from the workshop.


Jamshed Billimoria

The two day basic pranic healing workshop was surely not just a joy to attend but indeed one that helps grow. What made the experience and session interesting was the way Arvind our teacher for the workshop made the class not just informative but focused and fun. His hands on approach and patience to explain helped. Surely would encourage anyone who's looking at doing this course to give it a try.


Omprakash kothari

He is a wonderful teacher. He has all the patience to see that all his student understand well. I was lucky to have him as my teacher for the workshop.


Gayatri Mohan Paila

Arvind Sir is a great mentor indeed. He has Put in all his efforts and relentlessly taught me and other candidates for 2 days making the content very easy and readily Able to grasp. Such a tutor needs to be saluted and be followed. The content has been made easily deliverable by Arvind Sir by means of which reading the book is easy. Thank you Arvind Sir for helping throughout the workshop and never complaining or denying upon any doubt or query asked.


Surbhi Hiren Bhanushali

It was really a lovely experience of Pranic Healing I had. Because by attending the Basic Healing Sessions i come to know about the energy's that really the energy's are there. The bioplasmic energy which can heal the energy and physical body. These energy's can relief our pain , sickness n our daily life stress as it also gives us positive vibes from Meditation which are really very helpful to us. It was nice to learn Pranic Healing from Mr.Arvind as he explained very nicely by giving examples and also by making us doing practical too it became very easy for us to understand. He cleared our doubts in very nice way. The best part was that he always takes review never forgets. So when he takes review the recall was done though it was very important and was very beneficial for us only. Thank you for that teachings and reviews Mr.Arvind Sir. The feeling after Meditation was just amazing can't express it. The overall service was too good. The breakfast , lunch was very tasty and hygiene with a proper meal.


Arun Piplapure

My wife, Shaila, and me attended the Basic Pranic Healing Workshop. We found, Mr, Arving Bhilare the the teacher dedicated to ensuring that every participant learns the technique properly and each one is given due attention. If a participant was found not following the technique properly, he would immediately correct the same. The place, where the workshop was conduced was very cozy and seemed charged with the very energy we were going to harness. Food prepared by Arvind's mother was excellent and full of nutritional. Visuals were apt, excellent and very informative. At times, even though the room used for workshop was not big, Arvind was not adequately audible as the participants in the back had some difficulty in understanding him. i suggest that, if audio system - microphone and loudspeaker - is used, even this small lacuna would not be there. After practicing for a few months the technique taught by Arvind, we will certainly consider attending the advanced workshop. Overall, we were very happy with the workshop.


Neha Dhariwal

I have been doing some blessings and twin hearts meditation before joining the course. I was inquisitive about the main basis of pranic healing. Being a doctor i could relate to the chakras and how they work and the way arvind and subhalaxmi explained us helped and guided bus all throughout the 2 days was just super. It was really an enlightening experience. There is so much more to learn and I am definitely looking forward to practice what I learned to understand it better. Thank you for the experience.


Ankita Bheda

Was a good experience to learn, has guided in every little thing . Really very supportive & make us understand in very simple way


Sudhir Chodnekar

Effective organisation,complete coverage of all topics, individual attention as also good time management followed by periodic review fully justified my decision to learn Pranic Healing, a subject, which at the beginning appeared "mysterious", ended up "very exciting" thanks to Arvind sir. Only wish the duration should have been 3 instead of 2 days.


Harikrishna Agarwal

Arvind was able to deliver the course in very simple, easy to understand and interesting way with lot of practice to get a good feel of the concepts and techniques. He has a good sense of humour and makes the interaction very light and interesting. I felt very confident about my learning of the course and look forward to attending advanced modules soon.



Workshop was very good and informative I had very good experience of learning basic pranic healing workshop. Arvind is very good trainer and explained each and every technic in such a way that every one understood properly also food was very good. Time duration of workshop and flow was good. I would like to do advance course.



Arvind sir is a really great teacher. Everything was well arranged be it about space, food etc. Overall, it was a pleasant experience along with words of wisdom from Arvind sir, as he also shared some examples which gave an idea of how some things can be in real life.



It was an amazing experience. Arvind explained each and everything in detail. One more good thing is food at his place.


Neeta Jayesh

Experience of learning was good. Lots of new things, good course, more examples should have been given, nurturing course was good.


Dr. Rashmi Desai

It was great experience to learn Basic Pranic Healing course. Arvind introduces me to real new experience of scaning and providing basic healing techniques. I got real hands on training which boost up my confidence. He is a good motivator and adds hilarious component also to keep audience concentration. He also shared his practical experience with us during workshop which are real knowledge which cones after long practice hours. He is real dedicated teacher who shares knowledge from his depth of heart and full passion and faith.


Geeta Menon

The two day session was very interesting and enhancing. The Science was clearly explained and practical training was given at regular intervals. The atmosphere was made friendly and easy for everyone irrespective of language barrier. Constant reminders and follow ups are on and must admit that Arvind spreads his energy and passion to all his learners.


Dr. Ketaki Hiranandani

You are the best teacher as your teaching techniques are very much easy to understand and to gain more knowledge, I am very thankful to Master for giving such person for teaching basic course of Pranik Healing. Thank you.


Dhanraj Amin

He is a very good teacher. His language is fluent and simple. Never gets tired of repeating for the benefit of students. Always encouraging to move to higher courses for student's benefit. His classes are never boring. His understanding of the subject is fairly good.


Veena Shetty

I had heard about Pranic Healing and this course was a life changing experience for me.The 2 day course helped me to start healing from the first day itself. And off-course Arvind was a very good teacher too.


Rohini Sanghvi

I did my Basic and Advance Pranic healing workshops with Arvind Sir. He has a very calming Aura about himself and his gentle way to explain the subject makes it very easy to understand and follow . He is extremely knowledgeable and humble at the same time which is extremely rare to find and that quality of his make him an amazing teacher and a wonderful person. Arvind Sir also has a great command over his language and very comfortably can speak Hindi, English and Marathi and because of that he is able to explain the subject beautifully to people coming from different backgrounds. Thanks to sir I have enjoyed my learnings during the classroom. His commitment to Pranic practices and his conviction towards the modality motivates everyone to practice or learn the technique whoever comes in contact with him. I am following Pranic Healing religiously and I plan to continue further learning too.


Saroj shitole

Learning pranic healing from Arvind is always divine experience. He is very good teacher and healer. He motivates his students. His moto is grow together with helping others. Bless him.


Harsha S Parchure

Arvind is a fantastic trainer. His balanced personality & indepth knowledge of pranic healing helps student the most to be confident and receptive about the contents of workshop/course. He answers any and every query even after the course, and that helps to keep connected with the subject.


Mrs. Kalpana Ashok Ajgaonkar

I am Mrs. Kalpana Ajgaonkar sharing my experience of Pranic healing course with Arvind Sir. It was a great n excellent experience with Arvind during the Basic and Advance Pranic Healing courses. He is a fantastic teacher who has a smiling face and resolves any queries willingly. Arvind is very humble and down to earth person. While doing d meditation session I became calm n peaceful. He is an energetic and positive person. Actually I felt as if we all are family members during d course. I am looking forward to attend more courses with Arvind in future also. I wish him a powerful and successful life.


Jaya subramanian

It was a wonderful experience . He is an excellent teacher. A very understanding, patient, helpful, very pleasant with his smile, approachable, answering to all the questions, motivator that you feel like joining for further courses. It is like the meditation that one should experience for oneself than writing. So one should be lucky to learn under him.


Sharath Shetty

Arvind is too good, the way he answered the questions and approach was very good. The experience I had was amazingly superb. I have already experienced the change in my approach about self, life and people around me after this session and most importantly it is all about Karma. I thank God for giving me this opportunity to attend the session and add value to self and people around me.



Arvind is an excellent teacher and very good human being. I wish to attend his advance workshop. I am very much enjoy and learning more from Arvind. Thanks a lot to Arvind.


Pravin R Patel

The experience was best ever, he is very perfect, clear and systematic in his work, he is very friendly, polite ,jolly and enjoyed learning with him. He is one of the best Spiritual Guru friend of my life.


Pravin Londhe

I participated in the workshop for the sake of curiosity. But I must say, the workshop structure as well as the trainer made me experience many things like never before. Arvind sir is a very good speaker and person. Leaving no space for doubts is one of his teaching skills. He has truly guided me in my first step toward my soul journey.


Urvi J Bhuptani

Experience with him was very good. In fact meet some who deeply understand your problem and difficulties, who makes sure that he makes us to understand things deeply and technically in every proper manner. The person who reflects positive energy and positive attitude. Every technique he made easy to go with. Jolly and helpful nature all the time.


Punam Barve

I started my journey in Pranic Healing in 2012 by attending workshop on Basic Pranic Healing conducted by Arvind. He is a very good instructor having thorough knowledge of his subject. Most importantly he is very humane in his approach towards the students and has lot of patience when it comes to answering their queries which is very important in learning process. He is very encouraging and motivating to his students.Thank you Arvind for your kind support and motivation because of which today I could reach the higher levels in Pranic Healing. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED


Amala Sbahane

The Basic Pranic Healing workshop conducted by Arvind, was very interesting and I was keen to attend the Advanced workshops after that.


Amala Sbahane

The Basic Pranic Healing workshop conducted by Arvind, was very interesting and I was keen to attend the Advanced workshops after that.


Usharani Kotian

Arvind is the good teacher to begin the lesson with. He has patience when it comes to your queries and he answers reasonably. Highly Recommended!!


Satish Suvarna

Arvind is a very focused and has very detailed knowledge of the course he takes.. If u learn the skills from the best teachers u will bound to have the perfect knowledge, experience and understanding of the topics u learn. And I am happy to say that Arvind is one the best teacher. Thanks


Sangeeta Kamath

Arvind is a capable , responsible and effective in his job whether its healing or organizing workshops. . Have received his help in healing too for my family .Defiantly dependable .


Manisha Sinha

Arvind is an excellent teacher and a very good soul. He conducts the pranic healing workshop in a very organized and efficient manner. To add to that he is an excellent healer and an ardent disciple of GMCKS.

Renu Verma

He is a great teacher and healer. Had a lot of patience teaching me and making the environment calm and stress free. Would like to learn more from him. Thanks.


Dimple Jethwa

i had beautiful experience about the new subject and Arvind had really made it easy to learn and understand it and motivated us to go further in this field of healing.arvind was very friendly and made us do all the technical n practical work easily ...had gr8 experience and would recommend others to definatelly join and learn pranic healing


Norma Mahanty

I joined the Basic Pranic Healing workshop more out of curiosity than anything else. The workshop was informative and interesting. Arvind is a good teacher who answered most of our questions satisfactorily. I sincerely wish him the very best and may the Universe be his guide.


Dipesh Morabia

Hello, I recommendr ing Arvind as very very good teacher because in this workshop we learn so much ,we feel very peace,our thought is change and experience the whole new world. All this credit goes to Arvind Bhilare.

Pradyot Jayakar

- Arvind is having indepth knowledge on the subject. - He takes genuine interets in clarifying the doubts. - He explains the concepts in lucid manner so that understanding of the complex topics also beocme very clear. - I highly recommend him for teaching this subject.

Students Interested 1 (Seats Left 16)

₹ 5,000


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