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₹ 10,000 per month

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Laxmi . photo

Laxmi .

Bisrakh, Greater Noida,Noida

₹ 8,000 per month

These topics which I will teach: Search engine Optimization 1. Search Engine Starter Guide 2. Search Engine Optimization Fundamentals 3. Optimization a website for Search 4. Content optimization 5. Use Canonical URLs 6. Technical SEO 7. Common Issues in Mobile Web Design 8. Mobile Friendly Test (Activity) 9. Beat the Competition with Easy-to-Find Apps 10. Keywords to Optimize 11. ? Keyword Research (Activity) 12. Selecting and Testing Keywords (Activity) 13. Use Data to Competitive BenefitKeywords Link Building & Popularity 14. Link Building & Popularity 15. Google for business 16. Ebook for Google 17. Complete On-page and off-page SEO Optimization 18. SEO Moz for beginner guide. 19. SEO Website Tips for International Marketers 20. Tips to improve website ranking and conversion Blogs ? Blogs Creation ? Blogs Submission ? Blogs Commenting Social Media (SMO) (SMM) 1. Definitive Guide to Social Media Marketing 2. Internet marketing handbook 3. How to Use Twitter for Business guide 4. Pinterest guide for marketers (pinterest marketing) 5. Facebook for business 6. Instagram marketing Guide to use 20 free seo tool that will help to doing SEO effectively.

Digital Marketing Gurgaon photo

Digital Marketing Gurgaon


₹ 10,000 per month

I will teach you on your projects, assignments I will share my experience You can meet any time with my trained students Digital Marketing Course Website Planning & Creation use html5, CSS3 PHP, Word press, PPC Advertising Google, Bing Campaign Webmaster Tools, Google Analytics, Internet Strategy, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Online Display Advertising, E commerce Marketing, Content Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Social Media Optimization, Search Engine Marketing.

Raunak photo



₹ 5,000 per month

Basic and advance training

Swati S. photo

Swati S.

DLF City Phase 3,Gurgaon

₹ 10,000 per month

I can teach each and every topics very easily and make it stronger for the students.

Digital Go Market photo

Digital Go Market

Sector 2,Noida

₹ 10,000 per month

Digital Go Market is a Noida-based Digital Training & Marketing Agency delivering high quality, cost effective, reliable, and result-oriented solutions on time for a global clientele. Professionalism, Skill and Expertise are the tools that we use for your business bringing in maximum return on your investment in shortest possible time.

Satish N. photo

Satish N.

Paud Road,Pune

₹ 30,000 per month

Digital Marketing Batches starts from 2nd week of July. Avail discounts for early registration. Digital Marketing Professional Trainer from Pune. Get opportunity to work on live projects online and offline. Assured you 100 % placement assistance as digital marketing trainee within 3 months after completion of course. I have over 5+ years of experience in SEM/SEO/PPC/SMO. Google Analytics Certified Engineer. Broad search engine marketing background spans search engine optimization, pay per click, social media optimization, and digital marketing, web analytics, website analysis, and content marketing. Web Analytics Tools: I have an experience with website analysis using a variety of analytics tools including Google Analytics as well as internal reporting tool. Basic knowledge of analytics tools like: Compete, IBM Coremetrics, Comscore, Webtrends and Omniture. Experience working with CMS and building/administering content in CMS environments:

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Top Questions about Digital Marketing Training Fees

Answered on 30/08/2018 Functional Training/Internet & Digital Media/Digital Marketing Training Functional Training/Internet & Digital Media/Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Training Functional Training/Internet & Digital Media/Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Training +2 IT Courses/WordPress Functional Training/Internet & Digital Media/Social Media Marketing (SMM) Training less

Sunil Pratap Singh

Digital Marketing Trainer

I am not from Hyderabad but i would like share few things to make digital marketing institute search and selection easy and fact. Follow following steps to select your dream digital marketing institute in your city ( for offline classroom courses) Step:1 Search on Google and Urbanpro " Digital Marketing... read more

I am not from Hyderabad but i would like share few things to make digital marketing institute search and selection easy and fact.

Follow following steps to select your dream digital marketing institute in your city ( for offline classroom courses)

Step:1 Search on Google and Urbanpro " Digital Marketing Courses in "City Name"

Step:2 Read about fee, course content, past student's feedbacks and other key elements such as trainers history and Job assistance.

Step:3 Call selected final 3-4 institutes and fix free demo class ( if not providing Free demo class then ask for it)

Step:4 After joining demo class i hope you will know which one is right digital marketing institute to join.



I hope it works for you.

Please let me know if you have any dilemma regarding digital markeitng courses and topics.

Sunil Pratap Singh

Trainer @ Marketer Academy Ghaziabad UP


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Lesson Posted on 28/03/2018 Functional Training/Internet & Digital Media/Digital Marketing Training

Email marketing list for mounting business

Edusmart Skills

What is Email marketing? It is a subscription to any product you have bought. While buying a product online, you might have received any particular mail on your mail account for example: “Thank you for joining our site or Thanks for buying ‘x’ product from us”. By subscribing... read more

What is Email marketing?

It is a subscription to any product you have bought. While buying a product online, you might have received any particular mail on your mail account for example: “Thank you for joining our site or Thanks for buying ‘x’ product from us”. By subscribing to any particular site or any E-commerce website, you get to know about several new offers or latest updates about some products to buy for yourself or your friends and family. Through Email marketing online course we can pick up that Email marketing for any business is appropriate for succeeding profits from buyer’s wish. There aren’t many other marketing stages which allow the customers to go from detecting an offer to procuring an item within two clicks of a button. With a rousing call to action or a link which gives the user straight access to register, email newsletters can energise sales like no other channel.

A limited amount of time sales can be observed related to products you’ve ordered in the past from major online retailers, a product launch with a special opening offer from an information marketer, an invitation to subscribe to an investment newsletter, or even an invitation to attend an online webinar. The possibilities are endless.

All those E letters or content messages you receive from different trades are also a portion of email marketing and destined to be a significant part.


Email list

Listing Email is the most creative task, and it also aids in producing or fabricating a large sum of subscribers registering themselves on your site. For creating an email list, you must persuade people to give their name and email address. You must have their agreement to email them. Or else, it is considered spam and it can be resulting in facing some of the penalties such as being levied and even be taken to court. All these stuff must be done sincerely.

There are many other elementary processes which can be learned through Email marketing online course. The most obvious or we can say the apparent advantage of Email marketing online course and email marketing is that it’s meant to be lesser cost associated with traditional marketing networks. There are no print or postage charges and no fees paid in exchange for contact on a billboard, magazine or television channel. Email marketers might consider contributing to professional software to control, track and value their emails. Positively, there may be a small effort for sending thousands of emails at a time, but these costs are far lower than what you would expect to pay using other marketing channels.

Convincing someone to give up their email address is a matter of distinguishing yourself from your challenger. It needs to think about this as it will screen everything that you do as you form your email marketing operation like the copy, the offer and everything. The best part of Email marketing for business is that it can be easily shared with other people by hardly any efforts. Subscribers can forward stunning deals and offers to their friends at the click of a button. There aren’t any other categories of marketing that can be shared as effortlessly as the Email marketing. Subscribers can also become observant on presenting your business to a new market. In the modern period, this practice has been determined to be leading to the traditional type of marketing.


Ways of procuring an Email list

  • Your Email content should be notable:

If you want people to continue their subscription, your content needs to be amazing. It should be designed in such a way that it survives long in both the brain and the eyes of the observer.

  • Encourage your existing email subscribers to share your emails

You could include social sharing buttons and an "Email to a Friend" button in your marketing emails, and encourage your subscribers to share and forward your emails. That way, you'll get in contact with new colleagues, friends and networks, who might show some interest in it. A "Subscribe" Call to Action as a simple text-based link, should be added at the bottom of your emails so that those in receipt of the sent emails can easily opt-in, too.

  • Promote an online contest

Sponsoring an online contest is like a free giveaway, and has contestants sign up or submit using their email address. And don't forget to endorse your contest on social media as well.

  • Create multiple email subscriptions types

You must apply yourself in starting a compound email subscriptions types that you will be going to use in the distribution of more and more targeted content to specific segments of your marketing personas. Email receivers are more potential to click through emails that have remained targeted at them, so if you make multiple, targeted subscription types, you'll raise the possibility that invitees will subscribe to one of them.

  • Strengthen an old email list with an opt-in operation.

Do you have an older list that you think gets rotten? Construct a nice-looking opt-in message and send it to your old list reassuring contacts who wish to re-opt-in and skilled to eliminate all contacts who don't respond. Though it might seem like inconsistent to eliminate the people from your email lists to grow them, emailing only engaged contacts could improve your delivering ability and increases the odds of your email getting shared with those outside your current contacts database. Complement a link to your employees' signatures that leads people to a landing page where they can sign up for your mailing list.

  • Ask people to ‘join the club.’

A proposal such as a birthday or anniversary invitations can also be made that would let people enrol by providing their email address and relevant date. Encourage them with some surprising offer for signing up, and follow up with something else unique, such as a discount coupon, on their anniversary or birthday date. By applying this, you might create a fantastic mode of email marketing for your business.

  • Do some telemarketing

All the way through the day, you and your staff perhaps interact with many customers, and discussions are done on the phone. Before you hang up, always ask if they would like to join hands with your email list. Give them a brief report about what are the paybacks for enrolling in your enterprise, For instance: Special offers or discounts that are limited and only available to email subscribers.

  • Design substantial blog

Blogs will be going to help you in creating a clear personal relationship with the customers and take hold of their email addresses. Steadily end blogs with a call that inspires users to sign up. Blog visitors need to provide an email list to leave comments and set it up so that they have to vigorously choose out if they don’t want their email address comprised of your mailing list.

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Lesson Posted on 19/09/2017 Functional Training/Internet & Digital Media/Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Training Functional Training/Internet & Digital Media/Digital Marketing Training Functional Training/Internet & Digital Media

5 Questions To Ask SEO Consultant When Hiring Him For Business

Sanjiv Barnwal

SEO expert in Kolkata, India to rank your business on top of the Google first page. I work one on one...

If you want to improve ranking of your website in search results, hire a SEO consultant. Your site will have more traffic thus, higher conversions and profit. Do you find that your website is not visible on the first page of search results on Google, Yahoo or Bing? If yes, then there are chances that... read more

If you want to improve ranking of your website in search results, hire a SEO consultant. Your site will have more traffic thus, higher conversions and profit.

Do you find that your website is not visible on the first page of search results on Google, Yahoo or Bing? If yes, then there are chances that your prospective clients do not even know that your site exists. By improving the visibility of search engines, you can improve traffic to your site that can help in increasing awareness of your brand and greater profits.

How about if you do not have sufficient time and necessary expertise to improve your website ranking in search engines? It is smart decision to hire an experienced SEO consultant who can help your online business attain greater heights of success.

1. Ask about the list of past and present clients: A trustworthy consultant is the one who can share the list of previous and current clients along with their contact details. These references will enable you to understand if the consultant you have chosen is a good one and can help with effective SEO strategies. Though the clients might not show specific analytics, they might tell you if they had positive impact on search rankings that has helped them with higher conversions, sales and ultimately profit margin.

2. Improve the ranking of your site in search engines: Just like other places, your SEO consultant in London should be able to explain in details about effective strategies that they will use to boost your site’s ranking in search engines and the time it will take to accomplish the objectives of SEO campaign. The proposal should consist of an initial technical assessment of the website to sort out any problems that might be the reason for bad search engine ranking like error web pages and broken links. Consultants need to provide "on page" optimization that allows you to make your website search engine friendly. It will help in improving the URL and internal linking structure of your website, together with developing headings, tags and web page titles. Don’t forget to ask the consultant if they offer "off page" SEO strategies to improve the awareness of content on other websites through blogs, press releases and social media platforms.

3. Follow the guidelines of search engines: You obviously want your SEO expert to abide by the rules of Google that specifically disallow 12 common SEO tricks that consist of automatically generating spammy content and adding meaningless links and hidden text. If the consultant follows to follow those guidelines, your website could downgrade to low search results ranking or Google might ban it from search results.

4. Enquire if they guarantee about top ranking of your site: Though it is something next to impossible for guarantying number-one ranking of your website on search engines. There are some unprofessional SEO consultants who give such guarantees. Make sure you know that Google, Bing and Yahoo can only improve the ranking of your website in search results.

5. Select an experienced consultant for better search results: It is extremely important to rank your website on top in search results. This will help you draw attention of potential clients towards your website and of course, business. Obviously, you want to hire a SEO expert who has proper knowledge in local SEO services and strategies. If your site is optimized for local SEO, it should be visible when any user is searching for most relevant keywords related to your business. For that, SEO experts need to add the city and state of your business to meta descriptions and title tags of your website. This will enable your website to get listed in Google, Yahoo and Bing’s local listings that are online directories fulfilling the requirements of a specific area.

You need to understand that when parting ways, the consultant of a reputed SEO agency in London will not modify or remove any content already added or optimized. Ask the consultant if they have any fees for early termination of the agreement. If so, request them to specify it clearly in the contract.

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