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Drawing Lessons

The Importance of Drawing.
Watch a child draw. See how she scrawls with abandon, jabs the felt tip at the paper, colours an eye so deeply the pen drives a hole through the paper. Look as she concentrates on the action of the subject,...

Falguni Chakraborty | 1 day ago

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TOEIC Test : Listening & Reading Test Format
The TOEIC L&R is a paper-and-pencil, multiple-choice assessment. There are two separately timed sections of 100 questions each. Section I : ListeningExaminees listen to a variety of questions and short...
Spoken English Training Can Never Be Complete Without These Secrets
As mentioned before, here are the three amazing secrets that every student should be aware of when they want to make the most of their training classes and they are Choose Institution Wisely: Every...

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Yathhshilpa | 28 Sep

The answers below shall give you a fair idea, how to go about your query. But the most important factor is to understand that an art teacher is required for a varied age group. The learning process begins at age 4 and there is no limit where it stops. We at YATHHSHILPA have youngest student of 6 yrs old for art and craft and the oldest is 47 years for canvas and potrait painting. Do you look at yourself teaching to all the age groups. then specify in your profile. Or decide your expertise and cater to that crowd. So you get a very genuine clientele. Make a portfolio of your thoughts accordingly. All the very best.


Madonna | 05 Oct

Nobody wants to read an essay. Just be straight to the point. Like where do you want to teach, what are the things you will teach, why you will teach certain topics and the age group. Any other further inquiries can be discussed on the phone.


What are top drawing coaching centres in India?

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Elaiyaraja Dharmalingam | 18 Jul

Dear friend, Any coaching center will say we are the best. But do you know the secret "No one can teach you drawing,but can trigger you towards learning"

Rajeev Raul | 01 Sep

It depends, what type of art you want to go for. If you are serious about art to choose as a career part. You can contact me for professional training or the preparation for entrance exam to appear.


I am a tutor how to connect with students

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Anirban Mondal | 18 Jun

Please take a premium membership,recharge & select category like which subject you teach.you'll be notified automatically if wanna connect them you'll be charged 20rs.each.

Amandeep Singh | 04 Jul

Hello madhurima, I am here to help you out . See it is very simple 1. make sure you have purchased a some coins for the same . 2. Then you will be shown three options 1. Queries 2. Contacted 3. Hired 3. Click on queries column and you will see many students who want to study the subject of your choice . 4 choose any student from the list and enter the message you want to send and amount you want from the student and submit it ( submit button is at the end of the page I don't remember the name exactly) After clicking the the option you will be shown the mobile number of the student and your coins will he deducted. That is all about the process


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Shridhar Viswanathan | 16 Jun

Understand what is 1st & 3rd Angle Projection . This is fundamental. Study the drawing symbols and what it means. Practice freehand drawing. Place an object and try to draw all the views ( Top,Front & Side).This will help you in reading Engineering drawings.

Amit Anerao | 17 Jul

Engineering drawing need lot of practice. Starting from fundamentals like line. Solve exam papers on projection, isometric, sectional views and most importantly get corrected from faculty. Neatness and cleanliness required.


How to complete a memory,2d and 3d drawing in 2 hours?

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Ravi | 28 Jun

First ....imagenation again draw outline with pencil lightly,take 2 step...to develap the picture in your memory ,it will complete 2 hours.

Rajeev Raul | 01 Sep

I do train candidate to complete Memory Drawing and 2-D design in 1 and half hour. It is requirement of Entrance exam of JJ School of Art. Also they do score well to get admission. That's very important!!!

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