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NEET Biology Sample Paper 1

05/02/2018 0 0

1. Which one of the following is employed as Anti Histamine?

a. Omeprazole
b. Chloramphenicol
c. Diphenyl hydramine
d. Norothindione

2. Which one of the following has the highest number of species in nature?

a. Angiosperm
b. Fungi
c. Insects
d. Birds

3. The gametophyte is not an independent, free living generation in:

a. Pinus
b. Polytrichren
c. Adiantum
d. Marchantia

4. Important site for formation of glycoprotein and glycolipid is:

a. Lysosomes
b. Vacuoles
c. Golgi apparatus
d. Plastids

5. Mutation can be induced by:

a. Gamma radiation
b. Infrared radiation
c. IAA
d. Ethylene

6. A collection of plant and seeds having diverse alleles of all the genes of a crop called:

a. Genome
b. Herbarium
c. Germplasm
d. Gene library

7. Which one of the following statement is correct?

a. Flower of Tulip is a modified root
b. In Tomato, fruit is a capsule
c. Seeds of Orchids of oil rich endosperm
d. Placentation in primrose is Basal

8. A drupe develops in:

a. Tomato
b. Wheat
c. Mango
d. Pea

9. The ovary is half inferior in flowers of:

a. Guava
b. Peach
c. Cucumber
d. Cotton

10. Wind pollination is common in:

a. Orchids
b. Legumes
c. Lilies
d. Grasses

11. Which one of the following groups of animals is correctly matched with its one characteristic features without even a single exception?

a. Mammalia: Give birth to young ones
b. Reptilia: possess three chambered heart with one is completed divided ventrically
c. Chordata: Possess a mouth provided with an upper and lower jaw
d. Chondrichthyes: Possess cartilaginous endo skeleton

12. The Ciliated columnar epithelial cells in humans are known to occur in:

a. Fallopian tube and urethra
b. Eustachian tube and stomach lining
c. Bronchioles and Fallopian tubes
d. Bile duct and esophagus

13. Which one of the following enzymes carries out the initial step in the digestion of milk in humans?

a. Trypsin
b. Pepsin
c. Rennin
d. Lipasc

14. Which of the following is not a part of renal pyramid?

a. Loops of henle
b. Peritubular capillaries
c. Convoluted tubes
d. Collecting duct

15. “Bundle of his” is a part of which one of the following organs in humans:

a. Pancreas
b. Brain
c. Heart
d. Kidney

16. Which one of the following plasma protein is involved in the coagulation of blood?

a. Fibrinogen
b. An albumin
c. Serum Amylase
d. A globulin

17. Arteries are best defined as the vessels which:

a. carry blood from one visceral organs to another visceral organ
b. Supply oxygenated blood to the different organs
c. Carry blood away from the heart to different organs
d. Breakup into capillaries which reunite the form a vein

18. The testis in human are situated outside the abdominal cavity inside a pouch called Scrotum and the purpose served for:

a. Providing a secondary features for exhibiting the male sex
b. Maintaining the scrotal temperature lower than the internal body temperature
c. Escaping any possible compression by the visceral organ
d. Providing more space for the growth of epididymis

19. A certain patient is suspected to the suffering of AIDS. Which diagnostic technique will you recommend for its reduction?

c. MRA
d. Ultrasound

20. Given below is a sample of portion of DNA strand giving the base sequence on the opposite strands, what is so special shown in it?
5’-GAATTC- 3’

3’-CTTAAG- 5’
a. Palindromic sequence of space pairs
b. B. Replication Completed
c. Deletion mutuation
d. Start Codon at the 5’ end

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