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Mastering Microsoft Excel Training

43 Reviews

Vasundhra, Ghaziabad

Course ID: 7137

Vasundhra, Ghaziabad

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₹ 6,000

43 Reviews

About the Course

Topics Covered

Initial Warmups Microsoft Excel Version History Advantages of Microsoft Excel Overview of Ribbon, Groups & Tabs Customization of Tabs Overview of Quick Access Toolbars Customization of Quick Access Toolbar Overview of Back Stage View Overview of Basic Excel skills Overview of Common Keyboard Shortcuts Worksheet Operations Cells & Range Operation Tricks of Format Cells Working with Custom Number Formatting Calculations in Number Formatting Freeze Panes with Different Scenarios Working with Excel Comments Excel Security – Protecting a Selected Range Excel Security – Protecting an Entire Sheet Excel Security – Protecting different Range with different Password in the Same Sheet Excel Security – Protecting Workbook Structure Excel Security – Full Protection of Workbook Excel Security – Partial Protection of Workbook Working on Excel Data Backup Time Saving Utilities Format Painter Splitting Data using Text to Columns with fixed and delimited parameters Tricks of Data Sorting in different Scenarios Summarizing data using Group and Outline Summarizing Data using Subtotal Concept of Cell Referencing Introduction to Cell Referencing Importance of Cell Referencing Relative Referencing Absolute Referencing Mixed Referencing Working with Functions & Formulas Difference between Functions & Formulas with scenarios Concept of Nested Formulas Formula Auditing Various Calculation Modes and How to use them Circular References – What are they? Concept of Wild Cards Concept of important Functions: AND, OR, NOT, COUNT, COUNTA, COUNTBLANK, COUNTIF, COUNTIFS, MAX, MIN, LARGE, SMALL, UPPER, LOWER, PROPER, RIGHT, LEFT, MID, SEARCH, TEXT, VALUE, POWER, SUM, SUMIF, SUMIFS, AVERAGE, AVERAGEIF, AVERAGEIFS, EXACT, CONCATENATE, LEN, SUBSTITUTE, NETWORKDAYS, NETWORKDAYS.INTL, DATE, TIME, DAY, MONTH, YEAR, HOUR, MINUTE, SECOND, WORKDAY, WORKDAY.INTL, EOMONTH, DATEDIF, VALUE, INT, ISERROR, ISTEXT, ISNUMBER, ISBLANK, ISODD, ISEVEN, MATCH, INDEX, IF, VLOOKUP – 1D, VLOOKUP – 2D, Reverse LOOKUP, HLOOKUP, CHOOSE, RANDBETWEEN, ROW, ROWS, COLUMN, COLUMNS, MOD, IFERROR, SUBTOTAL, SUMPRODUCT, INDIRECT, REPT Numerous Combinations of the above Functions Data Consolidation using 3D Formulas Array Formulas for quick conditional calculations Introduction to Arrays Concept of Logical Operators in Array Formulas The internal logic behind Arrays The power of Array Functions Techniques of creating complex Array Functions Array Formulas using basic Excel Functions Name Manager Introduction to Name Management in Excel Overview of Name Box Defining Static & Dynamic List using names Use of Names in advance Reports Use of Name Manager for Extracting Data Dynamic views using Conditional Formatting Conditional Formatting using Formulas & cell values Highlighting Duplicates in various ways Highlighting top records, bottom records Highlight above average, Max, Min Errors, etc. Highlight single color with multiple conditions Calculation based Conditional Formatting Complex formula based Conditional Formatting Creating Dashboard using Bars & Icons Restriction using Data Validation Introduction to Data Validation Different Data validation in Excel Complex calculation based data validation Using Dynamic list in validation Using Basic Dependent List Using Multilevel Dependent List Hacks of Data Validation Highlighting Invalid Data Prevent wrong decisions using Excel Tables Introduction of Excel Tables Power of Excel Tables Time Saving features of Excel Tables Calculation Logic of Excel Tables Format As Table Understanding Table Formatting Options Filters, Can Get Multiple Filters In The Same Sheet Total Row, Ability To Select Type Of Summary Structured References – What Are They? Advantages Of Tables Convert Table To Named Range Compatibility Of Tables With Excel 2003 And Earlier Limitation of Excel Tables Charts in Excel Elements of Charts Major charts used in Industry Column Charts Bar Charts Line Charts Pie Charts Donought Charts Scatter Chart Combination Chart Introduction to Tiny Charts – Sparklines Column Sparklines Line Sparklines Win-Loss Sparklines The Power of Pivot Tables Pivot Table creating methods Rearranging a Pivot Table Filtering Pivot Table data Performing custom calculation Creating dynamic dashboards using Pivot Charts and Slicer Creating dynamic views using Timeline Consolidating data from multiple files in less than a minute Consolidating data from multiple sheets in less than a minute Splitting Data to Multiple Reports in less than a minute Creating Pivot Tables through Database Connections Analyzing Data using Advance Filter Introduction to Auto Filter Challenges in Auto Filter Power of Advance Filter Complex calculations based filter Filter using wild Cards Extracting Unique list with Advance Filter Analyzing Data with What-If Analysis Introduction to What-If Analysis Determine unknown with Goal Seek Analyze data with Data Table Enable Decision making using Solver View results with Scenario Manager Case Studies

Who should attend

Executives Managers General Managers Vice Presidents Senior Management MIS Personal BPO Professionals KPO Professionals Finance & Accounts Personal Human Resources Quality Analyst Analyst Data Analyst Reporting Analyst Project Managers Software Engineers Research Professionals Business Analyst Business Development Professionals Software Testing Engineers Banking Professionals Entrepreneur Businessman Freelancers Students


Ready to Learn.

What you need to bring

Notebook Pen Laptop (Preferred)"

Key Takeaways

POWER PACKED KNOWLEDGE Participants will get Power Packed knowledge for Data Reporting and Analysis The workshop will focus on the detailed Tips and tricks to work with Basic and Advance Excel Reporting. Creating dynamic Reports within a minute to impress your Management. PROGRAMME COMPLETION CERTIFICATE The Participants will get the Programme Completion Certificate from Future in Hands. PEN DRIVE FULL OF FREEBIES All the Participants will get an exclusive Pen Drive loaded with Freebies. It will contains: Theoretical concepts in Microsoft Excel Sample Files covered during the Programme Audio Video Coverage for the Entire Workshop Interview Preparation Tips Interview Questions Resume Writing Tips Sample Resumes to take your career to Next level Bulk Files and Assignments for Practice 30 Premium eBooks to become Excel Ninja Applications developed in Microsoft Excel Excel Templates Much More PREMIUM ACCESS TO ILEARN All the candidates will get the life Premium Access to iLearn – Your Learning Management System. This is our Learning Portal where you can get the access to the world of Learning that includes: Knowledge Bank Brilliant Tips & Tricks related to difference technologies and industries Library with great collection Career Planners Interview Questions Assessments and Mock Tests Job Opening Information Lounge to meet our Alumni s Much more PREMIUM ACCESS TO FUTURE IN HANDS CLUB All the candidates will get the lifetime Premium Access to Future in Hands club. It is our Discussion Forum specially designed for our learners across different location. The club is meant for our learners to help each other in any point of time. There are lots of idea sharing and helping each other on their work. You can get the best solutions by other experts. It will help you to solve your queries even after the Training. PLACEMENT ASSISTANCE Future in Hands offers placements assistance to all the students right from designing their resumes, helping them with frequently asked interview questions and conducting mock interviews when they have interviews coming up. We also help them get recruited in various companies who approach us for hiring. We also keep them updated on various openings in the market. Further to this, FIH uses its wide network of alumni and industry relations to refer students for suitable positions. View Current Placements FREE TRAINING PASS One Complementary Professional Training Pass is applicable for those candidates who refers minimum 2 Candidates for the upcoming Workshops. It is only applicable if the referred candidates joins the next Workshop.

Date and Time

Not decided yet.

About the Trainer

Vivekananda Sinha picture

Avg Rating




Vivekananda Sinha

Certified Microsoft Office Specialist

8 Years of Experience

8 Years industrial experience in core MIS.

Trained Executives, Engineers, Managers, Students.

Received MICROSOFT OFFICE SPECIALIST title from Microsoft Corporation.

Awarded several times as Best Trainer at corporate level for receiving excellent feedback for trainings on Advance Excel, Statistical Analysis using Excel, VBA Macros and Microsoft Productivity Tools.

Developed Global Content Repository System, a 20,000 USD project developed in VBA for an IT company in South America. Received excellent customer feedback for the application.

Been as a Project Guide on Construction Site Layout Planning System, a VBA project initiated by group of Civil Engineers of Indian Institute of Technology, New Delhi. This project emphasizes on the planning of different facilities of a site in an optimized way. This is a generic-algorithm based model for site layout planning.

Developed and Implemented Utilities for Excel, a multi functionality tool that helped in saving lots of time for the Excel users. It covers the functionalities such as Sending Mails, Format Cells, Workbook Management, Workbook Library, Text Operations, Arithmetic Operations, Color Themes and Printing.

Developed various Consolidation Tools using VBA that helped in the reduction of 99% of the time taken in manual consolidation of Reports. It proved great at the time of Yearly Baseline Analysis.

Developed and Implemented Awareness Evaluation System, a VBA project to check the skills of the internal employees in different domains. This project includes SQL Server 2005 for storing questions, scores, user information and other details of the application. Login is based on windows Authentication.

Developed a Solution for Human Resource to taken user inputs in email. The data received are automatically saved to central database.

Developed Document Management System Plug-In for Microsoft Excel. This is a VBA Application that facilitates the users, to have documents easily available without wasting their time and efforts in searching them in the drive.

Student Feedback


Average Rating




Manish Kumar

I recently cracked my IJP after upgrading myself to VBA Programming. I joined Vivek sir 5 months back. The in-depth course content with the expertise of Vivek sir was a great combination. He has a great variety of industry examples. He is really a great mentor. His students are star performer. I am lucky to attached with him. He is truly the best trainer around. I enrolled for the next level.


Mohit Khurana

I have recently completed the Advanced Excel Course from Future in Hands. The most important part of this training was an in-depth course contents covering almost all areas of Excel. It was an awesome experience taking session from Mr. Vivekananda. He is the master of Excel. Quick query handling, Awesome tips and tricks. The training was conducted in a great flow. The tricky assignments improved my skills.commend. I recommend everyone to join him who wanted to learn Microsoft Excel in depth. Thank you Vivekananda Sir for sharing your expertise with us.


Sachin Kant

Vivekananda Sir is a person with whom you can achieve yours big dreams and got depth knowledge" I had known about Mr. Vivek Sir from year-2014 by my friend Depak. We both are working in same company "Data Flow" and searching MIS training Institute but they had joined to Vivekananda Sir, but that time i was making my career in Web Designing but till now i am also part of crowd with low salary but my friend is now working with good company on high salary, Then will decided to change my career career path. I have decided to join Sir. Sir enrolled me in MIS batch on February-2017. I had joined as I had trust on Vivek Sir that he will be supporting me in any way. I did not know about Excel. I feared but he gave me friendly environment. I really appreciate that you are always so friendly and supportive in all way. I feel free and comfortable to talk to you. I really appreciate your teaching ways. Learning from you are very enjoyable. Your explanation way is very unique. I have also enrolled for other sessions conducted by him.


Vijay Kumar

Vivek sir you are the only one who made me crack that interview. You are our hero. You are the only one who is behind my success. Like me there are a lot more students who really can't express how much thankful we are that our paths cross with future in Hands. I never ever expected that I can also get success in my career. I started my career with calling profile and yet I was tele caller. Now I just can't express my happiness. I am Thankful to you. Advice or suggestion for everyone also keep improving your skills. That's what I did followed Vivek sir guidelines. With Excel and VBA Programming, I learnt Advance Dashboard, Power Point. And now already enrolled for the upcoming Brainstorming Microsoft Excel session. Some of you think that all of these courses are not possible but it is. Instead of watching television, I watched those videos. And now more exited to get my self enrolled for more courses. I will always be thankful to Future in Hands Institute. \


Sanjeev Pant

This was one of the best training of my life. The mentor Mr. Vivekananda left no place for any doubts in this. The entire training was great with very useful and practical examples that relate to our day to day Reporting activities. I have taken VBA Training from this Institution and learned the subject very well. Sir cleared all our doubts without thinking of any time limitations during our sessions. He has a great knowledge on Excel Analytics. His expertize on the subject made us more confident. I have applied the leanings in my office and its WOW. Thanks to sir for your guidance. I recommend his Institution Future in Hands as one of the best learning place in Delhi.


Anil Kumar Pal

I would rate the institute by five stars, because the excel and VBA training was damn amazing. He makes us everything understand. I would specially thanks vivekananda sir for his valuable guidance and support. I would highly recommend him.


Siddharth Singh

I attended the VBA Training under the guidance of Vivekananda sir and his training changed my life. I got a better position in Amex and lots of appreciation in my office. Earlier I though that VBA could be impossible for me as I dont have any tech background but the way he guided me was awesome and very easy to understand. His examples are very practical and related to our work. Surely, He is a GEM and the best of the best trainer and a wonderful person. I was referred by one of my Friend to join his session and believe me this decision was one of the best decisions of my life. Most of his students are outstanding performer in their company. Thank you Vivek Sir for your exceptional guidance.

Prashant Verma

It’s a pleasure in writing and sharing my success story as there has been many hiccups in my career starting from the day I stepped into this corporate world and later on some great learning experience with a supportive hand from my Mentor Vivek Sir who has guided me into a right direction. It all started when I wanted a spark in my career as I switched my job profile from Call Centre Executive to a MIS Executive. Initially I took help from Google and YouTube and learnt certain basic fundamentals of Excel and its uses. However I knew that things were not going the way I wanted as I joined my current company Virtual Employee as Administrative Assistant which required a great knowledge of Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word and other corporate learning. Then I came to know about Future in Hands and the best trainer (Vivekananda Sinha) in NCR from Ankit Saxena, one of the alumni of FIH who himself has a great success story and that influenced me to join FIH and Vivek Sir. Thus, after a successful training sessions on Advance Excel, I enrolled and completed Productivity Enhancement session, Dashboards, Excel Power Tools (best in class), VBA and SQL training. All this resulted in direct positive impact on my career and get promoted as Business Analyst and now as Sr. Business Analyst II within three years of completion. I’ll always be thankful to Vivek Sir for being a great mentor, soft spoken, disciplined and passing the zeal of never stop learning new things in life.


Rakesh Sharma

The training i attended was the best training of my life. So much of practical exposure I never had. I gain confident on Analytical skills. The best part of the training is the Brainstorming Microsoft Excel Tool that covers 100+ very very complex interview question which is not provided by any training institutes. The recommend Mr. Vivekananda the best Mentor for Reporting & Analysis and the Future in Hands the best center for future growth. Thanks for everything, I learnt from here.


Daljeet Singh Rana

Good, Excellent June 2014

Lokesh Sharma

It was a great experience with FIH. Vivekananda Sir is one of the best faculty in Delhi for VBA, Excel, SQL and SAS. I learnt VBA and EXCEL from this institution and got a higher position in Accenture. Thanks to Vivek Sir for his unique way of teaching that helped in building my career.

Satendra Kumar

Words cannot express Enormity of Mr. Vivek. He is one of the best Teacher/instructor or career path maker with his well-informed Teaching about excel/VBA & All I ever had. I would recommend FIH for best Learning Centre in Delhi-NCR. Today whatever I have got because of him, which I never thought in my Dreams as well. From bottom to top.

Satya Prakash Pandey

Here I am speechless to say about my best teacher of my life. I studied many institutions like NIIT and other institutions for technical knowledge, but the knowledge, the path, the guidance I obtained by Vivek Sir; I do not say “Future in Hands” is an Institution. Actually FIH is an NGO where peoples do not need to worry about their future. I was nothing when I joined FIH. But now I am something. And if I am something, the complete credit goes to Vivek Sir. Only due to Vivek Sir I am in Airtel. Thanks Sir. Thanks FIH. Will be grateful to you.

Satya Prakssh Pandey

Here I am speechless to say about my best teacher of my life. I studied many institutions like NIIT and other institutions for technical knowledge, but the knowledge, the path, the guidance I obtained by Vivek Sir; I do not say “Future in Hands” is an Institution. Actually FIH is an NGO where peoples do not need to worry about their future. I was nothing when I joined FIH. But now I am something. And if I am something, the complete credit goes to Vivek Sir. Only due to Vivek Sir I am in Airtel. Thanks Sir. Thanks FIH. Will be grateful to you.

Sunil Kumar

Because teaching method of educating is very simple and he has very good experiences in Excel & VBA programming. Any doubt of queries solved in seconds. He is a very good teacher in this world.


Uday Thakur

I am surprised, having seen Mr. Vivekananda Sinha because his art of teaching can not be defined. I am so satisfied by joining him. Before join him, I went in several institute but I could not find out such an art of teaching. I want to say something about Mr. Vivekananda Sinha, "He not only delivers the best quality but also he helps all the students for making the best career" So, I am really very grateful of Mr. Vivekananda Sinha for giving the best quality as well as the best career. Thanks a lot to Mr. Vivekananda Sinha.


Ragini Singh Chauhan

Mr. Vivekananda Sinha is an awesome trainer in Delhi NCR. The pedagogy of Mr. Vivekananda Sinha is outstanding and he caters the best career. His motive is not provided a job, his motive is provided a career. I am really very thankful of Mr. Vivekananda Sinha for giving me the best career. Thanks a lot to Mr. Vivekananda Sinha from core of my heart.

Bivay Kumar

I have no word to explain to Mr. Vivekananda Sinha. He is an outstanding trainer in Delhe NCR. "Just as a drop of water helps to live at the time of thirst, in the same way Mr. Vivekananda Sinha helps us in making of wonderful career at the time of spread career." His motive is not provided a job, his motive is provided a career. I am really very thankful of Mr. Vivekananda Sinha for giving me the best career. Thanks a lot to Mr. Vivekananda Sinha from core of my heart.

Bivay Kumar

I have no word to explain to Mr. Vivekananda Sinha. He is an outstanding trainer in Delhe NCR. "Just as a drop of water helps to live at the time of thirst, in the same way Mr. Vivekananda Sinha helps us in making of wonderful career at the time of spread career." His motive is not provided a job, his motive is provided a career. I am really very thankful of Mr. Vivekananda Sinha for giving me the best career. Thanks a lot to Mr. Vivekananda Sinha from core of my heart.


Vandana Chauhan

The Teaching method of Vivekanda Sir is so progressive in a very simple and understanding language. I want to say "thank you to Vivek Sir as I got a lot of improvement in my official task by join the MIS classes from UrbanPro.


Bivay Kumar

I have no word to explain Mr. Vivekananda Sinha. He is Outstanding Trainer in Delhi NCR. "Just as a drop of water is necessary to live at the time of thirst, in the same way he always helps his students at the time of their tough hours" His motive is not provided a good job, his motive is provided a good career. Thanks a lot to Mr. Vivekananda Sinha from core of my heart to light the career of my spread life.



He is a awesome teacher for all course. I have done Excel & VBA. Good notes, appreciate the way of teaching.


Alok Kumar Srivastava

Vivek Sir is one of the best trainer in NCR.



I would like to share my experience with vivek sir, As a teacher, his concept about course is very much immpresive. Assignment are very much helpful to learn the course in easy way. tough question has resolved with in a minute. he knows how to manages 10 -50 peoples in a group in classroom. his video programmes were very much impresive and help ful for each student. and i think most of the students has got a new jobs after attending his classes. thats not enough about vivek sir, i just want to say thank you vivek sir, for those times which i have spent with u in classes. regards vasu saini


Amit Makhija

Sir is so helpful, always try to motivate you and always ready to help you in any condition. thank u sir that i gain so much from future in hands.

Sujeet Singh

This is an amazing class. I def was not expecting the instructor, Sir, to be so awesome. He is super well versed with Excel, a fantastic teacher. we learned awesome tips and techniques about how to most efficiently use Excel. It's amazing how much time many of us waste doing things manually. I never realized how simple it is to use the methods/shortcuts that vivek sir teaches.Vivek sir's style of teaching is to keep drilling a concept over and over until it sticks. He is a very good teacher and technical mentor for excel and vba programming,his class tutorial is well organised to understand basics as well as advance excel and vba programming.Every class we are getting the video of tutorial which helps later to understand the missing things.The most important thing is that we can clear our doubts any time at cell phone or chatting. I am very happy to took this class. Compared to what else is out there.....



The way of teaching is superb. Very supportive and helpful in teaching. He always solve our queries. Its a great experience to learn from Vivekananda.


Satyveer Chauhan

Vivekananda sir is an expert in excel, his way of teaching is excellent..topics covered in this course are really in depth and essential from a professional point of view. I am glad that I have found a teacher like him!!"


Ankit Saxena

The way he teach is best amongst all and he have all the good qualities and skills needed in a trainer. He focus on every individual student and clear every doubts. So far I can say he is master on excel and vba. I highly recommend him as trainer for all the courses he is providing and can guarantee that after course you will post same things as I did for him.


Mohit Sharma

Vivekanand Sir, Who always helps Students to get the knowledge and always stands beside the students when they have problems. He's not only teacher he's a good friend, philosopher and guide. he's made a good platform to our bright future


Devendra Nautiyal

really feeling honoured while giving recommendation , as vivek sir....the way u teach and approach every student queries quiet majestic and brilliant.The main highlight of the session are tricky assignments that you used to give after every class and believe me it takes a toll to do those brain storming assignments.



He is awesome in Excel & VBA with a simple and the best teaching method. He is the only person who made me to believe MIS is an awesome profile to choose.


Gaurav Tyagi

Mr. Vivekananda has been tutoring me from last two months. I was scared by the name of VBA before I met him but in last couple of months under his guidence and my hardwork I have been making very complex VBA programming applications. He is a very good teacher and a better human being. He is an optimistic person not just for himself but for the students too. He motivates and drives trainees to excel in whatever training he is providing. He is surely a master at what he does. I'm really glad that I joined his initiative "Future in Hands" and now I'm enjoying my fruitful career, all thanks to him. Thank You Sir



I have no word for define the excellency of viveakananda sir I am word less I would like to say only That he is a outstanding teacher


Rohit Diwakar

thanks to you sir......for so much of learning. guys if you are looking for specialized training and expertising excels and VBA skills then this would be the end of your search. vivek sir , provides all study materials with tricky assignments. the best part of his sessions are personalised attention to each and every student as the batch size is very small with reasonable fees structure that too in installments.


Vinay Means Polite

He is an expert in excel, his way of teaching is excellent..topics covered in this course are really in depth and essential from a professional point of view. I am glad that I have found a teacher like him!!


Devinder Tewatia

According to me, this is right place to get the knowledge about excel/ VBA /others. And as concerned about Teacher," explain each & every point very clear". Thanks to Vivekanand !!


Anant Jain

The method of teaching is excellent. Very supportive and helpful in teaching. Its a great experience to learn from Vivekananda S.

Shivkant Pathak

Vivekananda is an excellent knowledge of MS Office tools. His way of teaching is excellent as he have the experience of IT industry.

Manish Saluja

I was searching for a experienced and a knowledgeable trainer who can teach me excel in very short span of time. I got his suggestion from one of my collegues who already attended his trainings earlier. The purpose of attending the training in a short span of time was to face the Interview for Assistant Manager in an International KPO where the requirement was to have excellent Reporting and Analytical skills. I learnt almost all the things in Microsoft Excel in approx 10 hours of session provided by sir. He is relly a great combination of knowledge and query handling skills. The session was like a magic show for me where I learn the things in excel that made my routine tasks very easy. Finally, I got selected as an Asst. Manager. Thanks to him for guiding me. Wating for more sessions to attend.

Avinash Rai

Hello Sir, It was pleaasure being your student and having your guidance on MIS. This was really beneficial training for me, now i have been able to analyze data from various angle and can make dashboards. It has saved my effort at large by scrapping manual effort by using formulaes. I would also request you to please start classes for complete MS-Office package.


Vibhor Rawat

One day Training session on Expertising Excel is a great learning experience. This training is beneficial for all those who are working in corporates. I attended this training and learnt many things that can be used in our routine tasks. Waiting for VBA Session to commnece.


Vibhor Rawat

Consummate skills of trainer make tough things very easy. Trainer covers all part of excel from root level to complex level like macros and decision enabling data analysis tools. Fee is affordable too.I must recommend everyone to go and learn excel in a way you never knew before.

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₹ 6,000

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