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Answered 4 hrs ago Exam Coaching/MCA Coaching

Would doing a BTech in IT or a B.Sc in IT+MCA be more beneficial for getting jobs in IT companies?

Althaf Rahaman

CSE Professor

As per IT Companies both students are handled in same campus interviews. i mean if any It company conducting...

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Answered 5 hrs ago Exam Coaching/Foreign Education Exam Coaching/GRE Coaching

Is it unusual if I start my preparation for the GRE from the first year of my engineering. Should I start...

Veeresh Muttagi


Very good if you start now. You can take exam in your final year and join the course immediately after...

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Lesson Posted 26 mins ago Life Skills Coaching/Vedic Maths Training Tuition/Class I-V Tuition Exam Coaching/Math Olympiad

Subtraction Of Numbers In An Easy Method

Mamta Mund

I have 4 years of experience in teaching maths. Now I m working as subject matter expert for post graduation...

As we know in decimal system ten digits are used. I.e 0 - 9. Subtracting a number from base 10, 100,...

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Answered 6 hrs ago Exam Coaching/Quantitative Aptitude

Which is the smallest number that both 33 and 59 can divide into, leaving a remainder of 5?

Kumar Jaydeep


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Answered 6 hrs ago Exam Coaching/Quantitative Aptitude

When the series 110+210+310+410+510+610+710+810+910110+210+310+410+510+610+710+810+910 is divided by...

Kumar Jaydeep

The series sum is 4590 and when divided by 1010 leaves remainder 550

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Answered 10 hrs ago Exam Coaching/UPSC Exams Coaching

Why do I need to read NCERTs for UPSC if I am comfortable with starting out on Standard books like Ramesh...

Chanakya Academy

UPSC demands basic knowledge about different aspects and NCERT provides you the basic and demanded knowledge....

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