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HTML- Hyper Text Markup Language HYPER MEANS:For Example: Girls connected to jweleries, sarees, chocolates. Here there link to there intresting things.At the same way one word connected to other page. Nothing...

Moses Dasari | 25 Jan

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Add shadows to boxes with HTML 5.0 and CSS 3.0
1) Hi! lets learn how to drop shadows for the boxes. First let's create a simple box in html <!doctype html><html><div>Hi this is a box</div></html> 2) Now lets give it a...
Awesome HTML and CSS hover button with transition effects
Hello all today we will learn to make an awesome and easy button hover and transition effect. 1) Lets make a basic html button. Click me 2) We have created a basic html 5.0 button, lets style it up with...

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Vikas | 3 days ago

Elements is a "DIV, P" and attributes is "align , id , class etc".

Sujaffar | 3 days ago

HTML elements basically p, h1 tag, there are so many tags available in HTML all are elements but attributes means which provide additional information for each element like we use style attribute.


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Dileep Chennamsetty | 3 days ago

Inline element is like taking a particular width for example span. If you try give inline for a span it applies only for that particular span, it wont take entire div or entire line. Where as Block element is takes entire div. The difference between p and span is both we can use for a bunch of lines or content. The styles that you apply will effect the entire content in p but when you have a requirement like in that p one word need to be styled differently for that we use span tag and you can apply styles for that span. To display first name and last name side by side apply style float: left; for the divs. Process of creating Radio Button and Lists: Radio button comes under form element. So in the form take a div and insert the below code input type="radio" so that radio button will be displayed. Coming to Lists they are two types one is Ordered list and another one is Unordered Lists. These can be used for bullent points. And for these both lists you can select the type of bullet point you are looking for. For examples 1, 2, 3 or a, b, c or circle icons, etc.

Vikas | 3 days ago

1 Inline Element: Span is a inline element. 2 span and p: div & p is a block-level element. 3 For display the fist name and last in same line, you can choose span tag 4 Radio Button input type="radio". 5 select option /option /select

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