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Shortcut of Excel for Selection

Shashank Maheshwari
19/12/2016 0 0

Select the whole column: CTRL + SPACE

Select the whole row: SHIFT + SPACE

Select table: SHIFT + CTRL + SPACE bar

Select visible cells only: ALT + ;

Select entire region: CTRL + A

Select range from start cell to far left: SHIFT + Home

Select range from start cell to end in direction of arrow: SHIFT + End + arrow

Select a continuous range of data (e.g. pivot), no matter where your cursor is: CTRL + *

Select blank cells: F5 + ALT + S + K + ENTER

Select all cells with comments: CTRL + SHIFT + O

Select all cells that are directly or indirectly referred to by formulas in the: CTRL + SHIFT + {

Select all cells with formulas that refer directly or indirectly to the active cell: CTRL + SHIFT + }

Selects all the way to a1 from cursor position: CTRL + SHFIT + HOME

Select cells in the direction of arrow: CTRL + SHIFT + Arrow

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