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Email Communication
Dear All, Today I would like to share something on email communication. This may have been done by most of you unknowingly. Let's discuss salutations. Dear Aman Hi Amanda Dear Mr. Aman Hi Mr Aman Hi Mr...

Aman Shukla | 2 days ago

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Non verbal Communication
How powerful is Non-verbal Communication? Non-verbal communication is definitely powerful and till date, we would have witnessed the same in many situations. What are the categories of non-verbal communication...

Sailakshmi K V | 6 days ago

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What are crucial conversations? How is anger triggered?
Recently I came across a book about Crucial conversations. The language and the content were extremely engaging. I wanted to talk in a series here about some insights that I got from that book. Usually,...

Sailakshmi K V | 5 days ago

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Jagdip Bhat | 3 days ago

Hi Fathima, Like everything else in life, there are no short cuts for improving one's communication skills. One has to be a reasonably voracious reader to enhance the vocabulary and then keep on practising incessantly your verbal /written communication skills.Daily reading of English newspaper is of great help in this regard.Writing letters to the Editor and personal diary , one can surely sharpen the written communication skills.Any opportunity of public speaking, formal or informal, should be grabbed with both hands, without any hesitation or apprehension. And regular guidance and moral support of an experienced person can be very beneficial in this learning process. In my experience, one can be reasonably proficient in communication skills within 6/8 months if sincere efforts are made on the above lines. BEST OF LUCK IN YOUR ENDEAVOUR!!!

Mousami Nilakhe | 3 days ago

1. Read newspaper loud for 5 minutes daily to improve your voice level 2. Improve your listening skills 3. Work on your body language - Guestures, Posture, Eye Contact and Smile 4. Talk to safe strangers to boost confidence 5. Create a group of friends to practice 6. Speak on any topic for three minutes 7. Read the article of your choice and express in your own words. There many other aspects and tips but needs guidance for groom.


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Kamini Gawari | 07 Mar

Rs. 3500 for weekend classes of two hours each in which we make you practice spoken English effective communication skills and work on your grammar too if needed.

Virender Pal Bahl | 16 Mar

Normally 3 months are enough for English spoken course from online but afterwards you can do the practice as much as you want because it give you English environment which is very necessary nowadays for the students who don't have the English environment in their house and the fee structure approximately rupees 100 to 150 rupees per hour.


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NIESD | 05 Feb

Read the Columns on diverse interest in The Hindu, No other thing in the world can match the reading and Comprehension of The Hindu, but you need guidance on Media literacy.


Sonam Kashyap | 08 Feb

It always starts with you. As you started thinking of it It means you have already cleared first step. Now its time to achieve 2nd step. Which is identify the difference.


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Bimal Kumar | 17 Jan

Speed and skill of learning a language greatly depends upon your ability to engage all your senses on the process of learning. Assimilation of thoughts, Structuring of thoughts and then delivering the thoughts in the language of your choice, needs good amount of practice. This is a different Skill and stands true for any language. So focus on both these aspects. First on language and second on delivery skill with structuring of thoughts. One may have good command and knowledge about a language but unless thoughts gets structured in mind. It is very difficult to get fluency. Please practice on both aspects within your own surroundings.

Rohan Kulkarni | 23 Jan

One month would not be enough if you are at a very early stage. If someone assures you of doing this in a month please be assured that you already are fluent in speaking English.


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Sarika Kalpesh Maniar | 30/12/2016

In order to make conversation easy with others u need lot of fluency of language by mirror practice, correct vocabulary , listening skills practice.

Rahul Sathe | 01 Jan

Knowledge plays a very important role in any conversation. And make it interesting you should reciprocate and be empathetic. When I say knowledge the subject should not dry out and value addition should be maintained.This makes the conversation interesting and effective. Apart from that the language, way you speak, your personality in general plays an important role. Best wishes.

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