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Consignment Accounts By CA Prashanth Reddy
A. INTRODUCTION When goods are sent by one person to another to be sold by the latter on behalf and at the risk of the former, the transaction is known as consignment. The person who sends the goods to...
Structure And Function
A computer is a complex system; contemporary computers contain millions of elementary electronic components.How,then,can one clearly describe them? The key is to recognize the hierarchical nature of most...

Harish Kumar | 06 Apr

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Organization And Architecture
In describing computers, a distinction is often made between computer architecture and computer organization. Although it is difficult to give precise definitions for these terms, a consensus exists about...

Harish Kumar | 06 Apr

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how are the char, integer or float variables stores in memory struct{ int a; char b; int c; char d}; struct { int a; int b; char c; char d}; if we are making the variable of both structure and when I find the size of both member we get different while both have same data member, can you understand me ?

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Sarita L | 12/10/2016

When variables are created in memory , there is a gap of same o. of bytes in between two variables , so you get difference between the size of these two structs.when two int variables are adjacent ,2 bytes space is a gap in between them. But when int and char then again int char is the sequence of declaration 1 byte gap is between them. so you get size of above two struct as 16 and 12 bytes respectively. u can use pointer to display address of every variable and you can get exact idea of locations and size of struct. To learn in details u can contact me. and learn online.

Seema Math | 16/10/2016

A stucture stores different datatypes of members in different addresses V/S union , there is an option in linker where you can set even and odd addressing scheme and default type of declaration i.e unsiged and signed ...this could make a difference


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Deepak Garg | 30/09/2016

Just Under Stand DBMS Basics , ER Diagram , Normalization for above Only.

Shailendra Gupta | 03/10/2016

there are some local publisher like GPH IPH who publish books with question and answer of previous years including these assaingments


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Kishansinh Rathod | 12/09/2016

Hello Udbhav For MCA entrances first start with aptitude for this you can purchase or online download R S agrawal aptitude book. Than solve previous years entrance paper which you can find from net or jnu website. For more preparation you can buy material of cmet which will help you. Solve all basic concept of oops, database , datastructure , and c and c++. This is enough. Hope it will help Good luck Work hard.

Bishal Saha | 13/09/2016

follow this book properly, and you may prepare .. start from today!! best of luck.


#new_questions#What is MCA?

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Sics Shah Institute Of Computer Science | 25/10/2016

master of computer application

Sics Shah Institute Of Computer Science | 25/10/2016

MCA (Master of Computer Applications) is a three-year Professional Master Degree program in Computer Science. The objective behind MCA is to equip students with the latest technologies, tools and applications in IT and to meet the ever-growing requirement of IT professionals.


How much good gitam univercity for mca?

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Surya Sarathi Dutta | 01/07/2016

Not the best institute to go for

Kiran Kumar Matam | 03/07/2016

its good so many of friends are setteld

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