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French Language

French Language

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French Language Lessons

Typing French Accents
Bonjour à tous! I am giving you some keyboard shortcuts which will help you in typing easily the french accents. Moreover, it will help you in typing and doing writing tasks while taking online...

Bhupinder Bisht | 1 day ago

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En fait/ au fait/ un fait
En fait/ au fait/ un fait – In fact/ by the way/ a fact Don’t mix up these expressions as they sound quite similar. They are all based on the very versatile verb faire En fait – is used...

Bhupinder Bisht | 1 day ago

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French Grammar Points
  Depuis, pour, pendant, dans, en, ça fait… which one do I use? DEPUIS = indicates the origin of an action/a situation that is still continuing at the moment or that was...

Bhupinder Bisht | 1 day ago

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Geetha Venugopal | 02 Dec

In Tamil you say ,"Ünmayana kalvi enbadhu unnul irukkkum sirandha thiramayai velikkonarvadhagum" Mahattma Gandhi said this.

Professor Grover. M. | 3 days ago

'True education consists of drawing the best out of you'. As a language teacher, we should not go into the matter who said it. We are language teachers, not historians.

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Bhupinder Bisht | 3 days ago

In formal we say: bonjour. In informal we can say: salut, coucou. Allô is usually spoken while talking on phone. Tien means to attract attention or informally it means hey.

Westside | 3 days ago

Plusieurs façons:Bonjour,Salut,Tiens pour les amis

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Vikash Gupta | 02 Dec

Où est (where is) + location.


Teena | 03 Dec

Où is where,comment on va aller là?

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Bhupinder Bisht | 3 days ago

Yes, actually French culture and French people are very sophisticated and one must be polite while dealing with French. So, while you are learning French, you have to learn it with it's culture and limitations for example selection of words is very important. One can not just translate his thoughts in French because that's not gonna work.

Bhupinder Bisht | 3 days ago

French culture and french people are very sophisticated so the politeness is an integral part of French language. French is not just a translation of your thoughts because you have to act accordingly. So, it's important to learn how french talk and how they behave.

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Asha Tadituri | 02 Dec

Most important is regular reading and writing for Hindi language. Minimum 3 months take to learn (talk) Hindi.

Aditi Jain | 3 days ago

Both are important but in my view you will learn very quick by TV but should have basic knowledge of that language. But if you will read a book of any language you would have much time to practice you can take the help of dictionary while reading book but not at the time of watching TV.

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