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NEET Biology Sample Paper 2

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21. The most common substrate used in the distilleries for the production of ethanol is:

a. Molasses
b. Corn meal
c. Soya meal
d. Ground gram

22. Which one of the following is an amine hormone?

a. Progestrone
b. Thyroxine
c. Oxypurine
d. Insulin

23. Which one of the following phyla is correctly with its two general characteristics?

a. Mollusca: Normally oviparous and development through a Trochophore or Veligerlarva
b. Arthopoda: Body divided into head, thorax and abdomen and respiration by trachea
c. Chordata: Notochord at some stage and separate  and urinary openings to the outside
d. Echinodermata: Pentamerous radial symmetry and mostly and internal fertilization

24. Vacuole in a plant cell:

a. Lacks membranes and contains water and excretory substance
b. Is membrane bound and contains storage proteins and lipids
c. Is membrane bound and contains water and excretory substance
d. Lack membrane and contains hair

25. A competitive incubator of succinic dehydragenase is:

a. Mallate
b. Malonate
c. Oxyacetate
d. Alphaketogluctarate

26. Thorns of Bougainvillea and Tendiril of cucurditta are examples of:

a. Retrogressive evolution
b. Anologous organs
c. Monologous organs
d. vestigial Organs

27. Which one of the following conditions in humans is correctly matched with its chromosomal abnormality linkage?

a. Down syndrome: 44 autosomes/ XO
b. Klinefelter’s syndrome: 44 autosomes+XXY
c. Color blindness: Y linked
d. Erythroblastosis Foetalis: X linked

28. Which one of the following scientist correctly matched with the theory put forth by him?

a. Mendel: Theory of Pangenesis
b. Weismann: Theory of continuity of germ plasm
c. Pasteur: Inheritance of acquired character
d. De veries: Natural selection

29. Darwin finchis are an excellent example of:

a. Connecting links
b. Adaptive radiation
c. Seasonal migration
d. Brood Parasitism

30. The fruit chambered, developed from inferior ovary and has seed with succulent testa in:

a. Cucumber
b. Pomegranate
c. Orange
d. Gauva

31. Dry inbehiscent single seeded fruit formed from bicarpellary syncarpous inferior ovaries:

a. Gemocarp
b. Caryopesis
c. Cypsela
d. Berry

32. Senescence as an active developmental cellular process in the growth and functioning of a flowering plants, is indicated in:

a. Floral parts
b. Vessels and Tracheid differentiation
c. Leaf abscission
d. Annual plants

33. Nitrogen fixation in roots nodules of Alnus is brought about by:

a. Azo rhizhobium
b. Brady Rhizhobium
c. Clostridium
d. Frankia

34. Electrons from excited chlorophyll molecules of photo systems II are accepted first by:

a. Ferredoxin
b. Cytochrome-b
c. Cytochrome-f
d. Quinon

35. Which one of the following is the correct matching of the site of action on the given substrate, the enzymes acting upon it and the end product?
a. Stomach: Fats Lipsase Micelles
b. Duodenum: Triglycerides Trysin Monoglycerides
c. Small Intestine: Starch α-Amylase Disaccharides (Maltose)
d. Small Intestine: Protein pepsin Amino Acids

36. The blood calcium level is lowered by the deficiency of:

a. Calcitonin
b. Parathormone
c. Thyroxine
d. Both Calcitonin and Parathormone

37. In human adult female, oxytocin:

a. causes strong uterine contractions during partiturtion
b. Is secreted by anterior pituitary
c. Stimulates growth of mammary glands
d. Stimulates pituitary to secrete Vasopressin

38. Human Insulin is being commercially produced from a transgenic species of:

a. Sacchoromyces
b. Escherichia
c. Myobacterium
d. Ryzhobium

39. Cornea transplant in humans is almost never rejected, this is because:

a. It is a non living layer
b. Its cells are least penetrable by bacteria
c. It has no blood supply
d. It is composed of anucleated cells

40. The linking of antibiotics resistance gene with the plasmid vector became possible with:

a. Exonucleases
b. DNA ligase
c. Endonucleases
d. DNA polymerase

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