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Fashion Photography Classes

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Answered on 10 May Fashion Photography Classes Bird Photography Classes Landscape Photography Classes +3 Photographers/Event Photographers Photography Photography/Candid Photography

I want to buy a good DSLR for photography can you suggest me which should I buy Nikon or Canon. My budget...

Nipun Syal


Just go for Canon EOS 700D with dual lens kit (18-55mm & 55-250mm). Trust me, it’s a very good setup to begin with, as you can also experiment a lot with focal length. The problem with entry level photographers is that the buy a decent body with a very average lens (18-55mm or 18-135mm) and expect it to perform as if it’s a 5DmIII with a 70-200 2.8. Nikon also makes competent cameras, but as a beginner Canon is recommended because of its simple operation.

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Answered on 01 Jun Fashion Photography Classes

Want to make my portfolio of portraits and fashion in Hyderabad. How to go about it?

Alankar Vashishtha


For better results, you must hire a model. A model will help you with better expressions according to your shoot. Find location or a set where ever you are willing to shoot (Indoor/Outdoor). Remember!! if you are shooting outdoor, you must look after the dress your model is wearing. The dress must be contrast to your background. Find a good frame and shoot..

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Answered on 03 May Fashion Photography Classes

I want to acquire a career in photography ? Should I need prior knowledge of camera ? Because I never...

Arpit Agarwal


Dear Urmila, The person behind the camera matters more than the camera. Yes of course the camera will guve you a wider range for experiencing photography. Also if you ever want to buy a camera, I would suggest you to do great deal of research before going ahead for one.

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Lesson Posted on 22/11/2016 IT Courses/Adobe Photoshop Fashion Photography Classes Film and Media/Film Editing +3 Film and Media/Video Editing Photographers/Commercial Photographers Photography

The term post-processing (or postproc for short) is used in the video/film business for quality-improvement...


Lesson Posted on 20/11/2016 Photographers/Commercial Photographers Film and Media/Digital Film Making Film and Media/Film Direction +9 Film and Media/Film Editing Film and Media/Film Making Photographers/Wedding Photographers Photographers/Event Photographers Landscape Photography Classes Photographers Photographers/Family Photographers Photographers/Kids Photographers Fashion Photography Classes

What is Shutter Speed? : Shutter speed is a mechanism to control light entering the image sensor of camera....


Lesson Posted on 21/09/2016 Photography Film and Media/Video Editing Tuition/BA Tuition +9 Tuition/BA Tuition/Photography Bird Photography Classes Fashion Photography Classes Landscape Photography Classes Photography/Product Photography Photography/Wildlife Photography Product Photography Classes Hobby/Summer Camp Hobby/Summer Camp/Photography

Digital photography can be maximized to its full potential once you have the perfect camera, the proper...


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