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VbScript Dictionary Objects

19/12/2017 0 0

Dictionary objects are key value pairs object.One of the use of dictionary can be  to find unique elements in a given set of data.

Below is the example of the methods that can be used in dictionary:

Set objDict=CreateObject(“Scripting.Dictionary”)

objDict.Add “1”,”test6″    ‘Add method is used to add unique key with a value to dictionary

objDict.Add “2”,”test2″

objDict.Add “3”,”test3″

objDict.Add “7”,”test7″

‘msgbox objDict.CompareMode

‘msgbox objDict.Count ‘Count method return the no of key-value pairs present in the dictionary.

objDict.Key(“1″)=”6” ‘key method is used to read/modify the value associated with the key

‘msgbox objDict.Exists(“6”) ‘Exists method check whether the given key is present in the dictionary or not.return value is true/false

keys=objDict.Keys ‘keys method returns a collection of all the keys present in the dictionary

For each key in keys

msgbox objDict.Item(key) ‘Item method return the value stored for the specified key.

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