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Big Data Hadoop Training
What is Big Data? Big data means really a big data, it is a collection of large datasets that cannot be processed using traditional computing techniques. Big data is not merely a data, rather it has become...
Easy way to remember Java keyword.
ACCESS MODIFIER ACCESS SPECIFIER abstract, assert, const, final, native, static, strictfp, super, synchronized, this, transient, void, volatile public, private, protected, default DATA TYPE CONTROL...
Merge Multiple PST Files into One Using PST Merge Tool
Overview of PST Merge Software The PST Merge is a software which merge multiple PST files into a single PST file. It makes sure that when PST files are merged into a new file, the original PST files should...

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Rinku Jain | 2 days ago

Like already mentioned, dont quit your existing job. Enroll for a course that you are confident about doing with ease in line with the market demand while working. There are lot of weekend batches around, if time is a constraint on weekdays.


Shiva | 2 days ago

Hi, I suggest you choose Software testing as an automation engineer. Refer my course content. As per my experience, from running a consulting firm, It is easy to get into Software Industry than any other industry and it is must faster to see success here. The most import thing is, you need to figure out the strategy to crack the interviews and find out the right content. Once it is done it doesn't take more time to land in a IT JOB. Never just believe in the training content, It is freely available everywhere now and lots of good videos available on YouTube as well. But getting an JOB is altogether different. I know many are trying for years to find a job in IT industry though they are trained in multiple institutes on multiple technologies. Only the strategic approach will only help you stand out from the competition. Here are some tips: Spend more time with IT people, Talk to as many IT people, understand the IT field, work, and culture. Nature of the IT projects and how the interviews are taken by the managers. Are managers are really trained to assess the candidates. Companies that do not pay high salary but need people who work for lower salaries, Contract to Hire projects for a period of 3 months to 6 months. How Consultancies work. These are the key things, once you have understood them, you can focus only on the right things needed to crack the interview and things needed to be successful on the JOB. When it comes to training, 300 hours of honest effort is needed to get a software Job and you need to prefer always practical oriented training approach. Whatever you learn in the morning should be implemented in the evening. Staying in the JOB that is not related to IT, I always suggest quitting the job unless you are making really huge money. Instead, you chose a career for three months as an assistant trainer in an institute or as a lab faculty. You need to live in technology all the day till you get your dream JOB. Decide to Fail 8 interviews as fast as possible and never think about success.Target to fail one interview per week. The more interviews you fail the sooner you will get a jOB. A person who has studied in premium institutes also require some realization from the failures to land in their dream JOB. Of course, it is my secret to placing the candidates within 3 months. Do remember there is always a company and a manager to like everyone in a JOB interview to offer a JOB. Try for an It JOB with a proper strategy and will get there very soon. It is too early to discuss the future and you will have enough time to think about the industry and the future of the technologies when you get a JOB.(Saturdays and Sundays are always yours to think about all these things) You focus only on starting your career in IT industry and there is always ample opportunities to switch technologies and companies.


Which Programming languages is more suited to a structured program?

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Abijith.j.b.nair | 08 Jan


Brajesh Kumar | 13 Jun

Pascal is an imperative and procedural programming language, which Niklaus Wirth designed in 1968�69 and published in 1970, as a small, efficient language intended to encourage good programming practices using structured programming and data structuring.


What is brain of computer?

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Brajesh Kumar | 13 Jun

The computer brain is a microprocessor called the central processing unit (CPU). The CPU is a chip containing millions of tiny transistors.


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Sai Mangu | 08/10/2016

Iam responding late, so I sincerely hope that you got a teacher by now . Here is what I have to say: You can do it any way depending on your learning ability. Computer are not taught , its learnt. You got to explore yourself a lot. Teachers can only guide you. If you are just interested in passing the exam then manage it anyways . Let me know if you need my help . I teach online by using appropriate tools .

Pranav Pankaj | 11/10/2016

HI Dipti, This side pranav. First please share your location and how far you willing to travel. you can explore your computer ability with me. Continues practice is strength of learning in a better way. Something more tips would be in queue......... Do contact with me asap.


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Vikas | 26/09/2016

Go For Higher Studies, This will enlarge your career dimensions & depth. Please note it take 2 years for post graduation.

Rajendra Bhujbal | 29/09/2016

Hey, Its all depends on in which field Interested to do your career. 1. Do M.E If You are interested to be a Professor. 2. Do certification in languages like Java,.Net etc If you are interested in Development. 3. Do certification in Software Testing for E.g ISTQB, If you are interested in Testing & BI. Thanks Rajendra.

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