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Lesson Posted 12 hrs ago Tuition/Class IX-X Tuition/French Tuition/Class VI-VIII Tuition/French Tuition/Class XI-XII Tuition (PUC)/French +1 Language/Foreign Language/French Language

Hello Everyone, Hope you find this post interesting. Learning a language in a more natural way Explaining...


Lesson Posted 12 hrs ago Tuition/Class VI-VIII Tuition/French Language/Foreign Language/French Language

Make plural nouns in French by adding an s or x, or by substituting –aux for –al. In French...


Answered on 17 Jul Language/Foreign Language/French Language

Which is the best institute for French language in Delhi YMCA or Bhartiya Vidya Bhawan?

Deepak S.

French Language Teacher

The best institute is obiously Alliance Francaise de Delhi but it's not there in your list. So recommending Bhartiya Vidhya Bhawan over YMCA. All the best !

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Lesson Posted on 09/12/2016 Language/Foreign Language/French Language

En fait/ au fait/ un fait – In fact/ by the way/ a fact Don’t mix up these expressions as...

Mayuri A.

The French Center

Bonjour Il y en a une autre : "en effet " En effet is somewhat like "indeed" in english. So "en fait" is used to introduce accuracy whereas "en effet" is used to affirm or confirm something that has previously been said. Examples : Les étudiants ont fini le projet en une heure. En fait, ils avaient travaillé en binôme. En effet, le projet était énorme.

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Answered on 15 Jul Language/Foreign Language/French Language

I have done French course from Jammu University and want to start Online classes for it. How can you help?

The Spoken Word

UrbanPro will help you to get students.

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Lesson Posted on 17 Jul Language/Foreign Language/French Language

1. Votre l'expérience à promener sur une plage de la mer: La côte de...


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