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Communication Skills Training

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Interview skills that will get you the job
Most of us (especially Indians) spend a lot of time and energy to finish school and graduation some of us go on to do post graduation too and then at some point in time we find ourselves appearing for...

Anindya Kumar Ghosh | 16/12/2016

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Fundamentals Of Business Writing
Most times even if we’re able to articulate while speaking - many of us start fumbling for the right words and tone when writing a document. I have found this trait in many of my students who are...

Anindya Kumar Ghosh | 17/12/2016

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Job Interview - Sample questions and how to prepare
An interview is the MOST important step to finding an employment or an opportunity. While our education, certificates and achievements are important , they tend to take a back seat while we are assessed...

Anindya Kumar Ghosh | 16/12/2016

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Anindya Kumar Ghosh | 4 days ago

Hello Sayee, You should start by evaluating yourself and see which areas you would like to improve upon. Yes, interactions with people definitely help. Hence making acquaintance with good friends is a good step. My Communications Skills class happen Online and you can attend from anywhere. Moreover the online class is free on Saturdays. Get in touch if you wish to attend one.


Zimi John | 8 hrs ago

Hi sayee, Firstly, it would be ideal to improve on grammar and coversation skills. Reading on a daily basis helps to acquire knowledge. Interacting with people who are knowledgeable and fluent in communication would boost your personality and interpersonal skills.


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Stanford English Academy | 10 Jan

Dear Vijay, English is a subject that need practice. Time is one of the major concern that may make person fluent or not. Get yourself enroll in a good Language academy, with help of good teacher you may able to learn English within a time limit.


Bimal Kumar | 13 hrs ago

Speed and skill of learning a language greatly depends upon your ability to engage all your senses on the process of learning. Assimilation of thoughts, Structuring of thoughts and then delivering the thoughts in the language of your choice, needs good amount of practice. This is a different Skill and stands true for any language. So focus on both these aspects. First on language and second on delivery skill with structuring of thoughts. One may have good command and knowledge about a language but unless thoughts gets structured in mind. It is very difficult to get fluency. Please practice on both aspects within your own surroundings.


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Sarika Kalpesh Maniar | 30/12/2016

In order to make conversation easy with others u need lot of fluency of language by mirror practice, correct vocabulary , listening skills practice.

Rahul Sathe | 01 Jan

Knowledge plays a very important role in any conversation. And make it interesting you should reciprocate and be empathetic. When I say knowledge the subject should not dry out and value addition should be maintained.This makes the conversation interesting and effective. Apart from that the language, way you speak, your personality in general plays an important role. Best wishes.


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Anindya Kumar Ghosh | 17/12/2016

Get in touch with Customer service by phone or email you will find the details on top right hand corner under "Contact Us"

Kapil Sharma | 22/12/2016

Go to 3 three dots on right top corner of portal page. Select contact us and ask for deactivation.


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V. Viswanathan Iyer | 05/11/2016

Stop watching your routine stuff in TV. Watch only BBC news english movies National Geo or similar channels. See what happens


Shridhar Viswanathan | 08/11/2016

Listen to English News on TV ,read English Newspaper and note down the difficult words. Get the meaning of difficult words from the dictionary. Try to frame sentences using the word. Speak to your family members -husband, children,mother ,father in English. Do not worry about mistakes and listen to others when they correct you. This ,I feel the best training.

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