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Answered 13 hrs ago Exam Coaching/MBA Entrance Coaching

What is the best undergrad major to prepare for an MBA down the road?

Velmurugan K S


B.A Economics or BBA degree..or even B.COM..dr K S Velmurugan Pondy

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Answered 14 hrs ago Exam Coaching/MBA Entrance Coaching

How can I prepare myself for CAT and IIFt in less than 100 days, and which book is suitable for this exam?

Velmurugan K S


dear sharmista.. Prepare well in 3 thing.. general english .grammar. Q.T ( mathematical methods ) & current...

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Answered 3 days ago Exam Coaching/MBA Entrance Coaching

Which MBA preparation institute is good in Delhi: T.I.M.E. or TataGhat?

Vijaya Kumar Jayanthi


TIME is consistent on giving results. The few more good institutes are Connaught place.

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Answered on 04 May Exam Coaching/Foreign Education Exam Coaching/IELTS Coaching

I want to know how much minimum time is required to prepare for International English Language Testing...

S D.


Around 2 - 2.5 months.

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Answered 1 day ago Exam Coaching/Foreign Education Exam Coaching/GRE Coaching

How do you get prepared to score more than 160 in the GRE verbal section if you have one year and must...

Shailendra Garg


50% of GRE based on Vocab or usages of word. So keep on improving your GRE related vocab. Keep on reading...

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Answered 4 days ago Exam Coaching/Medical Entrance Coaching

Is it necessary to do all ncert exercise questions for medical entrance exam?



Choose any One book per subject and get throug with concepts and fundamentals

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