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Actor's Life Book
‘Actor is the Power Station to Channelize Human Energies. I call Him the Athlete of Intelligent Emotions!’ - RAAJA JAFFREY [Actor. Chief Instructor. Strategist] ...

Raaja Jaffery | 06 Feb

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Conversational Hindi - Learn how to effectively communicate in Hindi and improve your conversational language skills.
Develop Speaking Habit:-All of us find people who speaks Hindi, but when it comes to learning it for those Non-Hindi speakers it actually helps them to understand and speak fluently. Now, for example you...
Conversational Hindi - Learn How To Effectively Communicate In Hindi And Improve Your Conversational Language Skills.
Always be in touch with the language:The most important thing that you can do is to be in the contact with language 24/7. Speak with your relatives, friends, family or colleagues in Hindi. Make Hindi as...

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Yugal Sahu | 09 Mar

Contact me if you are interested in learning basic conversation skills in simplified manner. That too in limited time.

Shreekant Oak | 14 Mar

Kindly contact me for Hindi learning.

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Lakshmipriya | 16 Mar

CBSE is the generalized national curriculum for India. Headquartered in New Delhi it is a common framework of reference for students studying starting from kindergarten all the way to the senior secondary level. IGCSE on the other hand is a European framework of reference provided by the University of Cambridge for school students worldwide. IGCSE abbreviates to International general certificate of Secondary Education which is equivalent to standard 10th of CBSE. Hope I have clarified your doubt.

Dr. Basant Ramawat | 1 day ago

Dear Oscar, In General, CBSE is Central Board of Secondary Education whereas IGCSE is International General Certificate of Secondary Education. Students from any Boards can join IGCSE Board in the 9th grade whereas aspirants have to study in the CBSE Board from the very beginning so as to continue their studies up to 12th class. The CBSE syllabus is framed according to the Indian standards of education whereas the IGCSE curriculum is of international standards. The Major difference between the CBSE and IGCSE are:- CBSE - 1. It's main aim is to prepare students for Engineering and Medical exams. More of theoretical approach. CBSE content focuses on science and math with attention on application of knowledge & they less focus on languages. 2. Emphasis on good quality of education that promotes intellectual and social spirits in students, rather than practical education. IGCSE 1. There are over 70 subjects including 30 languages available at Cambridge IGCSE and schools offer them in any combination. 2. One is given a graded score for each subject with no mention of pass or fail. 3. IGCSE curriculum is balanced which also takes account the different abilities of students. If you think I provided you desired answers regarding your question asked above then please don't forget to give your valuable reviews on my "Urban pro wall (ID)". For further information my contact no. and mail ID is also mentioned there. To Follow me my Instagram ID is "dr.basuofficial.psychic". Yours Friendly, Dr. Basant Ramawat


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Indresh Tiwari | 08 Mar

You can learn with me.

Vatsala Sharma | 1 day ago

Hi, you read newspapers and other magazines loudly, when you listen your voice 30% you will find your mistake then note down the words which you feel able to read or speak, ask your nearest reachable person. read basic grammar books, try to read and then practice by fill in the blanks

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Chhavi Pamnani | 16 Jan

No, It would certainly not. You will feel more confident.

Pragya Das | 05 Feb

Not at all. Its up to you but learning French will not going to drain you interest in other languages. I am a Hindi teacher if you need any help on Hindi. I'll glad to help.

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Aditi Jain | 07/12/2016

Both are important but in my view you will learn very quick by TV but should have basic knowledge of that language. But if you will read a book of any language you would have much time to practice you can take the help of dictionary while reading book but not at the time of watching TV.

Rustam Sarker | 02 Mar

This is an excellent question. lets start with the world's 2nd most-spoken language, English. people have a bad concept about the fact that American English is more stylish than British English. But if you read the origin of Celtic And Saxony languages, English was very different from the modern-day genre. People watch Hollywood and get addicted to words like 'wanna','gonna' without knowing the basic root of that word, let alone making a proper sentence. But to really learn a proper language, you don't need to simply read books or watch TV. One thing that you should constantly practice is speaking to yourself and your friends in the same possible style and accent in a different language every single moment. But if you are speaking French with an Australian, it wont help. only the originals know their own language better. Regardless of your Origin, practice alone will change your accent automatically. Thank you. Here is an attachment for your better understanding.

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