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French Language

French Language

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Rahul Saxena | 22 hrs ago

In Spanish - Uno medio

Devendra Yadav | 20 hrs ago

Hindi - we call it "aadha"

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Sankar Kumar Mukherjee | 22 hrs ago

Definite Articles denote the number and Gender of the noun. In case of the country name it is important to mention as countries have their defined gender. For India it will be L'Inde...... India is feminine

Alka R | 21 hrs ago

Yes for Countries the definite article le,la,l" or les is to be used though a name is a PROPER NOUN.For a city the definite article is not used.


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Patrick Essiangne | 5 days ago

It is possible if you can remember easily what you learn in French

Jyotsna Vartak | 3 days ago

yes you can definitely learn basic french i.e. A1 level in 3 months. Infact you can even learn upto A2 level if you are willing to work hard and find a good tutor. We too conduct crash courses in french for all levels you can contact us for more details


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Bhashaprofs | 1 day ago

Learning French language is an all time career asset!!

Virat Kapoor | 1 day ago

hello - if you want to learn french language? French is a Romance language spoken by about 338 million people. It is the third most spoken language in Europe, after German and English, and is also spoken in parts of Africa, North America, South America, Asia and Oceania. there are six levels in french A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2 - (Beginner) A1 : Can recognise and use familiar words and simple phrases for concrete purposes. Can introduce himself or someone else. Can ask and answer basic questions about home, family, surroundings, etc. Can communicate in a basic way when the other person speaks slowly and clearly, and is ready to repeat or reformulate to help communication. (Elementary) A2 : Can understand isolated phrases and common expressions that relate to areas of high personal relevance (like personal or family information, shopping, immediate environment, work). Can communicate during easy or habitual tasks requiring a basic and direct information exchange on familiar subjects. Using simple words, can describe his or her surroundings and communicate immediate needs

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Intraword | 01 Sep

same word in different language

The Mentoring Hub Llp | 03 Sep

original = the first, as opposed to the reproduction/copy which came later (the original painting, an original idea, etc) originel = related to the origins, the very beginning (original sin, the original habitat of a species, etc.)

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