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Add shadows to boxes with HTML 5.0 and CSS 3.0
1) Hi! lets learn how to drop shadows for the boxes. First let's create a simple box in html <!doctype html><html><div>Hi this is a box</div></html> 2) Now lets give it a...
Awesome HTML and CSS hover button with transition effects
Hello all today we will learn to make an awesome and easy button hover and transition effect. 1) Lets make a basic html button. Click me 2) We have created a basic html 5.0 button, lets style it up with...
Awesome rotating Image on hover | HTML5, CSS3
Hello everyone let's see how to make an awesome rotating image on hover with HTML 5.0 and CSS 3.0. STEP 1: In HTML code put an image with the HTML tag STEP 2: Style that image however you want. Below...

Akshay Khobragade | 29/12/2016

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Madhulekha | 08/09/2016

display:none will not be available in the page and does not occupy any space. visibility:hidden hides an element, but it will still take up the same space as before.

Jitendra Kumar | 09/09/2016

Visibility hidden: hide the object on page but show the blank place of object. Display None: hide the object with place (Placement Area with object).


What is per hour pricing and duration for any of the following courses from three best training institutes: Photoshop training; Video training; PHP programming; Web Development: CSS/ Javascript programming; Android programming; Java programming?

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Biswajit Chatterjee | 08/06/2016

I provide responsive html5, css3, jquery, wordpress, bootstrap, sass, less training @ a very minimum cost of Rs. 250 per hour.

Nipun Syal | 06 Mar

Your domain is too wide/ question is too general. I will however, be answering about Photoshop / Video editing. Top institutes offer complete courses father than charging per hour, at least most ones in India do so. However individuals do offer training on per hour basis. For Photoshop it would cost you around Rs. 1000 per session and for Photography it would cost you around Rs. 1800. Kindly note, the charges vary as per experience of the designer/photographer.

Which technologies is good in Frontend developer? HTML,CSS,JAVASCRIPT,JQUERY,PHP,MYSQL,PHOTOSHOP,ANGULARJS?Among these courses which I need to learn

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Cristus Cleetus | 27/05/2016

Technologies that you should master as a frontend developer includes: Photoshop : from preparing mockups to actual designs and to slicing up graphics HTML & CSS : to tie up all the graphics, text and interactive components on how it should look in the frontend. Javascript & Jquery : for all interactivity and dynamic behaviour for your frontend. All other technologies such as AngularJS, Meteor, NodeJs can be mastered based on what you want to specialize, and that not just includes the frontend part of development, but also backend. You may also master Git, so that helps in versioning and managing different versions of your design files when working with a team.

Irshad Ahmad | 14/09/2016

You should start with HTML, CSS and JavaScript, then start exploring AngularJS. I would suggest to go for Angular2 directly with basic understanding of Node.js, ECMA6 and TypeScript. Later on you can learn about JSLint, gulp and grunt and other analysis and optimization tools. Go step by step.

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