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jquery add class,remove class,toggle class video

Mohit Gaur | 30 May

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jquery val method
How to use jquery val method?

Mohit Gaur | 13 May

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jquery text method
How to use jquery text method?

Mohit Gaur | 13 May

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Rohit Kumar Srivastava | 26 Feb

Javascript is good, Jquery has no future, mean while you have to practice more more more. I said jquery has no future because right now there are very less project in jquery.

Uidesk Information Technology | 03 Mar

Java script is an wonderful language and it is universal language. I mean you can use it in front and back end also. so grab the in depth knowledge on java script then you will easily work with any new library or frameworks. Try to implement a simple project using java script like designing a tic tac toe game on your web page.

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Puneet Makode | 22/12/2016

DOM element selections, traversal and manipulation -enabled by its selector engine, created a new "programming style", fusing algorithms and DOM data structures. This style influenced the architecture of other JavaScript frameworks like YUI v3 and Dojo, later stimulating the creation of the standard Selectors API.

Rahul Barnwal | 29/12/2016

JQuery built on top of javascript. Same task you can do with Jquey with less coding and light weight. All the feature supported by JavaScript is also supported by JQUery. More number of plugin available for JQuery.

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Brajesh Yadav | 18/02/2016

hosting process is depend what server you are using like apache or IIS or others. So could you please clear this so, It help me and you as well to give you better solution for the same.


Bhushan Gavhale | 07/04/2016

Amazon AWS would be your best bet but you can also choose microsoft azure, google cloud based on your comfort level. There are too many other options available depending on what you are looking for e.g. bitnami, openshift, firebase. It all comes down to what, why and how you want to deploy your application and then choose the best solution accordingly.

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Vetrivel Samidurai | 26/01/2016

bind() vs live() The basic difference between bind and live is bind will not attach the event handler to those elements which are added/appended after DOM is loaded. bind() only attach events to the current elements not future element.

Smartnub Softsolutions | 01/03/2016

Hello, The main difference is that live will work also for the elements that will be created after the page has been loaded (i.e. by your javascript code), while bind will only bind event handlers for currently existing items.


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Siddharth Kainthola | 22/04/2015

If you are looking to just get certified and get a job, its no good for you to move forward in the field of BIG DATA. also HADOOP( java based ) is just a framework, that is being one among the popular ones like MangoDB etc. so u'll end up learning more time to time to stay updated in the field, a prior programming background would be an advantage but you can also learn it along with your course. And if you are ready to deal with all the above it is a very promising career and getting certified will be an advantage for you.

Reachout Analytics Pvt Ltd | 05/01/2016

First take a course in data science.Learn tools like R and SAS. Learning HADOOP is an added advantage.This helps you to build a career in analytics.

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