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Computer Based GRE Exam Versus Paper Based GRE Exam

Wondering whether to take up the computer based GRE exam or paper based GRE exam? Need not to worry. Check out this article, listing all the pros and cons of each kind of GRE test you can take up. Based on which, you can take a call whether to take GRE Computer based or GRE paper based exam. Read More….

The basics and to-do s of GRE exam, by Abdur Rehman Wakeel

Abdur Rehman Wakeer, a Jamia Millia Islamia alumnus discusses the basics of Graduate Record Examination (GRE). Rehman also qualified IIT Gate, NET Life Science and IELTS exam. He trains students for open entrance exams and has unveiled common doubts related to GRE. Read his interview to know his insights and take on the GRE exam. You can also connect with him to know more about GRE. Read More….

How to deal with GRE Verbal Section?

GRE Section on Verbal Reasoning evaluates your ability to analyze and examine the written material available to you and extract useful inferences from it. The candidate needs to understand the meaning of words, sentences and structure of the entire text. Well, the GRE verbal section is not that simple as it appears to be. Read More….

GRE Flashcards and their uses

GRE flashcards are small size hard paper with one word and its meaning. GRE examinees prepare as many flashcards they can in order to improve their vocabulary. The preparation of GRE flashcards is time consuming. Hence experts recommend GRE applicants should start preparing flashcards when there is ample time in hand before the exam. Read More….

How to solve multiple choice question (MCQ) in GRE?

The MCQ questions of GRE quantitative exam concerns all students. Despite practice, there yet no golden rule how to pick the right answer in a shot. Do take a help from your mentor or checkout some simple tricks that will make MCQ an easy part of your GRE exam. Read More….


GRE Coaching Lessons

Gre, Sat Exam English.
Important Expressions And Phrases: At the drop of a hat: Without any hesitation, instantly. Back to the drawing board: When an attempt fails and it's time to start all over. Best thing since sliced...

Nidhi T. | 10 Jun

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Natural numbers N = {1, 2, 3, 4...........+∞} Integers Z = {-∞........,-3, -2, -1, 0, 1, 2, 3, 4..........+∞} Positive integers Z+ ={1, 2, 3, 4, ..........+∞} Negative integers...
Let's find cube of a number
How to find Cube of a number?

Sulthan Gd | 20 May

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Bhavana Scm | 1 day ago

For an average person, the quant part should take about 10 days along with comprehensions, words and grammar. The words prep ii.e. 1100 words PDF a process which should take about the same time. However more words should be learnt from the lists and various apps for GRE words which would take typically 20 more days. After this mocks, practise, 10 more days. So about 45 days should do.

Bhavana Scm | 17 hrs ago

Hi there, The quant part of GRE for an average guy should take about 15 days. Along with this u could start the 1100 word list of GRE, which I can share with U. If u can accommodate 2 hr per day, with the summaries of the topics I share, 1 hr should be sufficient for quant and the rest for reading comprehensions. Wordlist learning as u must know is a process, U need to refer to the list of words with U throughout the day. Then starts practise of the basic quant, which should take 20 days. So, overall 30 days of word prep with another 15 days of practise later, U should be ready. I would suggest U give a mock right away, and within 45 days U should be ready for the Big Test. All the very best and contact me for more tips.


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Sujith | 2 days ago

you better take GRE now so that you can take the test by third year ending or so...

Bhavana Scm | 1 day ago

Since u have ample time, start with the book by Norman Lewis Word Power Made Easy, try to practise the fundas of Time and Work, Algebraic Identities, Modern Math. A strong base and good pronunciation should help to better urself by the time u get to ur 5th sem


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Abhinav Jain | 08 Jun

Hi gaurav, I have prepared for cat for 2 years and scored 80+ percentile in both years, and 90+ percentile in quant section so my quant is good and all the basics are well cleared , I can give u online classes with 3 days free demo class

Siddhartha Singh Chandel | 17 hrs ago

Brother you should purchase quantum cat by sarvesh kumar verma but methid are very important watch my channel mrssc on you tube


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Surendra Reddy Ankireddypalli | 05/12/2016

Hello Likitha, The time period for the preparation depends on person to person. But the training will be done in 60 hours. But its always better to have a good rapport with GRE question formats to do faster.

Mamatha T V | 10 May

In my opinion any competitive exam involving time constraints and maximum usage of knowledge in a particular subject matter involving language needs cracking instead of solving. Practice, practice. With guided practice, you should be confident in about 4 months.


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C Cat | 14/11/2016

Min time required is 2 months. Just after graduation is better for many reasons.

Aman Khanna | 16/11/2016

Minimum time required is 1-2 months and rest depends upon your skills.

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Graduate Record Examinations (GRE) is a standardized test taken by candidates aspiring for an academic career in the U.S. Most colleges and B-Schools of U.S. consider the GRE score when it comes to admission procedure. The GRE is a multi-stage exam that evaluates verbal reasoning, quantitative...


GRE Revised General Test, started in August 2011, has 3 Sections: Verbal Reasoning Quantitative Reasoning Analytical Writing 1. Verbal Reasoning: GRE Section on Verbal Reasoning evaluates your ability to analyze and examine the written material available to you and extract useful inferences...

GRE Registration

GRE Registration GRE exam is conducted in more than 1000+ test centers over 160 countries. Among these, students can take up either GRE computerized exam or paper based exam. Its recommended to begin GRE registration keeping ample time in hand to get the preferred test center and exam date....


The best thing about GRE is that it can be taken any time of the year (subject to the availability of the Prometric test centers, date and time slot). There is no particular date for taking GRE. You can check the availability of your preferred test centre, date and time slot while registering...

GRE Analytical Writing Section

The Analytical Writing section of GRE exam determines the English writing ability of a candidate from the following sub points: Flow or style of writing Technique of paraphrasing or splitting the article Mood and tone of writing Grammatical and verbal English skill Thinking and analyzing capability In...

GRE Quantitative Section

The Quant Section of GRE exam can be aims to assess the mathematical conceptions and knowledge of candidates. Undergraduate level real life problems, word problems, numerical problems and more are queued under the quant section of GRE exam to judge the following: a) Mathematical knowledge and...

GRE Verbal Section

The verbal section of GRE exam is one of the important part that you need to prepare with ample time in hand for a good score. The verbal section of GRE exam assess the following in a GRE test taker: a) Flair for reading b) Hunt for facts c) Evaluating writeups and content d) Organizing information e)...

GRE Exam Books

GRE Reference Books: The first step for a good score in GRE exam, is to have the right set of books and study materials. While study materials can be gathered from your mentor, nearest tutorial or college senior, books are to purchased. As editions to books keep updating, its recommended to...

GRE Papers

For GRE Revised General Test: GRE Revised General Test consists of 3 Sections: Verbal Reasoning Quantitative Reasoning Analytical Writing The total duration of GRE Revised General Test is 3 hours 45 minutes. For GRE Subject Tests: There are 7 GRE Subject Tests. Let s look into the Paper...

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