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Answered on 12 Jul Music/Instrumental Music/Guitar

Can you tell me how can I provide service on UrbanPro? I want to list as a tutor.

Sapna g.


Create urban pro I'd as a tutor .. And fill up all the information about your field ..

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Answered on 01 Mar Music/Instrumental Music/Guitar

What is the charge for guitar classes?



Rs. 2500 per month, one class 2 hr, home tuition.

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Answered 3 days ago Music/Instrumental Music/Keyboard

What are the keyboard books according to each grade exam?


Dear Manoj, There are several curriculum that you can follow for keyboard Learning. The most well known include: Trinity College of Music, Rockschool, ABRSM etc: All of them begin with introduction to the keyboard called the "Initial" or "Debut" Level Grade. Then it ranges from Grade One all the way upto Grade Eight. After this, you can pursue the diploma level in Keyboard. The syllabus is of two types, there is "Classicial" - Mozart, Beethoven etc: OR there is the Comtemporary syllabus. If you are interested in Classical, we would recommend either Trinity or ABRSM. However, if you are interested in Contemporary (Rock, Pop, Jazz, Funk, Electro) music, we would recommend Rockschool. All books are available on Amazon and you can get safe and guaranteed delivery. However, if you are planning to learn keyboard to that extent, we would highly recommend a skilled instructor who can not only teach you but also guide you about what you must learn and the instrument you must own.

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Answered on 24 Apr Music/Instrumental Music

Hi, I want to learn a musical instrument. But I am not sure which instrument to chose to learn. But I...


Guitars. Electric guitar and acoustic

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Answered on 02/11/2015 Music/Instrumental Music/Piano

What is the major difference between keyboard and piano?

Anuraag M.

Anuraags Academy

Keyboard: 1. keys - they are plastic keys without hammer action i.e every key feels the same from lower octave to higher. 2. It is Electronic - There are plugins loaded of so many instruments, beat patterns, recorder, Chord dictionary ,Digital Audio Workstation ( you don't need a computer to program music ) this feature is mostly for higher end keyboard. 3. It is portable - can be carried anywhere 4. Pedal - Most come with two pedal inputs where you can connect the sustain pedal which sustains the instrument when pressed 5. Can be connected to a computer and can be used with the software to program music. 6. Detects media device (USB, Floppy) - Even mid range keyboards come with this option These are just basic functions on a keyboard, i'm sure there are lot many Piano: 1. They have a hammer action i.e the keys are hard at the lower end and as you progress it will gradually become lighter. These keys are made up of natural wood and they are long. They have a mechanism where the wood absorbs the hand sweat when playing for a longer duration without slipping. 2. The feel ( Emotion ) can only be felt when played on a piano - no other digital plugins can replace a real piano - Never! 3. They come with three pedals, I'm not explaining about pedals now but they again are used to relate different dimensions of emotions and the feel of a pianist. 4. They are acoustic, non portable, stationary. a piece a wood for your home. 5. There is no support for anything.No chord dictionary, no recorded no nothing at all. It is just a plain pure piano sound. Conclusion: Keyboard is good to learn and practice, but Piano will be your best friend for life!

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Answered on 01 Mar Music/Instrumental Music/Piano Music

What are the cost fees and the timing for piano classes?

Nirmal Prabhu


Rs. 1200 per month. Weekly 8 class.

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