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HTML- Hyper Text Markup Language HYPER MEANS:For Example: Girls connected to jweleries, sarees, chocolates. Here there link to there intresting things.At the same way one word connected to other page. Nothing...

Moses Dasari | 25 Jan

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Add shadows to boxes with HTML 5.0 and CSS 3.0
1) Hi! lets learn how to drop shadows for the boxes. First let's create a simple box in html <!doctype html><html><div>Hi this is a box</div></html> 2) Now lets give it a...
Awesome HTML and CSS hover button with transition effects
Hello all today we will learn to make an awesome and easy button hover and transition effect. 1) Lets make a basic html button. Click me 2) We have created a basic html 5.0 button, lets style it up with...

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Gaurav Pal | 4 days ago

(img src="a1.jpg" alt ="best image") here ( img is a element or tag) and (scr and alt is a attributes ) (input type="text" placeholder="enter your name" here (type and placeholder is a attribute) and (input is a tag or element)


Anil C | 3 days ago

Elements are components which are core html control related objects. Where attributes are the properties for the current components.


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Shiva Nikku | 4 days ago

Lakshmi, All questions are very basic and easy to learn. You can take online tutorial help or join classes. 1] inline element - are those elements which takes space as per their contents Ex - a, span, strong etc and Block elements are those elements which takes full width of space. It occupies entire screen width even though inside contents length are less. Ex - h1 to h6, div, p, ul, li, etc. 2] There are lots of HTML tags and each tag have their own attributes, to learn all these you must join classes or start learning online tutorials. 3] & 4] There are 2 - 3 types people are writing a code, but as per W3C compliance you needs to write a code and that is only the best code.


Anil C | 3 days ago

Inline is another way of expressing attributes, properties for a defined control while you program in design view. Paragraph tag can be used to write set of lines with out worrying about number of lines: Example: p stands for paragraph. You can enclose p in angular braces to start paragraph text. And input a forward slash before the p in closing tag. You can use basic controls in HTML in Visual Studio by dragging tools from tool box on the left side window. Drag any tool from it. It simply shows the basic code to implement the type of control you want.

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