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Practice Song
Playing a song or singing a song is a bit different than technical exercises which are much difficult to do long hours, so before practising a student must fix his mind to think that he will give his fixed...

Jay Gogoi | 22 Mar

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CALM - Beginner song in E Major
Try this very simple beginner level song on guitar called "CALM" composed by Varun(myself) and Aarabhy(The other guitar faculty) Hope you understood the scale of the song: E major This is a very...

Varun Raj N. | 01 Mar

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Seven swaras sa re ga ma pa dha ni altogether called saptak. There are 3 saptak mandra, madhya and taar mandra saptak means lower octav madhya saptak is mid and higher octave is called taar saptak.

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Ram Kiraan Dhina | 4 days ago

The basic of Music is Keyboard. I suggest you keyboard. In keyboard, there are many tones like tabla, violin, etc

Sourav Ganguly | 4 days ago

Music instrument always should be what your heart wants to play, if its tabla then just go for tabla, rhythm is the main structure of a song it the body and tabla being the mother instrument for rhythm, but as a musician i will also advice you to learn keyboard or guitar which ever you like because that will further enhance the musician in you if you want to later do composition so for that learning or keyboard is a must because without that you wont be able to do musical arrangements, programming.


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Mohan Gandhi | 15 Apr

A basic digital piano of casio would cost you from 35k and up, learn piano lessons not keyboard, start from piano itself , a nominal fee would be around Rs. 600 per lesson.

Destiny Digital Music Academy | 20 Apr

You need to go for a demo session first and confirm your preference of the instrument for learning, as its fascinating in the beginning to learn and play piano but later the students find it difficult to cope up with the digital needs of today. Also piano has its own limitations in respect to keyboards, Piano is to be maintained properly and timely whereas keyboards are portable, affordable, advanced, technologically equipped value for money. Where as the biggest advantage is if some time later you want to sell it you get a good resale value as compare to the piano.


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Sridevi Ramesh | 06 Apr

Rs.1000/- including notes for janya ragas.

Destiny Digital Music Academy | 20 Apr

Rs. 500 per session including books, instrument in classes.


Hi, I want to learn bansuri (flute). I am really confused at selecting one and I do not have any knowledge on musical instruments or on flutes. Please help me to select the right flute for beginning and also shed some light on the price.

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Saibal Sen . Pianist | 25 Mar

Hi ! I would like to let you know that there are Two types of Flutes. 1. Indian Bamboo Flute 2. English Flute. I I do teach the English Flute not the Indian Bamboo flute, so I would love to inform all about English Flute, but please let me know that whether you are interested to learn the English Flute or not. The English Flute's price starts from approximately Rs. 8.5 k onward. Best Wishes.

Destiny Digital Music Academy | 20 Apr

Please visit some online stores for the best price.

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Soumitra Baypari | 11 Apr

There is success rate depends in which genre you're writing. Don't make 100% English lyrics for most Indian industries if you're comfortable. Do copyright recording content before approaching big platforms.

Nandita Rao | 19 Apr

Definitely, if the lyrics and music go well with local culture and if the tunes are mixes of Indian and western type.

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