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MAT Syllabus

There is no fixed syllabus for MAT, but based on previous years, following is the sketch of MAT syllabus:

There are 5 sections:

Language comprehension – An MBA program student is required to read a lots of data and information on daily basis, like case studies etc and then analyze the same. This section tests the reading and comprehension ability of an MBA aspirant. There are two sub sections : Reading comprehension and Grammar plus Vocabulary

Reading comprehension

This section requires the candidates to read passages based on variety of topics ranging from science, business, economics, health, art, history, technology, environment and so on . It is therefore required to develop a habit of reading newspapers and general knowledge magazines. Daily approximately an hour should be dedicated to reading various  kinds of passages and gathering the core theme and tone of the passage. Also, practice summarizing the passages in your own words. Reading extensively also improves vocabulary.

Grammar and Vocabulary

This sub section tests the grammatical correctness of a candidate. This is tested on the basis of questions including sentence correction, solving word jumbles, fill in the blank with right words, idioms, odd man out, verbal reasoning etc.

Useful tips for cracking this section can be found here

Mathematical Skills

This section tests the problem solving and analytical ability of a candidate through high school mathematics questions. Speed and excellent basic maths knowledge is the main criteria here. This is the maximum scoring section of the paper. The section is broadly divided into three major sub sections

- Geometry and Coordinate Geometry
- Algebra and Number Theory
- Arithmetic and Miscellaneous

The topics to be covered are  Ratio, Profit & Loss, Averages, Time-Speed-Distance Time & Work, Partnerships, Percentages, basic trigonometry. The questions involve direct applications of concepts and formula. In addition solve a lot of puzzles this keeps the mind sharp and assists in shorter and faster ways of solving a problem. Sticking to basics and being patient are necessary in solving mathematics problems.

Data Analysis and Sufficiency

This consists of standard Data Interpretation questions like analyzing graphs and cases. The topics to be covered in this section are