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College Essay Writing

College Essay Writing

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Essay - Films : Advantages and Disadvantages
Films : Advantages and Disadvantages   A film is automatically associated with fun, entertainment and relaxation. The next 2 and a half hours are to be enjoyed thoroughly. Work pressures, daily routines,...

Brian T | 21 Nov

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The Art of Speaking
Most people think that sometimes it takes a great philosopher like Socrates to make a sensational speech which can actually make a difference. Well, I have to disagree. I think that all the people who...

Jessey P. | 21 Nov

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how to English pronunciation

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Hello Institute | 11 Nov

Well, for correct pronunciation you can follow the proficient speakers of any language.


who is C.M of Nagaland ?

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Aratrika Ganguly | 13 Sep

T.R. Zeliang


How to speak English fluently?

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Gaurva | 09 Feb

Watch English movie ,try to speak English loudly, Read English news paper,listen English radio channels etc.


Tamilselvi R | 12 Feb

We have to accept that English is a weird language. we should dive into the deep end and stop being a student. we should remember the answer is in the question. we should have more out of listening.


what are the main ores of AL.

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Darsana Sudarsan | 07 Mar

bauxite,cryolite, corundum


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Career Group Institute Chd. | 28 Jan

The best way to learn a language to speak it. The more you speak, the better you improve. Try to communicate in English language wherever possible. Learn basic grammar and watch English news channels and listen to the pronunciation. Nothing is impossible with will power. All The Best!

Abhishek B | 29 Jan

Shashanth, great that you have this question. Congratulations ! this is the first step towards learning english. Knowing that you need to improve and then having the curiosity and energy to bring the change. Secondly, there is no one way to learn the language and Different people learn differently. If you are in an environment where most or even some people communicate english then becoming friends with them could be a strategy. Yes, they may laugh at you or may mimic you sometimes but that is a part of learning. Better be laughed at now then later in a bigger audience. Thirdly, watch english movies and observe how and what they speak, here learning will be fun and both conscious and subconscious. Forth, join an english speaking institute, and tell the instructor to point out your three most frequent mistakes ( not more than three otherwise you will not be able to implement any), and once those three fade, ask me to point out three more. You may not be able to observe your progress same as we don't see much change in us when we see mirror daily, but over time these methods would be most impactful. Some other good ideas are already mentioned in the comments :-) at the end I would say go to a book store and choce some of the books that you interesting, reading the topics you are geneuinly interested in would give you 10 times better results that forcing yourself to read newspaper ( if that doesn't interest you much). If you dont find anything intersteing to read, just buy oNe of the chetan bhagat novels and start reading :-)

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